Stinky Grooves 8.12.09 – Imminent Club Sandwich & a dollop of Norris

Yes shameless self-promotion again…. but it’s a double whammy/no-excuses evening at the Ginger Minx this Saturday, and it should be a ripper and a roarer, in a fact a riproarer. I’ll be starting off The Tune Up on me tod from 5-8, and then shall be joined by Cian and Geezer Guy as we slip out the seasoning and bring forth the musical mayonnaise at CLUB SANDWICH till 1am. I’ve been well enjoying the Ginger Minx vibes, the previous two Club Sandwich gigs have been the mostest fun, and a proper divergent trek into tonal terrorism betwixt the 3 of us iffy-ex-pats. If you’re of the Auckland persuasion it would be a reet delight to see you on Saturday night (or hearly hevening if you just need your sonic spark plugs buffed and bit of ill timing).. On with the show after this short eyefull of flyer (flick of the Kangol to Eddiewardo & Cherry Sprinkles for that.)


Nadividad Negra – Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros (Crammed)

Nadividad Negra – Sonidero Cordobestia (Cabeza)
La Subienda – Sonidero Cordobestia (Cabeza)
Cumbia Rockers 1 – El Sonidero Quilombo
Mundial Dub – Sonido de la Frontera
Incoming – Cumbianauts
Watch Me Transform Ya – Mr Lexx (Federation Sound)
Too Dutty – Burro Banton (Weedy G Soundforce/African Beat)
Fraud From Yard – Top Cat (Weedy G Soundforce/African Beat)
New World Order – Cutty Ranks (Weedy G Soundforce/African Beat)
Bubbler Riddim – Bandito & Squishem (Weedy G Soundforce/African Beat)
Celebrate – Cham (Board House)
Fi Di Pepa – Kari Jess (High Stakes)
Fi Di Pepa Version – High Stakes Crew (High Stakes)
Creator Riddim Version – Fat Eyes Crew (Fat Eyes)
Predator Mode – Ghosts On Tape (Wireblock)
Ba Ba Boom (Oogun Rmx) – Dub Asylum (Loopy Fruits)
Gold Or Soul – Hyetal (Soul Motive)
More Cowbell – The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
U Know U Jack (Weatherall Rmx) – Tim Fairplay (Rotters Golf Club)
Microscopic Contents (Elliot Lipp Rmx) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Early Morning Robot – I Monster/Skywatchers (Platipus)
The American Dream – Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw)
Transformations – Jay Electronica
Fogged Spacesuit – The Clonious (Ubiquity)
Wheatabix Ling – Lady Leshur
Earth A Run Red – Flow Dan ft Brazen (Eskibeat)
Mueve – Lido Pimiento
Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Rmx) – Untold (Hemlock)
Twitch (Jamie Vex’d Rmx) – Scuba (Hot Flush)
Midnight Feast (Lone Rmx) – Bibio (Warp)
Revenge Of The Fillet O Fish – Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (Ubiquity)
Far Red – Monolake (Imbalance)
Think (Tzara Rmx) – Ballistics (Dustbin)
Jarvik Mindstate – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Strings Detached – Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Shallow Vicinity – Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Robo Tussin (Instr) – Flying Lotus
The Seed – Bad Energy (Coco Solid/Bad Energy)
Villa Donde – King Coya (ZZK)
Nights – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Caracol – Tremor (ZZK)
Co-Lateral – Bernard Fevre (Lo)
Mushroom Family – The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
There was some right pickled and potent messed up sounds tonight, and in all honesty I had to hold back as I could have gone off on a big old wonky one quite easily, but I decided to keep all our nerves reasonably unshredded, and apply a bit of balance, with some sweeeeet early summer evening cumbia and whatnot. The new Blue Daisy EP only reached me this arvo, and I am already in serious swoon with at least two of them tracks, and for every single track I played tonight there were at least three or four that went begging. It appears the days of the December drought followed by the New Year note negligibility are long gone.. hurrah to that.
This week may I proffer a portion of The Time & Space Machine for a little psychedelic stroll. Plenty of the gear tonight (Jay Electronica, a good chunk of the nu cumbia, Flying Lotus etc) is readily and kosherly available free on the net, with just a modicum of searcheration but The Time & Space Machine’s ‘You Are The One EP’ is something you should have to shake out some shekels for. TT&SM is Richard Norris, ex-Grid, Joe Strummer collaborator, former Tranquility Bass/Stinky Grooves guest and an all around delightful feller. There’s nothing big and clever about edits….. except when they’re this good! Have a nibble on this lo-fi foreword and get stuck into the full chapter and verse at the links below. And just in case there’s any doubt, this is a mundanely mid-fi 192 voishun up for 1 week, you need the scrumptiously hifi-files or wondrous wax for the real deal, especially the utterly stupendous, aptly named ‘More Cowbell’.



Signals To Shjips


This began as a relaxed couple of tunes post, before an inability to decide, and a trailerload of procrastination took over….. and hence a meaty, eight song ramble. Up for no more than a week or two max, so don’t delay on the dl and please do follow through with purchase power.
It’s been a malodourous minute since we flung a Busy Signal track at you and we have standards to downkeep so have a chip at the high-energy ‘Step To We’. Brilliant flow as ever and lyrics that reveal no problems for Mr Gordon in the self-esteem stakes, guess that’s the adavantage of all that warm cranium business. Busy’s been on a release crusade of late with a few fromagey question marks (the Phil Collins cover fer fucks sake and that Mothers Day song, NO!) and a veritable armoury of ballistic sureshots. I’m really digging the call and response Afro-soca of ‘Da Style Deh’ and the jaunty, anti-oral ‘Nah Go Dung Deh‘, Heatwave are up on the former so pay them a visit.
The ‘Birthmark’ rhythm comes from Madmen Productions out of T’n’T who are big news in the soca world. They play it fairly straight bashment for this, and while the rhythm might not be super stand-out (how many really are currently though?), it does carry that enveloping, hypnotic buzz that’s an irresistible lure on a well put together uptempo dancehall winer. Couldn’t resist slinging in Bunji Garlin’s sturdy ‘Badman’ too. Alongside Machel Montano he’s right up there amongst the off-islanders in my book, sure his style may be watered-down Warlord but that’s not the end of the world when Rodney Price’s strike rate is still sporadically impressive, but realistically a shadow of its former self. Don’t know where you can cop this rhythm from kosher and above board so sadly no buy links. Insert brrrrrt’s and hotheads from here at will.
Little article on The Mad Men who produced this port-wine-stain power punch

Hothead himself… Busy
Huge tune and my pick of the dancemove action (marginally better than a still image)

What to say about Joker? He knocks em out like a Bristolian Busy Signal, and he doesn’t seem to miss a step. The ‘Do It/Psychedelic Runway’ single on Kapsize is outrageous, and so is this Tectonic treat that comes on a 12″ with Flying Lotus’s substantial ‘Glendale Galleria’. I kind of miss the really busy, messed-up beyond recognition ADD stuff that his first ‘Kapsize EP’ for Earwax indulged in, but when he’s making such a riddiculously good job of sleek, distressed, futuristic machine funk…well it would be churlish to complain. He’s picking up the props all over the shop too, and rightly so.
This is available on DJ Pinch’s second, double CD, juggling of the ‘Tectonic Plates’ and listening to the mix disc as I type… man is it good. It was hard not to fret that this sophomore round wouldn’t be as potent (and pungent) as the premier selection, especially as that was released at a time when the music was in a really exciting, unique, focus-pulling stage. The gear Pinch is pulling out is way deeper than the rash of cookie-cutter wobblers and irritatingly clean, technoid blueprints that litter the weekly release sheets. The mixery is sublime, with only a few tracks getting more than a couple of minutes but in a very un-jerky, immaculately schmoov way. The disc of standalone tracks sounds nae too shabby either, from the one play I’ve managed in a musically overgrown week. Out right about now, no excuses – hands in pockets business…purchaserate!
Buy ponline or is Samurai biz domesticatedly

The 12″

The CD, vell vorthwhile

Undoubtedly the dominant disc amongst the pile at Chez Stench since it touched down a couple of weeks ago the Moderat album is a real grower. First collaborating on a 12″ seven years ago the Teutonic trio of Modeselector dudes ( ) and Apparat (Sascha Ring, gaffer of the superbly monikered Shitkatapult label) have conjured up something really special with this crucial collabo. Ring sings on a a few of the tracks, and I have to confess that until I was able to treat the album as a whole, I wasn’t 100% convinced about that… now I’m well and truly sold. The trademark Modeselector vipers net of bubbling analogue synths and driving Herman German rhythms is in full effect, with definite doffs of the cap to the likes of The Bug and most obviously Burial amongst the varied beatstyles and woodblocky widdims. Alongside Ring on vocal duties is Eased from Berlin dancehall collective Seeed and Paul St Hilaire (Tikiman), both giving it some ragga chat that doesn’t disturb the vibes but doesn’t massively add to them either. With so much tat touted on the interwebs I can’t understand why records like this (and the magnificent last Modeselector album ‘Happy Birthday’) don’t get much, much more shine. This is my small part to redress that and join the discerning blogerators who urge you to investigate this one further. There’s no local distro in NZ for BPitch Control which sucks but it’s a global marketplace and you could do a lot worse than going and getting yourself some. Go on!
Buy direct from BPitch Control or webular



Les Grandes Marches

‘A New Error’, MODERAT Record Release, Visuals: Pfadfindere (phwoar.. looking good)

It’s a bit disappointing that ZZK Sound Vol 2 doesn’t match up to the virtually spotless standards of its predecessor but there’s still a whole heap of well worthwhile tackle on there for the cumbia crazed cut crusader. El Trip Selector had one of the highlights on the first edition and he’s back up on it sophomore style and fashion with ‘Cumbiancherita’. Big up Buenos Airies and henjoy.
Buy from the wonderful Jetset or
Check Conch locally or
Stock up on files from eMusic


Here’s an odd one. Scarily proggy, rear mirror watchers and teepee builders Yellow Moon Band are not my cup of herbally infused char…. that is unless some bright spark hauls in Richard Norris in his Time & Space Machine guise to remix it all away to some place else. It’s actually the Xela (John Twells) mixes on the other side that have been getting tongues a wagging with their Goblinoid ambient touches, and that’s well understandable. However Norris’s bossa nova country prog honk is a little gem in itself, apparently there’s a Time & Space Machine 7″ coming up on Tirk, look out!
Buy direct from Static Caravan or via the evergreen Boomkat


Despite much hyping from The Fader and select other outlets whose opinions I rate, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson didn’t win me over until I’d heard his entire album, a few times. It is, I suppose, the modern dilemma, with access to so much music, so many people shouting in your ear and trying to catch your intention – some gooduns inevitably slip past. You hope to rely on the 2nd line of defence (closer to home than the global-ninnynet) and that fantastic whimsical notion (or outright lie) that the cream will rise to the top (nay it’s usally the scum that does that).
So my initial summation of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson was annoying name, excess hype and a tad too much wailing Dylan-esque ex-junkie, hobo business for my liking (not that I’m not partial to a heaping helping of that from time to time). Names – you get used to, the hype – is out of the artist’s (anyones?) hands, though there are a few songs that do over-do the agony addict moaning-and -groaning a touch. But it’s a debut, and in most ways it’s a glorious one, I can forgive a bit of self-indulgence when the reward is songs as solid as ‘Boneindian’, ‘The Debtor’, ‘My Good Luck’ and the throughly addictive ‘Buriedfed’. Like our hairy friends below you could fling a fistful of obvious influences at Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and he’d probably just wear them on his sleeve, and then wipe them on his metaphorical snotty cuff. Still coming to grips with the album to be honest, and it will be interesting to see whether it’s a fleeting fancy, or a genuine long-term contender, but this song is just fire.
Buy from the Say Hey direct or the mega-retailers


If you’re not familiar with Wooden Shjips already, you may want to step back from the computer when approaching this MP3. With a hefty helping of kraut, definite traces of The Gun Club and The Cramps, let alone The Stooges or Loop, these West Coast wonders are ticking enough boxes to require a clipboard. As much as you can sink the signifiers left, right and centre, the four piece do have a definite sound of their own and the recently unleashed ‘Dos’ on Holy Mountain, shows ample evidence that it’s developing in delicious ways. It’s become a bit of a soundtrack to everything round our way, making it hard to pull out a single song, as the entire package is best swallowed whole, probably with instant repetition.
Buy from Holy Mountain themsleves or halternatively
WoodenShjipweb (…nice site!)


Stinky Grooves 21.04.09 and RSD in Time And Space…

The General – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)

Murderation – ? (Love Is The Key)
Jah Rain (RSD Rmx) – Evergreen & Landlord (Ranking)
Rise Up (RSD Rmx) – Henry & Louis (2Kings)
Jerk Pork – Cardopusher (Lo Dubs)
Mind Of Your Own – Assassin (Dawg House)
Flossing Non-Stop – Tornado (Dawg House)
Jamaica Jamaica – Bling Dawg (Dawg House)
Blaze up The Herbs – Busy Signal (Dawg House)
Estan Dead – Scare Dem Fish ft Suppose
Atados – Tommy Real
Ramping Shop Te Quiero – Ruff Dad, Vybz & Spice
Dumpling Shop – Lovindeer & Mama Tia
Tie & Dye Face – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Hussle – Busy Signal (Birch Hill)
Tek Back Yard – Beenie Man (Birch Hill)
Selassie Love We – Vybz Kartel (Birch Hill)
Baddaz – Birch Hill Crew (Birch Hill)
Shy – Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Major Blitzkreig (Depth Charge Remix) – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Sour 24 Hour – Richard sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Para Baillar (Rmx) – El Hijo De La Cumbia ft Alika (Soot)
A Traves Del Tiempo – El Hijo de La Cumbia (Soot)
Escape (Dub Version) – El Remolon (ZZK)
Raggasamba – Magic Drum Orchestra
Township Funk (Mark Pritchard Rmx) – DJ Mujava (Warp)
Two – Aardvark (Kindred Spirits)
The General (Noah D Rmx) – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)
Traumatic Times – LD (Hyperdub)
2 Far Gone – Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Bunker – DJG (Tube 10)
Boksd – Subeena (Imminent)
Verdad – Fedadaen (Nacopajaz)
The Annual – Mr Hayday
Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise – Black Moth Super Rainbow (Memphis Industries)
Angela – Jarvis Cocker (Rough Trade)
Psychedelic Trip – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Zeitghost – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Sea Within A Sea – The Horrors (XL)
Morado (Subeena Rmx) – Pepepe Agosto (Imminent)
Mr Sponges Groovy Oscillations – Amorphous Androgynous (Lo)
Drago (Brennan Green Version) – Smith & Mudd (Claremont 56)
Old Man Rivers Crying (Rope Of Sand Mix) – Full Moon Scientist (Hard Hands)
A tad live and loose, with more than a modicum of mess tonight – you get that from time to time.  Since I’ve been somewhat slackerating on the blogular vein of late, I’m going to ping a brace of scorchers up, with a very definite guaranteed promise of more action later in the week.
It’s about time we offered up a little slice of mightyness from Richard Norris’s superb The Time And Space Machine album ‘Volume 2’. After the psych-soaked, aural overload of the first edits emission from Norris’s  sci-fi hi-fi, I have to confess I was initially a tad underwhelmed by early plays of its succesor…… Now, with the vinyl in hand, I just mutter ‘O ye of little faith’ and turn it up to speaker cessating, seismic levels. The over familiarity of the vocal samples (which have been banging around on mix tapes since the days when they were actually tapes and called compilations, and the dolby dinosaurs ruled the earth) on this cut ‘Psychedelic Circus’ switched me off at first… that was before the unrepentant monstrousness of the ‘Inna Gada Davida’-esque riff soaked slowly into my brain and I was once again a T&S Machine zombie, fiending for more. Check heem below.
Buy it here, quick smart ..seems to be selling out of its current pressings at a lot of places.



I’ve been running a whole heap of RSD since Mr Smith blessed the b with a visit, and bought the proverbial ‘maison du fromage’* down. Part of  the hefty Smith quota is because he left me with some utterly sterling tunes, the rest is because I’ve been tracking the ones I was missing down –  like a bloodhound with bass fever. Previewing tracks for 30 second snippets on the computer is never an ideal way to shop, and there’s a couple I would probably  have missed out on. This belching, roots-step monster on Ranking Records had slipped under the rhythm radar…. and that would have been a crime. 
Buy  or locally it can be scored through Beat Merchants, Samurai etc



*(I’ve been on a driving around to Mr Cooper Clarke kick of late, ‘Evidently Chickentown’ and ‘Twat’ should be issued as an antidote to road rage!)

79-70 Countdown continues…

79. Das Feur (Pilooski Edit) – Holger Hiller (Dirty Edits Vol 2)
See this post.

78. Colder Than Cold – Kari Jess/Drums Of War – Flowsion (High Stakes)

For the full skinny on High Stakes check this post. Kari Jess simply kills this, what a shame then that he’s talking rubbish and doesn’t have the reportage skills of Flowsion who flexes necessary lyrics about the outrageous Maori ‘terrorist’ raids at the end of ’07. The damage that hip-hop (and relatives) has done to Jamaican lyricism is truly massive, and hopefully not irrevocable, respect to Flowsion from little old NZ for reminding of reggae’s value as a vital news medium for those who don’t get a voice elsewhere.
See this post for mas High Stakes.

77. Click My Finger – Erup (Truckback)
Erup truly planted his flag on the ‘Gearbox’ rhythm, and the dancehall scene in general, with his digital snapping ‘Click My Fingers’. His flow is blinding on this (and he hasn’t bettered it yet), while the rhythm is some crazy kind of bashment meets teddy boy tune up. The vid below is one of many featuring folks shaking a hip or two to the track, the sound is rubbish on this clip, but I rate it the mostest in every aspect, especially the location.

76. The Living Sea – Monkey (XL)
Until not so long ago I wouldn’t have given Damon Albarn a light, let alone the time of day. However from his Malian musings with Pablo’s bass player, to his Good, Bad & Queening with Simonon, Allen et al my respect, and enjoyment of his work, just grows. The Monkey Journey To The West soundtrack thingie is wicked but as Jamie Hewlett remarked when I interviewed him about the album (seemed like a most unaffected celebrity cartooner, and went well over time with a lot of good things to say) it’s not the kind of thing you want to play everyday. This track is. Albarn seemed a little bit titchy at my suggestion that this sounded like an Orientalised The Good, The Bad & The Queen song….but it does!

(Monkeyspace) song is on the player here

75. Bombon Asesino Version – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Bersa Discos)
There is so much potential in the nova-digital-cumbia gear and I’m praying that it doesn’t go the way of so many interesting tangents, and just become another dancefloor diversion for hipsterati mp3 djs. Lot of faith in this geezer and the Bersa Discos crew who just keep bringing new names through with every release. This version is from one of me Stinkmix CD’s (was all I had on hand, apologies) so has additional spoken verd piffle and sting-age on top, guess you’ll just have to pile on the files from Turntable Lab if you want it unobscured..
(buy) digi

74. Beautiful Gloom (Dennis Young Version) – Padded Cell (DC Recordings)
Could just as easily been the original from the pretty bloody marvelous ‘Night Must Fall’ album, but I’ve plumped for the version featured on ‘Death Before Distemper 2’. Dennis Young is originally from the legendary Liquid Liquid, is a percusso-power-puncher par excellence and has more collabos with DC Recordings artists on the way. Check his website (below) for detailia. The killer trumpet (and guitar) comes from Gerald Hammill, points and prizes!

73. 80’s – Joker (Kapsize)
Were I considering taking this list riddiculation even further (don’t worry I supsect I have already bitten off more than easily chewable) and going down the path of artist of the year and what have you, Joker would be right up there. More to come from him later listwardly, this is some frighteningly fierce future funk.
80’s – JOKER 

72. Pendulum – Sisters Of Transistors (This Is Music)
See this post
sot 298

71. Do Bodda Mi (In Digital) – Roots Manuva/Wrong Tom (Big Dada)
Wrong Tom, often found lurking around Hard-Fi remixes, did a stonking job of overhauling some of the highlights of Rodders latest epic in a dubwise slant on ‘Slime & Version’. This jaunty track was a highlight on both the original and the re-jig.


70. Zeitghost – The Time & Space Machine (5D)

Following on from the exceptional Beyond The Wizards Sleeve series of edits and enhancements to 60’s and 70’s hooha (made with the oft-surprising Erol Alkan), ex-Gridster and thoroughly nice bloke, Richard Norris, struck out on his own as The Time And Space Machine. This release is, if anything, even better. Pretty sure this is hard to track down now, look out for a quick (unpublished) interview with the musically very well travelled Norris, about the whole re-edit fandangle up here in the next month or two.
spanking you for your attention…..