Mixcloud maniaaaaaaaaagh – lose a day or two with some glorious mix up & blendy busyness

Muziek cassette

Here is yet another post I’ve been keening to do for ages (yes yes I know keening doesn’t really exist as a a word in that sense – but I was going to say meaning, and then thought keenly, and then – before you know it – well …keening!) that could be construed as feast following famine on the blog tip and maybe even just a brief graze around the eye of the storm as I suspect things are going to get foolish again soon – so I’m making hay while the sun shines. OK I’ll stop with the proverby prattling and gratuitous waving of the old linguistic license, it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to write casually… as you can probably tell!

Hanyways to the point… alongside the growing ranks of Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs there is a veritable plethora of superior ear nourishment to be found on Mixcloud. With Soundcloud seemingly becoming more babylonian. draconian and spirit-crushingly typical by the month, especially in regards to mixes/tracks/anything containing what their shitty detection gear thinks might, possibly be, on the right day, and in the right light – a copyright infringement – it feels like there is some slight usurping going on. I could rah on for days about folks worth following and mixes that will broaden your horizons as well as wining up your waist – but here’s a couple that deserve, nay demand, a bit of your luxurious lughole love.

Maiden Hong Kong | Watching Boys Cry by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

From the home team, and I can’t front, I helped out a little on the nuts and bolts of these.. Cherry Sprinkles/Maiden Hong Kong has got it going on..IN TRIPLICATE!! Changes from day to day but I think this Watching Boys Cry might be my personal pick o’ the bunch, they all have some faves and classics but this’un has got dynamite at every junction (**** – check Laila’s Dream by Frederic Klein originally from the Stereo Total album – it really doesn’t get much better)

Maiden Hong Kong | a bit of alright… by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

A Bit Of Alright goes some way back and has so many rosy cheeked scorchers amongst its ranks, it’s like graduation day at Charm School. No 2nd handyness for this selection but plenty of (then) contemporary high grade grooves (**** don’t sleep on the criminally under-rated and brill named DJ Bombjack – every one a stunner – his records were always hard to find but truly worth the pursuit… hard to say that about a digital file!)

Stalkeyes by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

Who knows what is going on with a title like Stalkeyes?? Not me..but the music is 110% understandable and muy simpatico (**** Dub It Red by Royal Appointment is a lurking gem on the Tummy Touch label, not sure that I’m really down with any of the other Royal Appointment stuff but this particular mix is straight out moida!)

Music For Lonely Bartenders / The Piano Has Been Drinking (And Me) by Rodi + Kava on Mixcloud

Was a delight to absorb this little gem from ex-pat good hats in Berlin – Rodi Scratch 22 and His Kava-lyness. Top shelf all the way, melodic single malt (**** whole heap of quality tunage but always especially good to see one of my top 5 Moondog songs sharing a palatial audio apartment with PJ Harvey, James Pants and Marvin Gaye etc etc!)

I should really try and do this more often..like so many things (time machine already, please) but fill your boots with the above, can’t go wrong. We may be on a roll here so if there are more postings in the days to come please don’t be alarmed.

Scratch 22 ‘Cold Hands’ video debut tomorrow night

Not only are them youthful sprites Homebrew showing off their fancy schmancy Chris Graham directed video tomorrow night (see flyer below) at the Hollywood in Avondale, with Scratch 22 getting his VJ on (thats video jockey not a shorted name for ladies parts) but he will also be premiering the video for ‘Cold Hands’ made by resident Mr 22 artwork don, Bob Van Der Wal. It’s a sight to see, and the whole evening sounds like a right hoot, sadly I’ll be fulfilling my duties at the Ginger Minx so no show from this quarter but may I strongly suggest attendance for a proper eye full of the good stuff…… How you get tickets seems a bit enigmatic but call it an intelligence test and get your blag on, or head down the KA for a touch of the R Kelly’s (an after party that is (no cupboards) (no golden showers))…. bracket overload, over and out.

Stinky Grooves 08.03.11 + a double dose of Scratch 22 & Eno


Expiration Date -Blockhead (Ninja Tune)
Step Up Inna Life – Vybz Kartel (Head Concussion)
Swagga Turn Up – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Look How Long – Gappy Ranks (Stainless)
Swag Team Riddim Version – Stainless Crew (Stainless)
Never Eva (Sonora Rmx) – Trillville (soundcloud)
Pimpin Riddin ft Vybz Kartel – Kinky Electric Noise (soundcloud)
Put Up Yo Lighta – Self Evident (Cabeza!)
Ojos Verdes – Sonora (soundcloud)
Pitchito (Sonora Rmx) – Frente Cumbiero (soundcloud)
Hot Hot Cabeza – Self Evident (Cabeza!)
Popcorn Andino (Le Cumbianche Disco Rmx) – Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Ritmo De Amor – Los Macuanos (soundcloud)
Run Fay Run – El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)
Scopolamine – Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 (Truth & Soul)
For Walking Faces – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Molasses – Raekwon ft Ghostface Killah & Rick Ross
Homecoming (Return) – Kadence (ft The Abolistionist) vs Samiyam (bandcamp)
Funky Movement No 2 – Timothy McNealy (Truth & Soul)
Stand Tall – The Olympians (Truth & Soul)
MITSUBISHI – Hype Williams (Hippos In Tanks)
Marriage (Halls Rmx) – Gold Panda (Notown Records)
Harrier Attk – Actress (Nonplus)
Devotion – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Communication – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Death Is The Dancer – Scratch 22 (soundcloud)
Requiem 7 (Bluntz) ft Snoop Dogg – Jerk Man (soundcloud)
Out In The Street – Africa Hi-Tech (Warp)
Otherman – Kode 9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
Fuji Club (ft Trust) – Egyptrixx (Night Slugs)
Gershwin – Actress (Nonplus)
Warlord – Hype Williams (Hippos In Tanks)
Rooks Theme – Egyptrixx (Night Slugs)
Needle Click – Brian Eno (Opal)
Stay The Night – Quincy Bright (Truth & Soul)
Mood (Time Will Tell) – Verna Lee Powell (Jama Music)
Groovy Situation – Keith Rowe (Black Swan)
My Love Is Overdue – Gregory Isaacs & Trinity (G.G’s)
Ghost Busters – Early B (Black Solidarity)
Stop Seh So Version – Steely & Clevie (Legal Light)
Marriage (Forest Swords Rmx) – Gold Panda (Notown Records)
Warpath (the Rejected Drumcunt Rmx) – Esben & The Witch (soundcloud)
Untitled (And Your Batty’s So Round) – Hype Williams (Hippos In Tanks)

T’was messy beginnings this evening which are quite a likelihood under current conditions but after that kick off into touch it felt like plain cruising until the very end when things went skewiff again…c’est la vie!
Coupla gems for you this eve. First up a Brian Eno track from ‘Making Spaces’ a CD on Opal that was released last year BUT is only available from places where his installations are housed. So , a tricky one to track down but for my money this album punches out his lauded Warp album by some margin (and the artwork is off the planet).
You can find out more about it here, in the meantime enjoy this gem.



Closer to ‘ome, Scratch 22’s debut album ‘Distance From View’ is purty much home and hosed and ready for Round Trip Mars release on April 18th. We snuck out a few tracks out tonight and there will be many more before it’s officially unleashed (check Mr 22’s own Base FM show ‘Lion For Real’, Fridays at 12 for head expanding bands and no doubt more of his upcoming missive).
Certainly not ready to let off any of the bombs His Scratchness has been carefully cultivating for that project yet, but being a generouso fellow he’s been twiddling them knobs, dabbling with the dials and coming up with roses…Just like the bouquet of badness below.
It’s yet another red herring as far as any clues about the album’s contents go but it’s a fiery jacques nonetheless and it’s free from his soundcloud, check eeeeeeeeeeeet.


Death is the Dancer by Scratch22

Stinky Grooves 27.04.10, Vybz on the Scooby Doo’s & Scratch 22 on the remixeration


Murderation – Gyptian ft Barrington Levy

Can’t Take No More – Brinsley Forde & Blackout (Maroon)
Hold Ya – Gyptian & Nikki Minaj (VP)
Life – Gappy Ranks ft Million Styles (Macro Beats)
Good Looking Boy – Mungos HiFi ft Warrior Queen (Scotch Bonnet)
Bad From Riddim -Mungos HiFi (Scotch Bonnet)
Hands Up – Admiral T ft Busy Signal
That’s How We Party – Bunji Garlin ft Busy Signal
Clarks Again – Vybz Kartel (Head Concussion)
Colegiala Pon De Floor – Copia Doble System (Copia.. soundcloud)
Marado Dios Remix – El Hijo De La Cumbia (EHDLC soundcloud)
Cumbia De Sal – Cumbia En Moog
El Carretero – Hermanos Oropeza (Disco Fuentes)
Mosaico: Roberto Ruiz – La Piña Madura – Angel Niño Y Su Conjunto (Discos Fuentes)
No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Rmx) – Paul Weller (Universal)
Amsterdam – Paul Weller (Universal)
Again (Scratch 22 Rmx) – Electric Wire Hustle (scratch22soundcloud)
Closer – Space Invadas (Invada)
Skies Over Cairo – Django Django (Django Django Bandcamp
Fair Skin Man – The Afro-American Ensemble (GSF)
That’s All I Need – Andre Williams (Bloodshot)
Plundered My Soul – Rolling Stones (Universal)
I’m A Country Girl – Rolling Stones
CMYK – James Blake (R&S)
Cosy – Pursuit Grooves (Tectonic)
Hylo – LV & Quarta 330 (Hyperdub)
A Night On The Wonk (Gemmy remix) – Wedge & Aesoteric (If Symptoms Persist)
Molly – Swindle (Planet Mu)
Woof Woof (Hudson Mohawke Rmx) – Dan Deacon (Amazing Sounds)
Shark Chase – Floating Points (Peoples Potential)
Space Dock – Trans Am (Thrill Jockey)
Andromeda (Richard Hawley Rmx) – Paul Weller (Universal)
Anchor Records – Paul White (One Handed)
Let Me Trick You – Tokimonsta (Ramp)
Beat Domcooliado – Doma Tornados (Doma Tornados soundcloud)
Neo Bailongo En El Club Sarmiento – Lagartijeando (ZZK)
Lost/Early Mob/ Your Coat – LV & Josh Idehen (Keysound)
Medicate (LV Remix) – Logos (Radial)
Fridays (Shackleton Rmx) – To Rococo Rot (Domino)
AAA – Pilooski (Rvng Of The Nrds)
OK much to do and not too much time for writery, little skittles on the go. The star of this week’s show, somewhat surprisingly, is Paul Weller. As far as his solo career goes, for my money anyways, it’s no surprise that there’s some goodness (and quality remixes) on his latest, it’s just the number of crackers and the bold musical steps he’s taken that has pleasantly shocked me. Hanyways I’m not putting anything of his up because DMCA notices are so passe, so instead have a nibble on this little taste-ette from Vybz Kartel in praise of the footwear favourite, Clarks. Apparently this song and it’s predecessor have caused the price of Clarks to rise in JA, much to the chagrin of well shod yard folk whose dollars nah run.
Hanyways when Vybz is on he is ON, and this is one of them.. especially over this riotous rhythm from Russian and Head Concussion crew. No philosophizing needed, strictly winery and whistle blowing.



Also definitely worth a sniff, and undoubtedly even a snoot is that chap Scratch 22’s rerub of Electric Wire Hustle’s ‘Again’. There’s a 100 DLs on soundcloud with this and I don’t reckon they’re going to hang about too long (after that there’s a buy link too so NO EXCUSERATION!)
Look out for more major news about his Scratchlyness here and roundabout soon, but in the meantime don’t sleep on this gem, it has discipline and restraint and throws out a clear warning sign (if any were needed) to keep a beady eye on this geezer.. double plus.

Electric Wire Hustle – Again (Scratch 22 Remix) by Scratch22

(if the embedded player is not playing pop, follow the link in the playlist or head straight to the EWH site, aaaite)
I’m heading off to enjoy and appreciate something magnificent that I have waited many years for… let you in on what that is next week.