Stinky Grooves 12.07.11 & a fresh remix from the Unitone HiFi camp

No One’s There (Ratman Dub Edit) – Anika (Stones Throw)
Dub I Just A Man – Steve Mason & Dennis Bovell (Double Six)
Lost And Dub – Steve Mason & Dennis Bovell (Double Six)
Luv A Dub – Don Corleon (Don Corleon)
Drop Leaf Dub – Don Corleon (Don Corleon)
Buffalo Soldier – Mungoes HiFi ft Black Warrior (Scotch Bonnet)
All I Can Say – The Lovejoys (Wackies)
Little Things – Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt (Sunshot)
I Man Free – Watty Burnett (Trojan)
Super Sharp Roller – Mungo’s Hi Fi (soundcloud)
Achelpen (Con Subverso) – Banda Conmocion (Oveja Negra)
Campesino (Unitone HiFi Rmx) – Kinky Electric Noise (souncloud)
Rakaton Instrumental – Bigote (soundcloud)
Mapu (Intiche Rmx) – Bigote (soundcloud)
Love Fi (Fungi Cumbia) – Cero 39 (soundcloud)
La Balada Del Petrolero Chichalicia – DJ CR4CK (soundcloud)
Oh – Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Take Off Remix – Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Open Your Eyes – Xxxy (Orca)
She Died There – Machinedrum (Planet Mu)
Sacred Frequency – Machinedrum (Planet Mu)
Aiworo – Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestros (Holy Ghost Power C90)
Taxi Driver – Small Island Pride (Holy Ghost Power C90)
Sueno Amazonico – Los Silvers (Holy Ghost Power C90)
Me Afula Hanale – Lehakat Tsiley Haud (Holy Ghost Power C90)
Goodbye – Pietro Attilla & The Warlocks (Grey Past)
I Am The Drummer – King Drummer (Grey Past)
Voodoo – Cyril Diaz & His Orch (Holy Ghost Power C90)
Iceblock – She’s So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Format – She’s So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Black Smoke Rise – Wooden Shjips (Thrill Jockey)
Flight – Wooden Shjips (Thrill Jockey)
There’s No Vibrations But Wait – Edgar Broughton Band (Harvest)
Flash, Bam, Pow – The Electric Flag (Curb)
S.F. Sorrow Is Born – Pretty Things (Columbia)
Seer (Psychic Ills Rmx) – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
La La La – The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Throwdown (Harvey’s Dub) – Locussolus (International Feel)
Crockett’s Theme (Terrorismo Croquetero Mix by Third World Orchestra ) – Jan Hammer (soundcloud)
Tierra Madre – Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia (soundcloud)
Ojos Verdes – Sonora (soundcloud)
Cumbiar – Knight Magic
La Cumbia de Los Pomberitos (Dengue Remix) – Third World Orchestra (Cabeza!)
Tope – DJ Lengua (Unicornio)
Where You Belong – Gyptian ft Dean Fraser (Greensleeves)

Apologies for last week, I can usually muster a few inane words, the odd insult or some meaningless blather but by the time I’d got back to palatial Stinky Mansions after the show I was fully done in. It was a good done in though since the main focus of late has been on The Vietnam War’s album (and the next nextest from Round Trip Mars – She’s So Rad) and that has been received exceptionally well…. as it should be. The release hooha at the Kings Arms on Thursday was an absolute scorcher, a delightful and frankly laaaaaaarge crowd who got to see a fireball of a live set from TVW… it was a bit special.
In all fairness things aren’t that much quieter this week and thats how it’s going to be through till October at least, so there may be a couple more unadorned playlists, but I hope not.
This week it’s back to the Minx where all roads lead to Aromatherapy on Thursday night from 8.30 till around 11.30, Toby aka Mooch is on the warm-up these days so if you fancy a right proper reggaematical bath beforehand he’s your man. Also look out for his night with Dubhead this Saturday, won’t be able to be there myself but I’m sure it will be righteous.
There’s a veritable trailerload of soundcloud goodness linked up above (and check that Holy Ghost Power C90 that two of my favourite blogs, Holy Warbles & Ghost Capital have put together, it’s fire, friendly fire, free friendly fire!!) and don’t be shy as many are downloadable now but wont be once they hit the magic 100. Below you’ll find another shocking dose of voltage between Miami and Auckland as Joost and myself mix and mingle with the perfectly formed parts of Kinky Electric Noise. It’s yours for nix, so maybe consider that a credit in the bank and bring forth the dolleros for someone else’s tune that you dig… sounds fair.
If you do enjoy it please do hit up the soundcloud page and drop a comment, like flowers we bloom with a bit of attention and nurturing.. This is the 320 mp3 if you fancy the wav you can cop it at the Stinky Jim soundcloud or at K.E.N.’s spot
Hasta lluego…

Once again, as you can see below, no expense has been spared for a Unitone HiFi photoshoot

Campesino (Unitone HiFi Rmx) – Kinky Electric Noise (320mp3) by Round Trip Mars

Stinky Grooves 19.10.10 and a Unitone HiFi Bank Holiday Treatetito


Sweet Jamaica (Vibes Mix) – Mr Vegas ft Shaggy & Josey Wales (Big Yard)
Stronger – Cham ft Bounty Killer & Mykal Rose (Madhouse)
More money – Busy Signal (Jah Snowcone)
Iron Balloon – Bruck Up (Seanizzle)
Hush (Iggy Iggy) (Douster Rmx) – Tim Turbo ft Spoek Mathambo/Gnucci Banana (Big-N-Hairy)
Like A Gypsy – Kenyatta Fire (Kenyatta Fire)
Yengeh Riddim – Mafia McKoy (Loud Disturbance)
Ruffa & Tuffa – Alpha Steppa (soundcloud)
Leggo Violence – Alpha Steppa (soundcloud)
Frequencies – King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Ironman (Tetsuo Dub) – Lee Perry, Dennis Bovell & The On-U Sound System vs Pempi (On-U Sound)
Free To Funk – Sub Version (Soul Jazz)
Bucovina (Catar Sys, Karim & Villa Diamante – El Hoyo del Queque Remix) – Shantel (soundcloud)
Hang On (UHF Rmx of K.E.N. Rmx) – Uniotne HiFi (Round Trip Mars)
Duran Poco – Quenombre (soundcloud)
Bleep!! Maru!! – SamuelDemite mas (soundcloud)
Nima Diyala – AfroCubism (Nonesuch)
DJelimady Rumba – AfroCubism (Nonesuch)
Gold – Darkstar (Hyperdub)
And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Rmx) – Shigeto (Ghostly)
Fates Say – Daedelus (All City)
The Making Of A Slave aka Willie Lynch – Dubbledge & Metabeats (bandcamp)
Learn To Duck – Freddie Gibbs (Bootleg Kev)
Impending Doom (Rustie Rmx) – Daedelus (Ninja Tune)
Losing Game – Mugwump (Kompakt)
Night Air – Jamie Woon (Candent Songs)
Lesser – John Roberts (Dial)
In The Way – Darkstar (Hyperdub)
When I’m In Awe (ft Gonjasufi) – The Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder)
Shattering Inner Journeys (ft Computer Jay) – The Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder)
Stanley & Stuff (Copia Doble Rmx) – System (Rump)
Pasame a Buca – Rita Indiana & Los Misterios (Dutty Artz)
La Grimas (Future Feelings Remix) – Carla Morrison (soundcloud)
Buena Persona – Lido Pimienta (Ku De Ta)
Dakan – AfroCubism (Nonesuch)
Cumbia Kikuchi – Greenwood Rhythm Coalition (Names You Can Trust)
Blue Steel – Bot’Ox ft Anna Jean (I’m A Cliche)
Pruned – John Roberts (Dial)
Spak & Spenning – Frisvold & Lindbaek (Full Pupp)
Spak & Spenning (Prins Thomas Rmx) – Frisvold & Lindbaek (Full Pupp)
August – John Roberts (Dial)
Shaka The Great – Overnight Players (Chanel One)
This weeks burnt offering and crisp cruciality is very close to home since it’s one of our Unitone HiFi tracks that has been through the spin cycle a couple of times.
The original of ‘Hang On’ is yet to be completed and has a full vocal from our man the Mighty Asterix. When Miami’s cumbia captain Kinky Electric Noise expressed an interest in a touch of remix swapology, it seemed like the natural contender.
It sounded like his mix turned into a bit of an odyssey with parts added from Canada and a sizzling Peruvian style guitar track, heavy on the chicha hoohah. It was well worth the effort and it’s a scorcher, that has justifiably been picking up the props and dls on soundcloud and sneaking onto blogs and mixes and what have you. However Ken did say he’d gone as far as he could with the track, and offered up the parts for further interference – of course we were up for that.
So here you have it the remix of the remix of an original that remains unfinished…the world we live in. As ever monster props to Angus for his mastering, particlularly happy with how this one turned out especially with the awkward bass and looming presences in the low end dept, ….top notch! Incidentally I’ve upgraded ye olde Stinky Jim soundcloud account which means our King Step Dub and the El Malodoroso mix are downloadable again, woop woop.
You can download directly from the embedded player below or click onto me soundcloud page and do the same there and/or leave a comment, favorite it..whatever tickles your fancy. If you feel really moved you could even go to the Unitone HiFi bandcamp page and shake some shekels in out direction… but let’s not get carried away.
Aromatherapy at the Minx as ever this Thursday and Aloe Blacc & Wrongtom transcripts soon..ish…approx…repeat to fade….


Heartcial housekeeping – new Unitone HiFi Rmx and upcoming Lloyd Miller


Ahoy.. coupla things that deserve mention.
Our Floridian feller on the keys, K.E.N. (Kinky Electric Noise) has whanged up his remix of our Unitone HiFi track ‘Hang On’ on his soundcloud page. The timing couldn’t be better with interest in chicha running high with Vampisoul’s recent comp and the release of Roots Of Chicha Vol2 imminent on Barbes (and it’s very good btw, more on that soon). You know the story there’s a hundred downloads, so don’t ….erm…Hang On, if you want to get your hands on it. It’s embedded below and soon we’ll also unleash our remix of Kinky Electric Noise’s remix of us, does that sound confusing? As K.E.N. points out it’s kind of turned into a hinternational collaboration and that is a fine thing in this day and age.. A grand job was done on this by Ken, Tom Hernandez and Caballo (thanks!) so please have a graze and leave a comment on soundcloud should you feel driven to do so

Unitone HiFi – Hang On (Kinky Electric Noise Chicha Remix) by Kinky Electric Noise

Also the latest and last ever Real Groove is out and includes my chat with Wrongtom about his album with Roots Manuva, Duppy Writer, the usual Mixed Messages malarkey (covering CIAfrica, Aardvark and the Ninja Tune XX Anniversary releases) and the fascinating and throughly outlandish interview I had with Oriental Jazz supremo Lloyd Miller and his unlikely collaborator Malcolm Catto. As promised I will be running the bulk of the transcript up here and there’s some great stuff from Malcolm and Lloyd, I’ll endeavour to have that (or at least part 1, Lloyds interview was looooooong and involved) on these very pages by the end of the week, even later today if things don’t get too manic..
So hold tight and don’t come running to me if you miss out on Kinky Electric Noise’s chicha rub of our humble NZ cumbia because it’s just a click away.
Consider yourself PSA’d.

The Mighty Asterix – final NZ appearance at The Turnaround

It is with much sadness, and conversely a touch of gladness, that I bring news of the final gig for the Mighty Asterix in NZ before he heads over the ditch – a move that is obviously being made for familial rather than musical motives. 
The sadness comes from the fact that for the last 18 (possibly 19 I’m not so good with dates) years, the diminutive don has been my one and only choice of local MC, something that was apparent from the very first time I heard him bless the mic. The gladness, of course, is that we’ve managed to squeeze this engagement in (and a little Unitone recording) before he heads off. We’ve had a couple of gooduns down in Welli this year (with Vital Sounds HiFi at the Cuba St Carnival, and warming up for The Bug & Warrior Queen) but after all this time and what must run into at least a couple of hundred (if not more) gigs together… a proper send off is required. I’m sure The Turnaround will provide just that, and I can’t wait to swing in behind Paul for what I can guarantee will be a very, very special set. 
Even though many of our best gigs have been done ‘on the fly’, I’m going to be flinging him down a disc of fresh versions so that we have some in the bag, as it were. The forecast is for Asterix to be slinging his singjay superbosity over a heaping helping of the most discerning dancehall, some wobble-free dubsteppery, definitely a nip into nuevo cumbia, a bit of ip-oppery, a coupla Unitone HiFi exclusives, who knows what else and no doubt something special and appropriate for the Turnaround crowd. Excuse my drooling all over the keyboard, I can barely wait!!
By way of a little warm-up here’s a couple from Asterix that you’ll be unlikely to find elsewhere. I’ve already chucked a track (still up for a mo) from the session we had with the Newtown Sound crew at Ghetto Red Hot last year here, and as a little Easter oeuf here’s another from that same gig. This is more end of the night biz, as his Mightyness jumps up on Daseca’s ‘Jail’ instrumental for Busy Signal. It’s straight out of the desk so the levels are a bit out of whack, and I’m not sure if Paul had done this one over ever before that night, but it’s only a little taster right?!
Also there’s a never released Mannaseh remix of ‘Guiding Star’ that isn’t hugely different to the one we chucked on 1996’s ‘Rewound and Rerubbed’ album, though I’ve always had a soft spot for it as a Stinksclusive anyways. I doubt this will ever be released formally, so grab it while you can. We had a rah about more recent Roots Gardening from the evergreen Mr Rapahel here,  and I strongly suggest you check some of that too.
Can’t resist sticking in his strangest contribution to the first Unitone HiFi album – ‘Babylon’ getting the right regal remix from the late Muslimgauze. We were fortunate enough to apparently be the first people Bryn Jones agreed to remix and he pretty much took apart the whole album and fed it through some mighty distressed machinery. We’ve given permission and the original recordings of all the Muslimgauze mixes we have (even identifying the songs is tricky as he took parts from tracks and juxtaposed and jammed together like a man possessed, truly possessed!) to a French fanatique, who is purportedly putting them out as a very limited CD. I’ll keep you posted on that project as we hear more. For many years afterwards, even after his untimely passing in 1999, I would hear little skanks, drum sounds and more from ‘Wickedness Increased’ , appearing in Muslimgauze productions, and that was of profound satisfaction and absolutely no irritation to me.

Nowt to buy here (we will get round to making the Unitone HiFi back-cat available at some point in the future, honest) unless you want to be traipsing around Discogs and the like.





Stinksclusive – Unitone HiFi meet Overproof Soundsystem Dub mix

Hokay, I’ve been holding onto this’un for a while, but now seems like a good time to unleash this wee belter, which is very much a StinkInc vexclusive crisp biscuit. For your downloading delight, here is the unreleased dub of our Unitone HiFi remix of Overproof Soundsystem’s ‘King Step’. The vocal version of this is just about to drop on 12″, alongside the pumping original mix from our G Corp associated Brum chums,  however it’s the dub that wins out the day for me. When we originally got the parts for the mix,  the tempo and style  suggested we should perhaps aim for a bit of dubsteppery action, but as is so often the case, where we began and where we ended up… well they’re quite different places. Instead of some testosteroned wobbly hoo-ha this turned out as a very mellow little bass bomb, and without blowing our own trumpet too much, I’m really chuffed with the end result. I recently found out this is somewhat of a soundsystem fave in the Midlands, and perhaps we should have borne that in mind (had we known) with our mix… ah well, it is what it is… and sometimes the slow burn can be just as powerful as the flamethrower!
Local yokels can find the 12″ though Southbound in the next couple of weeks, elsewhere and globalistically I’m sure it will be havailable through all good record shops (that are still standing!). If you’d like a hi-res version of the dub for playing out/radio etc (the one posted is 192) then please  hit me up in the comments or by email and I’m sure we can oblige, and if you’d like to re-post or link to this, you are more than welcome… but please let us know. Joost and myself (with mastering and mix assistance from the mighty Angus McNaughtonizer) are trodding on towards some more Unitone releasability, and we have some right, hot cross bun-it-ups in the proverbial oven. Next up will be another split 7″ with Jefferson Belt (and just wait till you hear his side, oh my good gosh!), to keep the wintery wolves at bay in the coming months. There are still very limited copies  of the last 2008 Unitone HiFi/Jefferson Belt 7″ available from various spots, or they can be bought direct from the horses gob, by pinging me a mail and whatnot.
Vox version available digitally and reasonably priced from here or here
(Unitonespace) friend us up, we slack like that.



And being as its my favourite format and no-one likes a birthday to be forgot, make haste to the Beeb ponline and check out a little filmette (of the Vinyl Factory folk who we highly recommend) celebrating the 60th birthday of the 7″ right here. Yes indeed the glorious 45 must surely now have access to a free bus pass and the right to complain and grumble about more stuff than yer average young twot on them internets…. Hurrah! An audio anniversary to be proud of (you can stick them digital files where the sun don’t shine mister!) Uber and oot.

Digging My Own Ditch

Very soon we’ll have this mess of words, sounds and pics linked up to the Round Trip Mars site, there’s more developments (from the delightful house of Cherry Sprinkles) going on around there before the year is out. No doubt I’ll be shouting from the rooftops about that (and the last dance of the spacebots) when appropriate.
One thing I can’t get in trouble with ‘the man’ for, is posting tunes on my own label, and I’m hoping to be flinging up many more little exclusive drops and slices from the RTM fantastranauts in the near future.


Fer starters, here’s an unreleased, StinkIncsclusive gem of a remix from the mysterious and marvelous Phelps & Munro, whose wondrous ‘Slowpoke’ album is pictured above. Originally this was for a planned sneaky 7″ with ‘P’n’M’n’G’n’R’ (also know as ‘Live At The KA’) and a ballistic rework of Spazmobile, what with one thing and another, that hasn’t surfaced… yet. Dare I say that 2009 could be the year when we finally get to see another Phelps & Munro album or project?? OK, I did just say it, so there, no dare. Who knows with ‘Chinese Democracy’ yawning its way to the flop of the charts perhaps it’s a pertinent time to drop the legally indefensible ‘P’n’M’n’G’n’R’, we’ll see.
I know that there’s possibly no other record I’m queried more about from los punters, than the mythical next P&M, and everytime I’m I asked I have to confess that I share the feverish (and prolonged) anticipation.
Someday, someway this will come out, preferably on 7″ (if I have anything to do with it), and it will sound like a herd of bufallo galloping across the digital prairie. In the meantime enjoy this slightly crippled 192 mbps mp3 version.



This crisp biscuit was especially written to be pressed up in JA. When Nick D hit me up about his upcoming trip to the land of wood and water, for his ‘Making Tracks’ series on C4 (not findable on youtube yet), a cunning plan was formed. He could film 7″s being pressed up, something that may not even be possible in a few years, and we’d slap this, as yet unwritten, Unitone tune alongside Jefferson Belt’s nova-vintage ‘Green Termite’, for the 45 he’d go through the process with. Nick would use a few for his show, and bring us back enough to sell and promo, a simple plan. It didn’t quite work out like that. ‘Up To Eleven’ was impolitely truncated 30 seconds from its conclusion, and ‘Green Termite’ was given a somewhat crude cut. Fortunately, or not, Nick handed them out to a bunch of Kingstonites, most of whom probably hadn’t seen a turntable in 30 years, though he did pass one on to the ever delightful Derrick Harriot (who I have an interview with somewhere, probably on cassette or floppy disc). I do wonder what he would have made of it, he’s an open minded, legend on the quiet and STILL has his record shop!
Hanyways long story short, we swapped ‘Green Termite’ out for the sublime charms of ‘Gold Dust’ and Vinyl Factory in Australia did a primo job of the pressing up the 200 copies, most of the remainder of which are off to the UK, with a few left for mail order from RTM. I’m hoping to be coaxing something special for a post from Mr Belt in the nearest of futures.
Unitone HiFi on myandispace
It would be awfully decent if you decided to purchase said 45 perhaps from here


My own trumpet is now thusly parped…

Under Me Stink Inc

I can’t help it, ultimately I’m a radio guy, and I just cant stop myself linking things. I had to summon all my boundaries of taste and decency not to stick the two tracks entitled ‘The Don’ together in one post, but I did resist. Those who know me well, will realise I’m fighting a losing battle there, and inevitably this blog will go the way of all the other foolishness I surround myself with.

peter metro - the don 7"

Undoubtedly the record shopping highlight of my most excellent recent trip to NYC was Deadly Dragon tucked away inconspicuously at 102 Forsyth in the midst of the churning bowels of Chinatown. They’ve nailed how shopping for reggae used to be (before the interwebs and all that) with 45’s stacked from roof to ceiling, and only enough room inbetween that your larger girthed selector might be getting claustrophobic vibes. Untypically the labelling and sorting is exemplary, meaning you can head straight for your own personal ‘danger zones’ and literally feel your wallet taking a Jenny Craig crash course. Trust they have some tunes, real tunes, 1000s of ’em.
The trip to Forsyth was on the overly optimistic wishlist of a very busy trip but checking Deadly Dragon Soundsystem selector Queen Majesty, who dropped a suitably afternooned, but nonetheless scorching set, after The Naked And Famous played at Fort Fader, convinced me the trip needed to be made at any cost. With less than an hour free to rifle through the boxes and gaze in wonderment, the cost was mercifully minimal, though there was one expensive impulse purchase and a Dr Alimantado 7″ that I never knew existed, that I simply couldn’t leave behind. Those gems (and all I can say about the Alimantado is LEO SAYER cover, frighteningly brilliant or frightening and brilliant depending on your viewpoint) will be posted up sometime soon. Before that, I think yet another arm of the olfactory octopus that is Deadly Dragon needs attention, and that is their re-issue label which is hammering out classy 7″s and what have you, in limited numbers, with merciless quality control and professorial dig-ology.

Riding a sandpaper lick of ‘Sleng Teng’ Metromedia DJ Peter Metro gives it some geography lesson as he recounts his complete and utter ‘Donlyness’, and a trip to London which I think where he may have encountered UK/JA honky oddity Dominic (the next in what will be a long line of promises, will be posting up a wicked dub to a Dominic track based on ‘Watermelon Man’ with Tackheadian involvement at some point when I dig it out and digitize). Presumably he is ‘the lickle white man’ who ‘want to test mi intelligence by ask mi questions’, fortunately as Metro demonstrates he’s hot on every topic that ends with ‘an’ from capital cities right through to aliens and erosion. The track is taken from Metro’s last real notable album ‘The D.J. Don’ on Tristan Palma and Ossie Thomas’s Black Solidarity label.There’s a fearsome Tubby’s dub on the flip too but I’m not posting that because Deadly Dragon only pressed 500 of these suckers, and you’d be a sucker and a blower if you didn’t stretch out and pick one up while you can.
Peter Metro - cover

Score it with a click or two, and they have plenty more Metro-matical music for purchase too.


wayne 296

I dont know much, well anything, about Wayne Junior to be honest but what more do you need to know other than the level vibes and siren lunacy of ‘Police And Bad Boys’.You’re killing us Deadly Dragon, long may you continue to do so!
Cop it here



And by way of a bonus, a warm up for the next post and a little bit of a Sleng Teng overload here’s one we prepared earlier. It kind of fits in with the NYC vibe because when Joost ‘Dutchieman’ Langeveld and myself were holed up Big Apple studio style in the LES and Soho, early to mid 90’s, banging out tracks for the first and third Unitone HiFi albums we just possibly might have … ahem.. interpolated some trace elements of Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns incredible Maori music album ‘Te Ku Te Whe’ into our sonic stew. When there was talk of remixing it, we were in like Flynn, and that kind of kicked us into doing remixes and tunes again which we’d been talking about for a while. Of course, no-one mentioned not cutting up the vocals to us (until it was waaaay too late), and so we went at them like Dr Nick on a P bender. It’s not the first time we’ve summoned up the powers of the mighty Sleng Teng and raised our glasses to King Jammy, Noel Davey, Bobby Digital ( I have him on cassette talking about that fateful day at Jammy’s, somewhere from 1993, I’ll try and dig it out sometime) et al, I suspect it wont be the last, it’s like Riddim Play-Doh that demands constant re-invention.
Is havailable from right ear


Finally this is a pick-up from Palms Out Sounds (who have said very nice things about Round Trip Mars and even gave us our own post so we love ’em very much) and it’s quite cute …. or quite cut, if you prefer.


Consider yourself sleng tenged or your teng slenged….