Get Ready To Talk – brand new & quite possibly good for you, free tune from Stinky Jim

getreadyto lights 1

Well this should have happened on New Years Day, or considerably earlier considering it’s been kicking around in Maschine since 2010, but finally knocked this somewhat unclassifiable tune off and lets call it a celebration of 500 soundcloud peeps tuning in. It’s permanently available as a free download, and it also heralds the start of binging some more of my solo-dolo tunes up as they get to a stage of ..if not completion, at least some sort of finality. Next up will be something completely different and considerably fresher… keep ’em peeled.
Hope you enjoy, as ever big thanks to Mr Mo Delay for his invaluable mix assist and mastering touch…….

Stinksclusive – Unitone HiFi meet Overproof Soundsystem Dub mix

Hokay, I’ve been holding onto this’un for a while, but now seems like a good time to unleash this wee belter, which is very much a StinkInc vexclusive crisp biscuit. For your downloading delight, here is the unreleased dub of our Unitone HiFi remix of Overproof Soundsystem’s ‘King Step’. The vocal version of this is just about to drop on 12″, alongside the pumping original mix from our G Corp associated Brum chums,  however it’s the dub that wins out the day for me. When we originally got the parts for the mix,  the tempo and style  suggested we should perhaps aim for a bit of dubsteppery action, but as is so often the case, where we began and where we ended up… well they’re quite different places. Instead of some testosteroned wobbly hoo-ha this turned out as a very mellow little bass bomb, and without blowing our own trumpet too much, I’m really chuffed with the end result. I recently found out this is somewhat of a soundsystem fave in the Midlands, and perhaps we should have borne that in mind (had we known) with our mix… ah well, it is what it is… and sometimes the slow burn can be just as powerful as the flamethrower!
Local yokels can find the 12″ though Southbound in the next couple of weeks, elsewhere and globalistically I’m sure it will be havailable through all good record shops (that are still standing!). If you’d like a hi-res version of the dub for playing out/radio etc (the one posted is 192) then please  hit me up in the comments or by email and I’m sure we can oblige, and if you’d like to re-post or link to this, you are more than welcome… but please let us know. Joost and myself (with mastering and mix assistance from the mighty Angus McNaughtonizer) are trodding on towards some more Unitone releasability, and we have some right, hot cross bun-it-ups in the proverbial oven. Next up will be another split 7″ with Jefferson Belt (and just wait till you hear his side, oh my good gosh!), to keep the wintery wolves at bay in the coming months. There are still very limited copies  of the last 2008 Unitone HiFi/Jefferson Belt 7″ available from various spots, or they can be bought direct from the horses gob, by pinging me a mail and whatnot.
Vox version available digitally and reasonably priced from here or here
(Unitonespace) friend us up, we slack like that.



And being as its my favourite format and no-one likes a birthday to be forgot, make haste to the Beeb ponline and check out a little filmette (of the Vinyl Factory folk who we highly recommend) celebrating the 60th birthday of the 7″ right here. Yes indeed the glorious 45 must surely now have access to a free bus pass and the right to complain and grumble about more stuff than yer average young twot on them internets…. Hurrah! An audio anniversary to be proud of (you can stick them digital files where the sun don’t shine mister!) Uber and oot.

An SJD shifty shufty

This right here is the 11th SJD video, and it will be hitting the NZ screens and youtubulators of the world in a couple of days, consider this a sneak preview. 11 videos is an achievement in itself (and a hearty slap on the back to NZOA fer their part), but what I diggeth the most is that no two look or feel alike. I never cease to be amazed by what directors and crews can do with limited funds, and unlimited expectations and imagination. Chris White’s work on ‘No Telling Where’ is no exception, but once again quite exceptional. Here’s the video, and it’s one that I reckon captures the vibe of the song superbly and just gets better as it goes along, but I’m y’know very biased (but not always this happy about the end result!) As an after dinner mint there’s one of the many favourite tracks from ‘Dayglo Spectres’, I’ve had the good fortune to be listening to that pearler longer than most, and trust me it just gets better and better……


SJD – NO TELLING WHERE (Directed by Chris White)


As this is sneak preview business, and it’s like Tuesday and there’s a radio show full of exciting things to loosely assemble, this post is a tad truncated and will be getting updated with more SJD footage and linkage in a few days… promise!

Tigered In Translation

There’s nae point in rambling on about every gig that comes up, however the Tiger Translate party which is happening on Friday, 21st of Nov, taking over the Fu & Zen, is a right scorcher. The live line up includes Onra, summoned from his Parisian lair, as well as the (also well traveled) locals The Naked And Famous and Coco Solid. DJ action will be provided by the incomparably gorgeous Maiden Hong Kong and incomprably less-so yours truly, with Cian and Nick D bringing up the rear, ooh err. Peep on for details, tunes, set times and of course ting.



The Vietnamese-French producer and DJ caught my eye with his ‘Chinoiseries’ album, earlier this year. For starters it looked the part, and the briefest of spins on the decks confirmed it was something a little special. Comprised of 32 beat vignettes, most barely troubling the two minute mark, it’s a response to a visit back to the land of his grandparents where he picked up a bundle of comfortingly scratchy Vietnamese/Oriental vinyl. Ideal for short attention span listening, I got hooked on the whole double-vinyl deliciousness, raved about it in Real Groove and offered up the blinding standout ‘The Anthem’ to the 95bFM programming panel for consideration. It met with universal appreciation, playlist approval, and I believe may have wormed its way into more than a few listeners affections, its certainly got Troy good and proper. There’s a whole other fandangle with Coke and the Olympics to do with that song, which you can read about at the excellent Pinglewood blog.
So basically I’m as keen a pot of Dijon to check feller out, and he’s going to be doing separate live and dj sets, here’s a couple of cuts to get masticating on. Impossible to go past ‘The Anthem’, and ‘I Wanna Go Back’ would pass muster on the fact that it samples one of my favourite and frankly over-collected melodies ‘Love Is Blue’…. aaaah.





Having shown and proved (and improved) on their recent trip to NYC for CMJ, under the steely supervisory gaze of… err me, The Naked And Famous are robustly rockulating right now. This would be the place to put some informal or incriminating (not so much really) shots from the trip, if only I hadn’t given up on the camera at their first show. After five or six years away I felt like enough of a tourist in New York, and you can’t get near the stage at CMJ shows because the front 3 rows are rammed with bloggers and their telephotos anyway, it’s a plague. Instead let’s have the deadly videos for ‘Serenade’ and ‘Birds’ (clink of the glass to Special Problems) and what remains my favouritest song (probably, possibly, well for right now) from the ‘No Light’ EP ‘Bells’.




Coco Solid rule. That’s not an opinion, just fact. I wont wank on about the Coco greatness, Ive already done that with the new album here and 2007’s ‘Gentlemen Prefer Bombz’ in my Top 1o of tha year, here, both for The Listener. Due to synchronisational overcommitment and cruel luck I’ve missed the last two Auckland shows, however with Mz Solida back from Red Bull Academising in Barcelona this one’s sure to go off like a particularly ripe Stilton…with wheels.
There’s an exceptionally limited and eminently desirable Coco Solid 12″ which may still be available aqui

(BUY) you know it makes sense.
(Offishall Website)

Their clips are quite the choicest.


And foinally because we’re nice like that here’s a couple of bonuses from MHK and me, SJ, below, plus the full running order. In fact if you’re sharp you can still register for a couple of free tickets AND free beers, at the Tiger Translate site, that aint going to last, or you can win em on 95bFM if your blagger swagger is a little diminished.


Way too many words already so briefly Maiden Hong Kong has selected Romain Bno’s ‘Dont Unless’ edit from the Edits Du Golem series as one she’ll be playing. This whole EP’s off the bleeding kajizzle and quite tricky to trackdown now, what is it with the French and edits?? This lot say they still have it, (BUY)



I’m plumping for this brilliant mix of 24 year old Brit, VV Brown, getting a defiantly unclassifiable Andrew Weatherall remix. I actually bought this for the dub, little did I know the vocal is well tight in a kinda loose ‘Monster Mash’ way. When I ran this cut out at DJ Baku it was like I’d given everyone in the room a tenner, dancefloor ram!



It goes a little something like this….


Maiden Hong Kong: 8:00 – 10:00PM
Nick D: 10:00 – 11:45PM
ONRA (DJ Set): 11:45 – 12:45AM
Cian: 1:00 – 4:00

Stinky Jim: 9:00 – 10:00PM
The Naked & Famous (live): 10:00 – 11:00PM
Stinky Jim: 11:00 – 11:45PM
Coco Solid DJ: 11:45 – 12:00AM
Coco Solid: 12:00 – 12:45AM
Coco Solid DJ: 12:45 – 1:00AM
ONRA (live): 1:00 – 2:00AM
Nick D: 2:00 – 4:00AM

Next, after this tsunami of bloggeration, we will have the new SJD video for ‘No Telling Where’ up here in the next 24/48 hours….wooopee.

Digging My Own Ditch

Very soon we’ll have this mess of words, sounds and pics linked up to the Round Trip Mars site, there’s more developments (from the delightful house of Cherry Sprinkles) going on around there before the year is out. No doubt I’ll be shouting from the rooftops about that (and the last dance of the spacebots) when appropriate.
One thing I can’t get in trouble with ‘the man’ for, is posting tunes on my own label, and I’m hoping to be flinging up many more little exclusive drops and slices from the RTM fantastranauts in the near future.


Fer starters, here’s an unreleased, StinkIncsclusive gem of a remix from the mysterious and marvelous Phelps & Munro, whose wondrous ‘Slowpoke’ album is pictured above. Originally this was for a planned sneaky 7″ with ‘P’n’M’n’G’n’R’ (also know as ‘Live At The KA’) and a ballistic rework of Spazmobile, what with one thing and another, that hasn’t surfaced… yet. Dare I say that 2009 could be the year when we finally get to see another Phelps & Munro album or project?? OK, I did just say it, so there, no dare. Who knows with ‘Chinese Democracy’ yawning its way to the flop of the charts perhaps it’s a pertinent time to drop the legally indefensible ‘P’n’M’n’G’n’R’, we’ll see.
I know that there’s possibly no other record I’m queried more about from los punters, than the mythical next P&M, and everytime I’m I asked I have to confess that I share the feverish (and prolonged) anticipation.
Someday, someway this will come out, preferably on 7″ (if I have anything to do with it), and it will sound like a herd of bufallo galloping across the digital prairie. In the meantime enjoy this slightly crippled 192 mbps mp3 version.



This crisp biscuit was especially written to be pressed up in JA. When Nick D hit me up about his upcoming trip to the land of wood and water, for his ‘Making Tracks’ series on C4 (not findable on youtube yet), a cunning plan was formed. He could film 7″s being pressed up, something that may not even be possible in a few years, and we’d slap this, as yet unwritten, Unitone tune alongside Jefferson Belt’s nova-vintage ‘Green Termite’, for the 45 he’d go through the process with. Nick would use a few for his show, and bring us back enough to sell and promo, a simple plan. It didn’t quite work out like that. ‘Up To Eleven’ was impolitely truncated 30 seconds from its conclusion, and ‘Green Termite’ was given a somewhat crude cut. Fortunately, or not, Nick handed them out to a bunch of Kingstonites, most of whom probably hadn’t seen a turntable in 30 years, though he did pass one on to the ever delightful Derrick Harriot (who I have an interview with somewhere, probably on cassette or floppy disc). I do wonder what he would have made of it, he’s an open minded, legend on the quiet and STILL has his record shop!
Hanyways long story short, we swapped ‘Green Termite’ out for the sublime charms of ‘Gold Dust’ and Vinyl Factory in Australia did a primo job of the pressing up the 200 copies, most of the remainder of which are off to the UK, with a few left for mail order from RTM. I’m hoping to be coaxing something special for a post from Mr Belt in the nearest of futures.
Unitone HiFi on myandispace
It would be awfully decent if you decided to purchase said 45 perhaps from here


My own trumpet is now thusly parped…