Stinky Grooves 21.02.17

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Cool And Deadly – Vybz Kartel ft Ky-Mani Marley (TJ Records)
Don – Deep Jahi (TJ Records)
Play Some Roots – Chronixx (Silly Walks)
Watch The Things – Ras Demo (Silly Walks)
Don’t Stop – Shaggy (Silly Walks)
Roll Dem (Roots Mix) – Dubmatix ft Gappy Ranks (Dubmatix)
Roll Dem (Roots Mix Riddim) – Dubmatix (Dubmatix)
Black Deus – Dreadzone (Dubwiser)
Rhinoceros (Poirier Remix) – Thornato ft. Gappy Ranks (Wonderwheel)
Hilda (Dj Nirso Edit) – Cigarra (bandcamp)
Con Sabor A Selva (DJ Caution Remix) – Los Mirlos (Cassette Blog)
Ayacucho – Akun Maia (Cassette Blog)
Achilipú – Fruko (Vampi Soul)
Cumbia En La Playa – Diego Dj (free)
Un Poblano En Nueva York (Notas Para Ana) – Plastic Toy Sounds (free)
LIVE From The Fuck You – Jonwayne (Authors / The Order Label)
TED Talk – Jonwayne (Authors / The Order Label)
Ava Gardner – Cobalt Chapel (Klove)
Ciao Bella – Golden Fleece (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Rainy Monday (Lipelis Fixed Twins Version) – SAVE! (Les Disques De La Mort)
Seven Corners – Timothy J. Fairplay (Charlois)
13 – Mythologen (Hoga Knord)
None – Laars (Full Pupp)
Dins el Llit – Talaboman (R&S)
Theme From “Fire! Fire!” – Marvin & Guy (Permanent Vacation)
Rite Ov – Joy Orbison (Toss Portal)
Three Paths Charm – Cobalt Chapel (Klove)
El Monstruo – Los Monstruos (Electro Harmonix)
Montuno Pa Caridad – Combo Los Yogas (Vampi Soul)
Maple Bacon – Daedelus (Fat Beats)
I’ve Got You – People Like Us (Discrepant)
Sweat – Bruce (Hemlock)
The Journey, Not the Destination – Max Richter (DG)
It Never Ends – Nthng (Lobster Theremin)
Kanwaza Cross – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
Cross-Town Fade – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
When Johnny Comes Slidin’ Home – Hollywood Vines (Capitol)
Tanets Shamana (The Shaman’s Dance) – Aleksandr Zatsepin (BBE)

Apologies for the cancelled Friday session on Waiheke..that weather eh. This week things looking more settled – Love Bucket on Friday from 7-11 (and that will be the case for at least the next 5 Fridays btw!) and then Dub and myself will be giving the Saturday afternoon punters at the ever busy Hallertau Biergarten & Restaurant a reggaematical tickle up from 12.30 – 4.30 .. ooh err.

Stinky Grooves 14.02.17

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Bacchanal – Wrongtom meets The Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
CND (Extended Mix) – Wrongtom meets The Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
Working (Dub) – Detonators (Burning Rockers)
Dark Dub – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Pale Mal (Equiknoxx remix) – Poirier ft Fwonte (Nice Up!)
Bombo y Maracas – Cuerdas de Venezuela (soundcloud)
Bombo y maracas ju juy – DJ Padrinomix (soundcloud)
Un Poblano En Nueva York (Notas Para Ana) – Plastic Toy Sounds (Kumbiamberos Internacionales)
Ritmo K I(Grito De Guerra) – Cafetero Master Dj (Kumbiamberos Internacionales)
Juan ramon vs Catnapp – Yapa Beats (Latin Bass Mexico 6)
Danza Negra Remix – Dj Caution (soundcloud)
Alfombra Mágica (Estrellas Del Trópico Remix De Remixes) – Estrellas Del Trópico (soundcloud)
The Doody Waltz – People Like Us (Discrepant)
Dolly Pardon – People Like Us (Discrepant)
Accelerator (Instrumental) – Paul White (bandcamp)
Topaz Fear – Vercetti Technicolor (Crimes Of The Future)
Phosphene – Appleblim (Gottwax)
Unshift – Bio Dread (bandcamp)
Revolt Yourself – El Mahdy Jr. (Boomarm Nation)
In Line – Bruce (Hemlock)
Dash Way Com – Bigga Bush (Jahmoni)
Existential Crisis in Paris France on the Earth Planet September 2015 AD – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Geisterfahrer – Die Wilde Jagd (Correspondent)
Melody’s Actual Echo Chamber – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Two Sisters – Les Liminanas (Mojo)
Bier Bier Bier Downtown – People Like Us (Discrepant)
The Darkness (I:Cube Remix) – SAVE! (Les Disques De La Mort)
Waterwheel Scenery (DJ Sotofett’s Dubcurve fix-mix feat. Osaruxo) – Yoshinori Hayashi (JINN)
He’s Forever (Amen) – The King James Version (Numero Group)
Drink Me Under The Table – Julian Cope (Head Heritage)
Naja – Guem (BBE)
Rio Negro – Xique-Xique (Magic Movement)
1542 – Xique-Xique (Magic Movement)
Alfombra Mágica – Estrellas Del Trópico (soundcloud)
Danza de Vision – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
Before You Sleep – Bruce (Hemlock)
Nothing – People Like Us (Discrepant)

Much on this week. Friday afternoon/early evening I’ll be playing over at the beginning/conclusion of the Waiheke Sculpture Trail in the Headland Pavillion, the set time is 4-7PM not 2-6 as it says on the website. As the show.. er .. shows I have a trailerload of fresh cumbia and allsorts so this should be humming! Following that I’ll be joining Rockoo D, DJ Banty Gyal and AZBO at Cassette for Wuk It Up, expect a solid dose of dancehall and goodness from me between 12 and 1.30. Saturday I’ll be revving my engines and squealing my wheels at Love Bucket or Bouquet D’Amour as I’d have it on this particular day 7-11 drinks heaven and tunes to match.

Stinky Grooves 07.02.17

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Industry – Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Mr. Williamz (Scotch Bonnet)
Dub Outta Road – Naram (Red Robin)
Give Me Back My Brain – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Ain’t No Country I Know – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Swan Lake – Cats (Ace)
Pure Soul – Roland Alphonso (Dub Store)
Mangrove Monkey (Bigga Bush Version) – Bigga Bush / Blast Head (Jahmoni)
Alfombra Mágica (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Estrellas Del Trópico (bandcamp)
Dunobizeh (YEAHMAN! Remix) – YEAHMAN! (bandcamp)
Tempa – Borchi y Su Doble Redoble (free)
La Cumbia Picosita 2017 (DJ Padrinomix Sonidero) – Grupo Los Pipopes (soundcloud)
Xaxoeira_(Nicola Cruz Remix) – Xique-Xique (Magic Movement)
Geisterfahrer (Factory Floor Remix) – Die Wilde Jagd (Correspondent)
2500 Edit – The Emperor Machine (Full Pupp)
Hellucinations – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Waterwheel Scenery (DJ Sotofett’s Dubcurve fix-mix feat. Osaruxo) – Yoshinori Hayashi (JINN)
The Smile – David Axelrod (Capitol Records)
Open Minds Now Close – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Cold Fear – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Frenzy Zone – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Melody’s Actual Echo Chamber – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Behold! My Kingston Crypt – Jefferson Belt (bandcamp)
Down version – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
Calf Dance – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
Mask Shop – Melly (Jheri Tracks)
Freeeze – Baba Stiltz (Studio Barnhus)
Rio Negro – Xique-Xique (Magic Movement)
Maxape – Carrot Green (bandcamp)
Allemande – Rodion (My Favorite Robot)
Moonlight Avenue – Ti.Po.tA (free at
Hotel l’Amour – Richard Norris (My Favorite Robot)
Kanwaza Cross – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
Bruxo – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
Mille Yeaux – The Durian Brothers (Emotion Especial)
Playing – Yoshinori Hayashi (JINN)
Stormy Weather – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)

Just the Friday at Love Bucket this week, 7-11, expect nay demand a considered demonstration of the good times and also the rolling! (Batteries not included.)

Stinky Grooves 31.01.17

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Tradition – Ronnie Davis (Attack)
Dark Dub – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
TK maximus special – General Theory Of Dub (soundcloud)
New Maps – Roger Robinson (Jahtari)
Idi Amin – Dean Fraser & Nambo (D.E.B.)
Swastika – Roger Robinson (Jahtari)
Non stop – Stepart ft Pupajim (OBF)
Dunobizeh (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Tribilin Sound (bandcamp)
9551 (Black Jesus Remix) – Borchi y Su Doble Redoble (soundcloud)
Altiplánica (Tribilin Sound Remix) – El Extravagante (bandcamp)
Quiero Jardines – Lido Pimienta (bandcamp)
Danza de Vision – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
Otome Landscape – Quarta 330 (bandcamp)
Owls – Beige (Evrlst.Inc)
Crowd Nothings – Botany (Western Vinyl)
13 – Mythologen (Höga Nord)
Sufiq Gulf Breeze 1-2 – Muslim Gauze (Staalplaat)
Sundance – Deela (bandcamp)
How Much Are They? – Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit (Island)
Connection – Can (Harvest)
omAr’S deLivERenCe – The Diabloical Liberties (bandcamp)
Dystopian Shopping Mall – Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Duophonic)
Cardiogram (Dollkraut Dub Version) – It’s A Fine Line ft. Olivia de Lanzac (Kill The DJ)
United Identities – Chaos In The CBD (In Dust We Trust)
Cross-Town Fade – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
I Just Wanna Be Good – Cate Le Bon (Drag City)
Lo, Hi – Botany (Western Vinyl)
Heeeyyy – Paul White (bandcamp)
Days With My Casiotone – Quarta 330 (bandcamp)
Moonlight Avenue – Ti.Po.tA (free at
Energy Control – El Remolon (soundcloud)
Irridated Dream Mouth – Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Duophonic)
Chema M – Plevna (Future Nuggets)
Digital Lotus Flower – Quarta 330 (Hyperdub)
Haisai – The Durian Brothers (Emotional Response)
Cynical – Beige (Evrlst.Inc)
Tzantza – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
La Race – Paulor (Hippie Dance)
Vibe Killer – Not Waving (Ecstatic)

Sad week with the loss of Ronnie Davis, Nambo and Jaki Liebezeit, I shudder to think…what next? Thursday is the night for Love Bucket and me this week, I’ll be spinning 7-11, can’t wait, back to Friday next week. On Monday Dubhead and myself will be giving it some Waitangi Day/Bob Boeufday brouhaha on Waiheke Island, it’s billed as Waitangi Day Rhythm, Roots & Scuplture, it’s free from 3 till 9.45, check the link. Looks like fun. Have a beezer long weekend and please don’t act the BillEngli$h and ignore what Monday is really about.

Stinky Grooves 24.01.17

IMG_1440 thermalpix dne lofi

Bun Bun Bun – Roger Robinson (free)
Dog Heart City – Roger Robinson (bandcamp)
Bad Boy Stepping – J Star ft Ranking Joe (bandcamp)
News Carrying Dread (Mungos HiFi Remix) – Chronixx (free)
Diling Deng Riddim – Dubmatix ft Brother Culture (Dub Arc)
Obliterate (Part I) – Bukkha & Madplate Sound ft. Brother Culture (bandcamp)
Obliterate (Vibronics Remix Part II) – Bukkha & Madplate Sound ft. Brother Culture (bandcamp)
1313 (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Tomasa del Real (soundcloud)
El Botellon (Nicola Cruz Remix) – Grupo Naidy (bandcamp)
Sundance – Deela (bandcamp)
Obiero – Dandara (bandcamp)
22 Años – Rashid From Lima / Peruvian Chill Project † (soundcloud)
Five Demiurgic Options – Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold (Honest Jon’s)
9.11 (Dreamers) – King Britt (bandcamp)
Vase Of Flowers – The Holydrug Couple (bandcamp)
Operation Munich (Francesco Clemente Remix) – Vercetti Technicolor (Giallo Disco)
Mille Yeaux – The Durian Brothers (Emotional Response)
Trans Europa Express – Disappears (Sonic Cathedral)
Edit Service 75 – by Manfredas (soundcloud)
Squeeze The Trigger – Felix Laband (Compost)
Cirklar – Fatma (Höga Nord)
Quiet Village – Martinas And His Music Tropical (Trunk)
Mirror Mantra – Gilligan Moss (bandcamp)
Jungle Beats – Mythologen (Höga Nord)
The coasts of French Cornwall (Relecture by The Third Half Time) – Andrew Claristidge (Mille Feuilles)
Zenker Haze Trak – Skee Mask (Ilian Tape)
Caves Of Steel (Convextion Remix) – Interstellar Funk (Berceuse Heroique )
Maxape – Carrot Green (bandcamp)
Fantastic Man – William Onyeabor (Luaka Bop)
I Feel So Wrong – Sleaford Mods (Rough Trade)
White on White – Daughn Gibson (bandcamp)
While Rereading Your Letter – Mick Harvey ft Sophia Brous (Mute)
Sa – Lota (bandcamp)
Zkittles – Hype Williams (free)
Haisai – The Durian Brothers (Emotional Response)
Chamada aos povos – Pigmalião (bandcamp)
What A Fire – Leroy Brown (Makasound)
Home Sweet Home – Bongo Herman & Les (Dub Store)
Live Together (Inst. Version) – Tinga Stewart (Virgonian)
Last Chance To Dance – Afrikan Dreamland (Triassic Tusk)

Quite odd.. and a first to pre-record the show from my West Auckland lair, hope it came out OK. I’ll be wrecking this mess at Love Bucket on Friday from 7-11 this week and once again big props to them for getting behind the show and 95bFM. Yikes almost forgot with putting the show together over the weekend the Rt Hon Dubhead and myself will be spinning like opiated dervishes at Hallertau Brewery & Restaurant for what has become a first rate monthly up there in bucolic Riverhead on Saturday afternoon 12.30 to 4.30ish is the go.

Stinky Grooves 17.01.17

stairk brite smll 2 lofi

Dem A Fraud – Steve Knight (Red Robin)
Respect The Veteran – Tippa Lee (Red Robin)
Fraudulent Version – Naram (Red Robin)
Peppers Pray – XJ (bandcamp)
Wicked City (When Jah Come) – Mark Mood (bandcamp)
All I Do Is Think About You (Dub) – Quantic ft Christopher Ellis (Tru Thoughts)
Campoblanco – Peruvian Chill Project † (soundcloud)
22 Años – Rashid From Lima / Peruvian Chill Project † (soundcloud)
1313 (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Tomasa del Real (soundcloud)
La Cumbia Quitapenas – Lascivio Bohemia (soundcloud)
Cuando Lo Negro Sea Bello – Arturo Herrera DJ (soundcloud)
San Juditas – Secta Selectah (?)
Nostalgia – Carla Valenti (bandcamp)
I Love You Viata Mea/Lema – Renato Din Salaj/Ion Din Dorobonai (Future Nuggets)
Love Is Enough (Khidja Dubstrumental) – Plus Instruments (Emotional Especial)
Wooden Words – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Warp Odyssey – Tornado Wallace (Running Back)
Dunarea – Plevna (Future Nuggets)
Chema M – Plevna (Future Nuggets)
Motor Bath – Soft Error (Village Green)
Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu – Safet Isovic (Triassic Tusk)
Johnny Remember Me – John Cooper Clarke, Hugh Cornwell (Sony)
Throbbing Gristle – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Hot Key Motherfucker – Prostitutes (Diagonal)
April (Mark Ernestus Meets Obadikah) – Mark Ernestus Meets Obadikah (Honest Jon’s)
Kor – Plevna (Future Nuggets)
Hyroglyph – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Last Chance To Dance – Afrikan Dreamland (Triassic Tusk)
Security – GAIKA ft Fallacy and Gretz (soundcloud)
Oodnadatta Rain (Dub) – Die Orangen (soundcloud)
I’m A Cliche Edit Service 75 – by Manfredas (soundcloud)
Summer – Peter Gordon & David Van Tieghem (bandcamp)
Ayo Ayo Nene – Mor Thiam (Jazzman)
Ode To An African Violet (Quixosis Edit) – Mort Garson (soundcloud)
Groove Is In The Heart – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Save Me (Instrumental) – Harleighblu X Starkiller (Tru Thoughts
Everybody Runs – Soft Error (Village Green)
I Know – BEAK> (Invada)
Altro Mondo – Ali Renault (Bordello A Parigi)
Version – Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett ft Jenz Rahbe (Sex Tags Mania)

A huge welcome to Love Bucket (309 K Road), the new sponsor of Stinky Grooves. Brilliant to have them on board, especially as I have been really enjoying playing there on the weekly. Fridays 7-11(ish) is when you’ll find me there and if you haven’t checked it yet..well there’s no better time.

Stinky Grooves 10.01.17


Outta Road – Midnight Raiders (Red Robin)
Dread Outta Road – Speng Bond (Red Robin)
Dub Outta Road – Naram (Red Robin)
Giddy Up (Origin One remix) – Sticky Joe ft Horseman (Nice Up!)
Frenenemy – Lenky Don (One Vibration)
Business – Chino (Emudio)
New World – Skill Skel (bandcamp)
Hej Da – Urbanologia en Climax_Ego.360 (soundcloud)
Chambacu (Dub) – Quantic ft Nidia Gngora (Tru Thoughts)
Soñar – Aslán Dub System feat. Jef Stott (bandcamp)
El Condor Pasa – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
Chamada aos povos – Pigmalião (bandcamp)
Super Moon – Lascivio Bohemia (bandcamp)
Julia (Dean Blunt’s On Wine, Hashish & Molly Version) – Archangel (bandcamp)
Contact – Mick Harvey ft Channthy Kak & Xanthe Waite (Mute)
Some Velvet Morning – Afro Blues Quintet (Ace)
Pollux (Andrew Weatherall Japanese Import Mix) – Heretic (bandcamp)
Host (DJ Sotofett’s Stoydubb) – Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags Mania)
Calypso Take Away – Thomass Jackson (soundcloud)
Alpha Centauri – DMX Krew (Fundamental)
Goshen Well – Daughn Gibson (bandcamp)
Ayo Ayo Nene – Mor Thiam (Jazzman)
Winter – Peter Gordon & David Van Tieghem featuring Kathy Acker (bandcamp)
Sunday Morning – Amanz (Now Again / Shaddocks)
The Dirty Beat – Fatma (Höga Nord)
Version – Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett ft Jenz Rahbe (Sex Tags Mania)
The Plug – DURBAN x MEL G (free from TekLife)
Oodnadatta Rain (Dub) – Die Orangen (soundcloud)
Highrise – Ali Renault (Giallo Disco)
Cirklar – Fatma (Höga Nord)
Begin (Carter Tutti Remix) – Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon (soundcloud)
Dreamride – Dick Katz (Trunk)
My Sky Is Black (Instrumental) – The Holydrug Couple (bandcamp)
Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth – Mick Harvey ft Solomun Harvey (Mute)
31,’16 – Daughn Gibson (bandcamp)

A Flappy New Ear to one and all. Will be playing tunes at Love Bucket this Friday from 7-11, have been having the best sets up there of late digging deep into the soul, funk, country, r’n’b, rock’n’roll and N’Orleans crates – combined with some fine and some mighty fancy alcoholique libations it’s a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster…you be the judge (and the jury too…it’s open slather). Be lovely to see you there and frankly and just quietly it’s a step up on the Friday nights on K Road tip.

Stinky Grooves 20.12.16



Police – Eddie Cole & The Three Peppers (Captain High)
Lamento del Yacuruna (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Los Wemblers de Iquitos (soundcloud)
Cumbia revelación – Orihuela M.S.S. (free)
Slowly, Chiquita – Eduardo Zambrano (bandcamp)
Muharem – Tribilin Sound & Del Bosque (free)
Cumbia Space – Mooglisound (soundcloud)
Mr. Landlord – The Breadwinners ft Stevie (Horus Records)
Badman Dub – Mr Benn (bandcamp)
Leave Ya Dub – Vibronics meets Conscious Sounds (Scoops)
Giddy Up (Origin One remix) – Sticky Joe ft Horseman (bandcamp)
Back In 4000 – NS Kroo (Stand High)
Oscillations (Cherrystones remix) – Justin Velor (Brutal Music)
Chinese Fountain (Al Lover Remix) – The Growlers (bandcamp)
Holy Mountain – Federale (Death Waltz)
Conservative Apocalypse – Funki Porcini (bandcamp)
? – Abdel Kareem El Kably (bandcamp)
He Ya Wannan – Ouedraogo Youssef (Numero Group)
Outeriff – Farm (Rebel Records)
Play The Game (Andrew Weatherall remix) – Craig Bratley Featuring Danielle Moore (bandcamp)
Keep It In The Backwood – Golden Bug (Les Disques Du Mort)
Do You Box – Falty DL (Blueberry)
Supernova – Golden Bug (Les Disques Du Mort)
Do The Zru – Zru Vogue (Eskimo Records)
Cummins Falls – 75 Dollar Bill (bandcamp)
Have You Been Good To Yourself – Johnnie Frierson (Light In The Attic)
I Don’t Mind – Psychic Ills (Sacred Bones)
Get It Together – Steven Warwick (Pan)
What We Tellin’ Them – Praus (Leng)
Hubris Part 1 – Oren Ambarchi (Editions Mego)
Tunnel Snakes (Red Axes & Naduve Remix) – Last Waltz (Me Me Me)
Going Somewhere (Dva Hi:Emotions Remix) – Jessy Lanza (Hyperdub)
Father – Paul Woolford (Aus)
Watch The World from a Plane – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Atlander – Luke Vibert (bandcamp)

That will do us for the right now (and the overall turdy nature of 20frikkin16). I’ll be taking a couple off and then back again on the 10th. In the meantime Dubhead and myself will be Xmarse E-ving at Hallertau up in Riverhead on Saturday 24th, 12.30 to 4.30 is the buzz and no doubt it will be genuinely heaving as that place seems to be perpetually rocking (though naturally more so with myself and Dub in session). Hallertau are also part of the whole Love Bucket fandangle on K Road where I’ve had a couple of choicicle sets of late, definitely worth a swing by if you are perambulating the ridge or headed into toon, they’ve got some serious gin and cocktail action and beers that are decpetively smooth but turn you into a  rocking loon virtually unawares – check ’em!

I’ll also be spinning at Golden Dawn 06.01.17 with Cian and Geezer Guy in the Club Sandwich formation. At this stage not a great deal else, a certain, formerly wonderful, bar has shafted my New Year’s so I’ll be taking that night off..schmert. Have yours-elves a massive yuletide whatever, and most importantly thanks so much for the ears and eyes over the last year…as ever … you rule!!!