29-20 Countydowny continues and continues

30. Epic & Donuts (Mungolian Jetset Rmx) – Altz (Luna Flicks)

In a bumper year for Nordic niceness it is the Mungolians who have baked my cake most resolutely. Like Quiet Village over the last couple of years, they have built an impressive rep based purely on their distinctive and downright delicious remixes. They deserve a post of their own and in an ideal world…. Please accept this delightfully doofing retweak of top Japper, Altz as an installment. Details on the murky miasma of melodic extension that is the Mungolian Jetset are scarce, though we can ascertain that it was formed byPaul “Strangefruit” Nyhus, Knut Sævik and Reidar Skår, the smoke signals suggest it may be duo-isized these days. Watch this sound, and check those fruity promo photos.

29. AM:FM – Richard Sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood Cuts)

See this post for a blurble about this socrching punk-funk shockout.

28. Protect Your Neck – Tarrus Riley (Fat Eyes)
Son of Jimmy (‘Love & Devotion’ etc) Riley, Tarrus ruled this sublime recut of the ‘Midnight Hour’ rhythm out of Mixing Lab. Technically this might be ’07, but it ran my decks for the longest time and StinkInc is a rule-free rumpus room.

27. Man On The Moon – Kid Cudi (Mixtape)

See Kid Cudi elsewhere in this lingering countdown, I leave the repetition to Mark E Smith. Huuuuuuuuge tune, beat by Nosaj Thing apparently.

26. Nine Night – Busy Signal (Birch Productions)
Busy posts abound, don’t let me stop you having a probe  of the StinkInc Signals for more.
25. Need You – Darkstar (Hyperdub)
Vocodered vibes and totally untypical tackle in the beats and melodies departmen,t marked this out as exceptionally strong, even amongst the esteemed company of Hyperdub’s increasingly sturdy stable.  ‘Round Ours’ for Clandestine Cultivations furthered the Darkstar legend but this futuristic 12″ was truly one out of the box, if you haven’t, then I suggest you purchase forthwith.

24. Natural Selection – Martyn (3024)
Were I the praying type, I would be flinging off a short heaven-bound one for the soon come Martyn album to be of this standard. Both sides have more than a whiff of inventive mid-late 90’s top shelf d’n’b, in a way that is far more attractive than it reads. The ‘Natural Selection/Vancouver’ 12″ seems to be out of print (though Flying Lotus’s distressed and deadly remix is still doing the rounds, and both tracks are on the album) which is criminal because this was thrashed to within an inch of its life on my decks.


23. Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica (Guitar Center)

With Just Blaze on the beat and Mr Electronica if not on fire, at least seriously smoldering, how can you go wrong? It remains to be seen if he can escape the creative curse of Daddy Badu-ism, in the meantime points and prizes to him and Erykah for naming their new nipper Mars, that’s planetarily precise and on-point from the RTM Simplex pov.

22. It Aint Necessarilly Evil (Mungolian Jetset Dubtrayal) – Mari Bone (Luna Flicks)
More about the mischievous Mungolians above. Their subject matter this time is Mari Boine Persen, a Norwegian Sami singer who is known for her distinctive vocal styling and staunch repping of her Sami people. Well into her 50’s and up for some fiddling from the Jetsetateers, Mari sounds like our kind of freedom fighting lady. 

21. Cutout (Expanding Head Band Version) – Shocking Pinks (DFA)
See this post for more Shocking Pinksishness. This mix by the ex-Tussle feller Alexis Georgopoulos and Quinn Luke (Bing Ji Ling) is a mesmeric masterwork, my cranium was thusly and robustly expanded. Can’t find anywhere to easily buy it anymore, and it probably should be higher up the list.. such is life.


20. Head Hang Low – The Oscillation (DC Recordings)
The Oscillation’s ‘Out Of Phase’ album just grew and grew on me from very late ’07 purchase, to the extent that I rate it as one of the year’s most excruciatingly slept-on releases. The pinnacle (arguably) is this cover of Julian Cope’s ‘Head Hang Low’, this version is taken from ‘Death Before Distemper 3’ which saw DC Recording’s finest getting a vigorous rubdown from the Idjuts Boys. Love DC me.
(The Oscillationspace)


As a bit of warm up to the upcoming and thoroughly scary (and time consuming) 100 renkingest tracks and probably around 40 or so olfactory albums, of 2008 here’s an allegorical toe in the water with my top 5 EP’s (or EP type things) of particular noteworthiness. Aside from the fact that this helped whittle down my 100 songs list from its 20+% over-budgetness, all of these five have remarkable quality control, to the extent that I could have picked pretty much any track from each. Undoubtedly two of the most mostest EPs that emerged in 08 were from The Naked And Famous, but I have excluded Round Trip Mars gear from these here charts because it’s hard enough slimming these lists to a mildly managable amount, it’s a bit like choosing between children, and kinda weird because I listen to RTM stuff more than anything else through its various stages. Hanyways on with the five..no particular order, was hard enough getting em down to this.

Various – Bersa Discos Volume 1 (Bersa Discos)
Based between Buenos Airies and California (San Diego from memory), the Bersa Discos crew of Oro 11 and Disco Shawn have represented solidly with four vinyl EPs of flambeed nuevo-cumbia. This first’un is the pick of the bunch for me, even though it faced stiff competition from the ZZK 12″, that accompanied their sterling compilation dealing in similar hooha. El Hijo De La Cumbia has an ostentatious name that he more than lives up to, and Daleduro dishes out the damage relentlessly. The wax understandably looks somewhat sold out, but it’s still available digitally (see below) for people with fingers and ting.
(Buy the mptrees)


Uncle O – Uncle O (I’m A Cliche)
Uncle O sounds like somewhat of a legend amongst the musical denizens of Paris. He’s put together excellent comp series like ‘Champion Sound’ and ‘Shaolin Soul’, and he brings a whole heap of flavour and veteran vibes to the nine, all too brief, tracks on this release for Cosmo Vitelli’s shockingly good I’m A Cliche label. There’s delicate electro, gentle doof and Kraftwerkian machine doodles as well as a whole heap more high grade malarkey. ‘Avalanche’ thoroughly absorbed me for a while, what a tune!


MRR/ADM feat Malcolm Catto – ? (MRR/ADM)
MRR – ADM are Mike Raymond Russell and Adam Doug Manella, also formerly known as MHE recording for the Sound In Color label. On this 10″ they’re joined by British sticksman/ex-Mo Wax artist/current Heliocentric and noted record collector Malcolm Catto for half of the tracks,  apparently alongside some other folk. It’s all a bit sketchy, as the truly exquisitely packaged, red vinyl 10″ release comes with pretty much zero information bar ‘featuring Malcolm Catto’. Who cares it’s spooky, soundtracky, synth-laden psychosis of top-shelf calibre, and the kind of freak shit that could only come from California and Gaslamp Killer associates. Now very much a collectors item (check Discogs for a gulp) it was one of the years most expensive small purchases (from Melbourne’s top ranking Northside Records) and worth every cent.

(DirtyDrumswebsite) Apparently it’s them, they keep it shady. Two drum kits to bang out on your keyboard..tis fun.

MMR – ADD – TWO (Approx Title)

It’s true that I’m a longstanding, unabashed J Saul Kane fanboy, but it is undeniable that DC Recordings have had a sterling year, possibly their best ever. Tom Giles’ EP under the Clause Four moniker was one of many highlights, stretching out the possibilities of wonky, glitchy beats biz into all sorts of areas. This 12″ was justifiably stuck to the turntables for a good spell this year and it’s one that just gets better with repeat plays, as ever the artwork from La Boca is extraordinarily good. More please.
(Buy) while you can…


Shocking Pinks – Emily (DFA)
I think the ‘Emily’ EP would have to be be my pick of the bunch, though the vinyl version doesn’t actually feature the title track in any form. The choice of remixers is almost spotless, and it’s the sort of double 12″ package that recalls the glory days of that divine vinyl indulgence. I’ll be going into the Large Hadron Collider of a mix from Expanding Head Band in the 100 tunes palaver coming up but, aside from Nathan Fake’s somewhat meh remix, it’s all quality. Lee Douglas takes ‘Cutout’ to the outer stratosphere on his lengthy workout, while Detroit’s Echospace/Deepchord again distinguish themselves from the post Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound crowd, with a brace of unfathomably deep belters. I’m hoping that Mr Harte is over the health issues that kept him from the last SP gig in Auckland, the set they played on the genius pre-BDO, line-up with SJD and The Clean at the dirty old KA last January was ear-crumbling fire indeed.
(Shocking Pinkspace)

We’ll be starting on them bigger lists real soon…