Stinky Grooves 12.04.11 & more from the QV CV


Smiley Culture Tribute – YT & Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Drink N Merry – Assassin (Boardhouse)
Give It To Me Proper – Tifa (DJ Frass)
Bam Bam The Sequel Riddim – (Clifford Ray Music)
Cyaan Stop Yuh – Mr Lexx (Clifford Ray Music)
Black & Proud – Mr Vegas (Clifford Ray Music)
Yea Yea – Gyptian (Clifford Ray Music)
Bam Bam The Sequel Riddim – CR Crew (Clifford Ray Music)
Sweet Home – Willi Williams (Dug Out)
Melody Maker – Keith Hudson (Summit)
The Tribulation With Dubulation – Earl Sixteen (Dread At The Controls)
Why Did You Leave Lover – Barbara Jones (GG’s)
Pretty Looks Isn’t All – The Heptones (Studio One)
A House Is Not A Home – Soul Vendors (Studio One)
Del Puente A La Alameda (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) – Lizandro Meza (soundcloud)
津波神風ーTsunami Kamikaze – Dolomites (soundcloud)
Clandestino (The Peronists Hippie Bass Rmx) – Mano Negra
Di Que No (den5hion Rmx) – Pedro Infame (soundcloud)
Los Poderes (Atrolpolis Rmx) – Rita Indiana (Sony)
Ani Riddim ft Mumdance – Toy Selectah (Mad Decent)
The Goddess (Quiet Village Rmx) – Bubble Club (International Feel)
Cold Hands – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Medicine Man Revisited – Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
In The Sun (Purling Hiss Remix) – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Fredag – Dungen (Subliminal Sounds)
Falkenberg (Pilooski Edit) – Discodeine (Dirty)
Graffiti Girls – Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation)
Magnetic Devil ft Afrika Bambaata – Black Devil Disco Club (Lo)
Distrust ft Faris Badwan – Black Devil Disco Club (Lo)
The Biro Pen – Cornershop (Ample Play)
Lima Blues – Bronx River Parkway (Truth & Soul)
Nora Se Va – Bronx River Parkway (Truth & Soul)
Hung Up On My Baby – El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)
Cocktel Margarita – Los Pancho 5 Hippie
El Alegron – Rosendo Martinez y Su Orquesta (Soundway)
Orchestra Of Spheres (Caribou Edit) – Orchestra Of Spheres (Sound Explorers)
Closer (Pictureplane’s No Body Rmx) – Becoming Real (Cold World Industries)
Ribble To Amazon – Julio Bashmore (3024)
Surfer’s Hymn (Actress Rmx) – Panda Bear (Paw Tracks)
Casual Diamond (Lauel Halo Rmx) – Sleep ∞ Over (Hippos In Tanks)
Does Frankie Ever Call My Name – Tyrone Ashley’s Funky Music Machine (Truth & Soul)

There was a time, just a few years ago when a Stinky Grooves show could barely be considered complete without at least one ludicrously elongated and highly percussive Quiet Village mix of something or other. Then that activity slowed down as they headed towards their Silent Movie album, which seemed like the utter business when it came out, but somehow hasn’t proven itself so well in the long run. Still good and all, captures a moment, but not a shade on their distinctive and downright deadly remix style.
So this little gem on Uruguay’s invariably on point Interational Feel is welcome relief. It’s QV back at their luxurious best, soaking in an extended hot bath of bubbling effects, sub aqua rhythms and a natural ring of subtle sonic dirt. You know the M.O., up for a week lo-fi but you’ be doing us all a favour if you just visited Juno and sprung for a copy, like I did, by following this link….



London Hauling


It felt like a somewhat restrained bout of record purchasing in the UK this time, for a few reasons. Primarily with having Traktor and digital DJing as a decent option there is now the opportunity for some kind of perspective, something that has only been witnessed out of necessity (either fiscal or practical), in the past. Of course that situation has only come about due to the impossibility of finding so much gear on wax (and securing it from limited runs), and the need to have some decent way to play dibbi-dibbi-digital gear. So the record purchases become the utterly essential/will want to play for years variety, and/or things that can’t be sourced any other way. Thus far it’s a fine state of affairs that has allowed me to spend more at a variety of legal DL vendors (though dancehall is still poorly served when it comes to decent quality files) while scooping up essential wax of suitably long term resounding resonance.
Here’s a couple from Poland St/Berwick Street and surrounds, the best record buying experience was down in Camberwell but that’s a post in itself and I’m still not sure if I want to fully expose that early morning quality haul before I chop and recycle.
Kicking off, is the latest from the Antwerp alchemists Ronny & Renzo getting their parts in a twist courtesy of Joel Martin and Matt ‘Radioslave’ Edwards, better known as Quiet Village. Like their remix of R&R’s ‘Uniqorns’ from a couple of years ago, this is a proper marvelously monged out, head trip . Much as I dug Quiet Village’s ‘Silent Movie’ album from last year, it’s always been their remixes that have really sent me, and this is no exception. Typically elongated, percussive, dubbed out and full of nature foley this is a worthy addition to their crucial remix canon and the original from their Belgian beat buddies is no slouch either (all of the material on King Kung Foo comes with my hearty recommendation). ‘Me, Myself, Good’ is inspired by, and dedicated to Michael the Silverback Gorilla who communicated by sign language and painted (his work adorns the cover) before passing away in 2000. Only 1000 copies, no repress and a chunk of change from each goes to the Gorilla Foundation…. How could you refuse? peruse…. and then use the stinking and linking.
Buy the 12″ from Juno or Phonica (which is where this originated) no DL I can find
Good R&R interview and mystery mix at Cosmic Disco



Some things you just know have to be owned on vinyl before they’ve even been heard (like Quiet Village remixes, because I have them sad), others just make too strong a case to possibly deny. I had listened to the Moderat remixes from their genius self titled album on mp3 and they didn’t really move me, however putting the needle on the wax in Phonica I was completely sold within a fairly modest amount of Shackleton’s typically lengthy and doomy rerub. All three tracks are excellent and head off far away from the unique atmospheres that Modeselektor and Apparat have combined to form on the original BPitch Control release, that may have thrown me on an initial listen. However I wouldn’t bother putting Shackleton or T++’s mixes down as 192 mp3’s, the kind of bass they possess simply won’t come across. While it’s none too anorexic in the subs department I reckon this lick on the album standout ‘A New Error’ from Bristolian stepper should do the trick just admirably. You know the scenario show the love with your shekels.
Buy from Phonica



more soon……. and the post title is somewhat appropriate after the shuffling of hefty vinyl into hand luggage and the like at Heathrow when we fell in 1kg under the total combined weight of hand and checked baggage. Props going out to the better half for trans hemispherical haulage, and perhaps I need to adjust my idea of restrained a little bit.

At frikking last – the toppa top 10 of 2008… the odyssey ends…..


Well this has certainly been a lesson in biting off more than you can chew for the novice blogger, originally I intended to have this list over by the end of January. It’s March. Next time something more manageable, or a lot more preparation. This albatrossesque list has kept me from doing a lot of other stuff on the blog (like whopping up some more posts with Jason’s JA pics, getting round to half the things I’ve promised etc etc) especially because these posts have taken a fair bit of getting together, and my apologies for that. Honwards and cupwards from here on in.
divSHARE was playing up when I was finishing off this lengthy post, so there’s also a link to the files on Mediafire on the titles of all the posted tracks. Let’s get this done.

10. On The Rock – Mavado (Baby G)

Yet another that technically may have been an ’07 release but really came through strongest in ’08, especially helped by its Barrack Obama version for Green Lantern. Mr Brooks may have flopped out in his (somewhat ludicrous and not that entertaining) clash with Vybz Kartel at Sting, but on the right tune (and in the right key) he can be unstoppable. Written about the police bust of his birthday party this is a modern dancehall classic that I was compelled to play loudly and frequently for quite some time, much to the chagrin of my better half who is not such a big Mavado fan. Points and prizes to Jammy’s and sons (Baby G in this case) for the mightyness of the Mission rhythm too, even if it is only a sliver away from the also excellent Shootout. Strangely I can’t find the 7″ available from any of my regular lurking spots but it’s on a number of comps, so get yer google on.


Mavado sneakers, like you do.

09. Honey (Moody Boyz Remix) – Erykah Badu (White)

For one reason and another I feel a special attachment to this one and personally I rate it up there with the very best from Mr Tony of Thorpe. Curiously enough the original is one of my least favoured tracks on the excellent album it’s taken from, though the video really made the song. I would chuck it up (ooh err) but you’re not allowed to embed it, because you know promoting the music and stuff is a bad idea according to someone or other. The saucy, sold out white label 12″s were limited to a 300 run  however eagle eyed spotters can still find the 7″, which has a very usable edit, though sadly no dub.
You get some interesting results when searching for moody boys. Here’s the Tibetan moodmesiters.
The 12″
The 7″

08. A Trader Of Furs Living In Exile (Quiet Village Rmx) – Luger E-Go (Crue-L)

This could almost as easily have been the original A side version by Kenji Takumi, a subdued housing rumble with cat cries and depth…..deep, deep.. unfathomable depth. However there would be something severely amiss if there wasn’t a Quiet Village remix on the top shelf of this seemingly endless listeration. I really like the way Quiet Village have followed two distinctive paths for remixes and their ‘original’ tracks.  It’s their more modernist and relentlessly spaced out remixes that mow my musical lawn (not to denigrate the excellent ‘Silent Movie’ in the slightest). Speaking to Matt Edwards around the time of their album release he said that the latest material they were working on was more in the vein of their remixes, which will definitely keep my #1 fanboy enthusiasm flowing. Unfortunately this fortified fifth of an hour seems exceptionally hard to find now though Matt did mention the possibility of a QV remix album (well actually I hassled him about it, especially as I have already done my own double disc version in the Stinkmix series), in the meantime have a taste below.
07. Gullybrook Lane – Joker (Terrorhythm)
What to say about this HUGE tune? Joker simply makes tracks that sound like no-one elses, refuse to sit neatly in anyone’s genre trap and appear to be flown in from some part of the future no-one else is imagining. I dont think I’ve heard a track by this geezer that hasn’t blown me away yet, nuff said.


06. More Hardcore – Lenky Don (Starlight)

This was a big tune for me, and I’m still not quite sure how an American based artist (of T’n’T origins) managed to buck up on such a grimey rhythm before furnishing it with a phenomenal flow. I was so taken with it, I ended up hailing Lenky through the potty portal that is MySpace and interviewing him for Real Groove alongside the similarly forward 77Klash. Based on this track alone (and there’s an as yet unfinished, autotune one-drop version that aint half bad too, and got folks asking when I ran it on Stinky Grooves) we ended up getting Lenky to do a vocal on a forthcoming Unitone HiFi tune, which is a potential right scorcher that was put down on a very, very hazy October morning in East Brooklyn. You’ll be hearing it here first but in the meantime check this gem from a lovely geezer who is well worth keeping a proverbial eye on.



05. The Anthem – Onra (Favourite)
A monstrous slip of a tune from the French beat-homme with the Vietnamese heritage. We had a good old rah bout Onra here. Brilliant to see this has been issued on 45 especially as I think the vinyl album pressing is sold out and done. Don’t want to make this the sycophantic section of the list but Onra is yet another luvverly feller.
(buy 7″)
(buy album)
Onra and the Coke debacle with this song. From the excellent Pinglewood.
This is the new Onra album, is good.

04. Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Fuck Buttons (ATP Records)

Just listen as the Bristolian duo get their already monstrous tune gently doofed by the Son of Slough. Took me a while to track this down but apparently the linked spot below has it. Best of everything in one mix, genius stuff.
There could have been a whole heap more Busy throughout this list, as Joker is to dudestep, Signor Signal is to dancehall…. basically totally on another level. This tune astounded me…no drums, like none. And are they missed? Are they necessary? Not in the slightest. Apparently he wrote the basis of this rhythm (and there isn’t much more to it than the basic basis) himself, even though it’s credited to Shawn Scott and the mighty SSMG label. If that’s the case (and I have no reason to doubt it) then I want to hear more from this prodigiously talented geez so long as it doesn’t preclude him from cutting sides with his manager Shane ‘Jukeboxx’ Brown, Daseca or any of the little Jammy’s. I have woffled on about the greatness of Busy here previously (about every 3d post) and no doubt will be doing again so let’s leave it at that. Due to hassles has with takedown notices on gear that appeared on his VP album (you find it, I aint promoting it for them peoples anymore!) I’ve only posted ‘Caan Beat We’ which is his 2nd cut on the rhythm, and though it didnt cause quite the same splash it’s no less of a farkin ripper.
(buy) ‘Caan Beat We’ from here ‘Cool Baby’/’Kool It Baby’ is no longer easily about.


02. The Crash Theme – Bot’ox (DC Recordings)

At the time when I was also foolishly proposing to do a top 30 albums of ’07 ‘Death Before Disptemper 2 – Revenge Of The Iron Ferret’ the DC Recordings comp was duking it out for the top spot. It’s definitely one of my most played and loved albums for the year, especially as it stretched the definitions of the the DC organisation even further with impeccably picked-out and surprising tracks from non-label artists. ‘Heal Us’ from 69 Crayons was a proper little (actually quite big) hit on the 95bFM playlist and didnt make it in this list through nothing but my own stoopidity and trying to juggle priorities, but this atmosphere drenched masterpiece is truly the pick of the bunch without a shadow of doubt for me. Cosmo Vitelli and Julian Briffaz are Bot’Ox and there is an album on the way, how incredibly exciting that is. There’s a real theme (beyond the automotive) and feel to their gear, and it’s little surprise that DFA picked up their excellent Babylon By Car/Tragedy Symphony 12″ for release, don’t sleep on their ‘Crashed Cadillac’ track either (there are vinyl and mp3 links to buy at the Bot’Ox MoiSpace page below) there’s absolutely no toxicity here. If you haven’t heard this track, I urge and implore you to check the mp3, and then point your monetary device towards the nearest vendor of this compilation, which is more mint than an explosion at the Colgate factory.

Here’s some blurbulation I wrote about this splendid record for the Listener.

01. The Healer – Erykah Badu (Motown)

Another tune that I got well obsessed with for a longggg period of time. In all honesty I’ve never been a big Erykah Badu fan, there’s been tunes here and there over the years, this is some other business. From what I’ve heard Badu should also be getting credit on the instrumental alongside Madlib, but why quibble when the result is so unique and magnificent. Unfortunately I can’t post the track or embed the vid, it shouldn’t be hard to find out there if you somehow haven’t already acquainted yourself with it. Fucking brilliant record!!
Even better (buy) this 12″ and you have the instrumental….. what an instrumental!!
Me blahing on about Badu for the Listener
Living With Baduizm… seriously check this bit of Nah Right vintage pisstakery.
No mas!

19-11 the countdown heats up

19. Good Times (Quiet Village Rmx) – Mark-E & Dragon (Internasjonal)

Deservedly up amongst the tall timber in the top 20, this 12″ on Prins Thomas’s somewhat hit & miss label, is a deep discoid depth charge, superbly turned by Joel Martin and Matt Edwards. Surprisingly none of Quiet Village’s own tracks from their brilliant ‘Silent Movie’ album made it in the list, mainly because several were favourites of previous years, and it’s such a complete album experience in itself it doesn’t bear too much splittage . This mix is a super sludgy exercise in gentle doofery that begs, nay demands, repetitious listening.

(Mark Espace)
(Quiet Villagespace)


18. God Smiled (Moody Boys Remix) – Lee Perry (On-U Sound)

Being fortunate enough to have been slipped a copy of this very early in the piece, many months before release, this was a tune that that burnt a hole in my metaphorical pocket. Curiously enough, the original version of this was pretty much my least favourite track on the Sherwood and Perry re-union album, but Mr Thorpe’s remix may also have spoilt my enjoyment of the source as it rapidly became THE version for me. It’s been a real treat being able to play new Moody Boys material, and just like back in the day it’s become a secret weapon of dancefloor dandemite for a stenchworthy selector. Seeing Sherwood back on form, and doing the right kind of work to befit his talents is also extra welcome, and a little bird (or rather a large insect) recently tipped me to the fact that there may be some more worthwhile emanantions from On-U Sound towers in the near future. ‘The Mighty Upsetter’ album didn’t drop with the impact it should have, maybe because the excruciating record with Andrew WK got more hype. That’s nigh on criminal, and if you haven’t already, I suggest you track down a copy forthwith.
(buy) the album, 12″ is gone.
(buy) from Japan with extra toon ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Pum Pum’
(buy) the dub version, haven’t had a chance to get my hands on this yet.
If you’re not familiar with the Moody activities of Mr Thorpe check the history
Tony ‘Moody Boyz’ Thorpe
you know who this is, right?!


17. Grounds For Divorce – Elbow (Geffen)
For many years I have had the greatest difficulty in describing the music of SJD or finding artists that you can say ‘it’s a bit like’, with ‘Seldom Seen Kid’ Elbow put themeselves (at least partially) in that frame.  They’ve always made a pleasing racket and Guy Garvey’s vocals and lyric writing are exemplary but they’ve never put together an album that convinced me like this one. As good as that Mercury Award winning album is (and it is), this track is by far the standout, and justifiably so. If you scoot around the internets there’s a suitably epic version of this with a full orchestra that’s also pretty tasty… but I’m trying to avoid takedown notices (tres dull). So here’s a live version from Jonathan Woss’s show, as they don’t even let you embed the official video (way to go Geffen! thats how you get people excited about music). This album was given a piss poor job in this country which ultimately means its unlikely we’ll see the band here in the near future, that simultaneously sucks and blows.
(buy) NZ
The right hon. Graham Reid put it nicely here.

16. Calm Down – Doctor (GPP)

Having instituted a Vocoder ban from day one at Round Trip Mars (though SJD naturally circumnavigated that, by doing the brilliantly voice-boxed ‘Unshine’ for ‘Sideways Too’) I was never too keen on the itch that turned into a massive weeping wound, that is Autotune.  When Dave Kelly brilliantly used the effect on Beenie Man & Ms Things  ‘Dude’ over five years ago (!!) it was inspired, this past year or two it has mostly been insipid. Just about the most interesting and adventurous use I’ve heard since, was when I was obliged to acquaint myself with Ween in preparation for a Listener interview, and I was reduced to genuine, old fashioned and un-acronymed laughing out loud type behaviour by their track ‘Spiritwalker’.  Sometimes, not nearly often enough, it’s just the ticket, and this unmitigated burner from Doctor is ample proof of that. It helps that the rhythm from Cotti is a Mariana Trench deep lick of what most people will recognise as Dawn Penn’s ‘No No No/You Don’t Love Me’ that truly makes a soundsystem come alive, and start talking with its fists (dropping it at the Turnarounds 5th Birthday was a woofer-worrying highlight for me). Doctor has got his singjay style on lock, and if there was any doubt about its original potency and lyrical might, then you only need to look at the remix, which read great on paper but failed to ignite. I have a feeling this is a record that will be hard to keep out of my box, for some time to come.

15. Cool Out/One Ting (Dabrye Rmx) – King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
While I have to confess that the first King Midas Sound stuff I heard, on one of the spray of compilations Soul Jazz endlessly emit, didn’t really get me going – this 12″ fried my circuits. Like most, I was initially drawn to Ghostly International’s sporadically brilliant  D’abrye, and his mix, which  by all accounts has plundered a huge chunk of a venerable Detroit record in its making (the details are out there but.. who cares?!) It’s a right slinky tune for sure, but the unassuming, almost overlooked, A-side, ‘Cool Out’  is the one that has lodged in my cranium with longetivity. The special project of Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin and Roger Robinson, King Midas Sound is no less potent, but at the other end of the aggresso spectrum to most of the Bug gear. Kevin was saying while he was over here that he’s had resistance towards his mellower gear in the UK , that’s categorically ludicrous given the strength of this slow-burner and ‘Flying’ (b-side of the ‘Ganja’ single on Ninja Tune). Not all tunes have to explode, to show their firepower.


14. Tic Toc – Busy Signal (SSMG)
As commercial as a $100 note, this sino-electro-bashment boomtune, should have elevated Busy to a level more befitting his astronomical talents. The 27 year old producer  Shawn Scott of SSMG just seems to have some real chemistry with Snr Signal, and we aint done with that pairing in this countdown of cruciality yet!  Their combination on this is something special, like paw paw juice and Grey Goose and it will forever remind me of Rarotonga, The Beyond The Reef radio show and the Cook Island’s own DJ Tic Toc…yes indeed.


13. Converted – Cosmo Vitelli (I’m A Cliche)

With a long (and strong) career that I first became aware of with the jazzoid tickler  ‘We Dont Need No Smurf Here’ over a decade ago, Cosmo Vitelli is one of those guys who just pops up in the right place. Last year was a bumper for his superbly named  I’m A Cliche records and this track was the pinnacle, straddling styles and letting off just the right amount of gentle doof and sly skank.  I know there’s a Bot’Ox album just around the corner, but I hope Mnsr Vitelli doesn’t neglect his own releases, I could live with a lot more gear like this …. and the A side is none too shabby either.
(I’m A Clichespace)


12. Birds Of Prey – Architeq (Tirk)
An awful lot of wonky hoo-ha passed under the bridge in ’08 and while the Flying Lotuses and Hudson Mohawks of the world copped all the attention, Sam Annand from East Fife (north of the border) probably provided my most enjoyed and played, distressed hiphopular excursion. Big points go for utilising different sounds and not following the herd, and there’s a healthy vein of dubwise doodackery running through Architeq’s material that demands expansion. All of the 4 tracks on this EP rep themselves exceptionally well, and had this been on a trendier label I’m pretty convinced it would have made a much big splash. Whatever.. it’s a fine addition to the Tirk family, and will soon be joined by a remix EP that looks pretty compelling too. Architeq is definitely a name to keep an eye on in ’09, and Tirk have a new compilation  and  other stuff on the horizon that all looks well enticing. Keep it ornithological…..

Architeq at one with his machines.


11. Truckers Delight – Flairs (RoXour)
The other side of this 12″, ‘Better Than Prince’ is far better known (and even copped very late vid play on C4), but it doesn’t do a thing for me. Through my cynicalovision it’s just more late 00’s irony wrapped up in a greasy skin of overused 80’s references, whereas this track has got something all of its own going on. First up there’s the brilliant bassline, the sort of audio anaconda that demands the whole song be written around its peaks and troughs. Everything else fits in untypically and excellently, finding room for a couple of diversions before it builds to a climax that leaves you wanting just a bit more, and if you’re anything like me slipping the needle back on for a repeat dose. There is something (fiscally foolish?!) special and downright satisfying about buying a 12″ for just one track, and really not giving a toss about whatever else is on there. At the very least it’s a confirmation that maturity, a mortgage and good sense arent getting in the way of the primal pursuit of exceptional vinyl, above all else. Lionel Flairs has ‘sweaty armpits, muddy trench geezer’ as his myspace motto and the pictures to prove it,  if he was using that perpiratory pressure for more instrumental incandescence he’d be getting my vote every time, but I suspect this may be a glorious one off.

There will be no Stinky Grooves playlist up tonight as there will be no Stinky Grooves (record company hat on tonight). Instead we’ll get a little post up about this weekend’s Cuba Street Carnival in the next  day or two, because I’m unashamedly excited about riding them scoop bins with the Mighty Asterix…ooh wee!