Stinky Grooves 13.014.09 and a Pilooski/Nora Dean re-edit rub-up of epic proportions

Lost/Early Mob/Your Coat – LV & Josh Idehen (Keysound)
Maybes (James Blake Rmx) – Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
The Only Way Up (Ikonika Rmx) – Egyptrixx (Night Slugs)
Seas Of Disease (LV Remix) – El Rakkas (Lo Dubs)
Come With Me (Sabbo Rmx) – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Dutty Artz)
Life – Gappy Ranks & Million Styles (Macro Beats)
Clarks – Vybz Kartel (Head Concussion)
Dem A Pree – Mr Lexx (Ward 21)
Me A Go Fi Mine – Agent Sasco (Ward 21)
Reject – Tifa (Ward 21)
Barbwire – Nora Dean (Trojan)
Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay) – Nora Dean (Treasure Isle)
AAA – Pilooski (Rvng Of The Nrds)
Antiguos Duen Os De Las Flechas – Doma Tornados (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Te Metiste con Migo Parajito (Pernett Rmx) – El Hacha (pernett soundcloud)
Blue Monday – Pernett (pernett soundcloud )
Soloina (Pasternak Rmx) – Lulacruza (Lulacruza bandcamp)
La Rata – Lido Pimienta (Lido Pimienta myspace)
Township Funk Cumbiero – Nice Noise/DJ Mujava
Anchor Records – Paul White (One Handed Music)
Start Something – Pursuit Grooves (Tectonic)

Me Gusto ft Chico Mann – Mexicans With Guns (Stones Throw)
Listen – Space Invadas (Invada)
Skies Over Cairo – Django Django (Django Django Bandcamp)
Solitude Is Bliss – Tame Impala (Modular)
God Save The Queen – 14Bis (Stones Throw)
Tema De Batman – Celio Balana (Stones Throw)
The Big Search -George Garanian with The Melodiya Jazz Ensemble (Stones Throw)
Walk It/Face Of God – LV & Josh Idehen (Keysound)
Fallen Hero (Mark E Dub) – Nu Frequency ft Ben Ono (Rebirth)
You – Gold Panda (Notown)
The Lonely Moan – Besnard Lakes (Jagjaguwar),

New Chugga Freestyle Instrumental – Chanes (Chanes bandcamp)
The Bright Future – Paul White (One Handed Music)
Doble Troble (Chico Mann Rmx) – Copia Doble System (Urban World)
10000 CCs – Don Froth (Phonica)
Me Gusto (Ghosts On Tape Rmx) – Mexicans With Guns (Stones Throw)

Up for your perusal and adoption this week is a pearler that I’ve been itching to get my hands on for a Sandringham minute (well if New York can have a minute, why can’t we?). It’s that man Pilooski, the French, in fact let’s broaden that and say European… Rey de Edits. This time around he’s taking his trusty stereophonic scalpel to a personal favourite of mine, ‘Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay)’ by Nora Dean. Originally issued on Treasure Isle in 1969 as the b-side to U Roy’s staggering ‘Tom Drunk’, you simply have to wonder what Nora (and everyone else) was on that day. Actually talking of Treasure Isle I had a well interesting chat and interview with Duke Reid’s nephew, Errol Brown last week. You might expect a bit of attitude from a feller who has engineered and mixed stuff like Treasure Isle In Dub and albums from Culture, Prince Fari etc etc and some bloke called Bob Marley and progeny, but he was ultra delightful and had a few good yarns to spin. He was over here producing House Of Shem’s album, and that was the connection for the interview so it will be appearing in print later this year, after that we’ll have some directors cut, unexpurgated business up here. Naturally I plugged him on the activities of his son Shane who runs the excellent Jukeboxx label and manages Busy Signal, amongst others.
But I digress. Pilooski has dealt to ‘Angie La La’ proper, spinning it out into a right old odyssey and since this is from a sold out vinyl pressing (with no legit downloads I’ve been able to find) and the last record in the ‘Rvng Of The Nrds’ series, I’ve wanged up the 320. For good measure there’s also Norma’s tripped out Treasure Isle original below but thats a middling manky 192kbps artefact because you can and should buy it on the ‘Queens Of Jamaica – The Ladies Who Made Reggae’ album on Jah Slams which is easily the match of many more celebrated comps on fancier labels. Seriously… search it out and you will not be disappointed.
7″ repress of Nora Dean original at Phonica
There’s a couple of copies at Conch but ‘Rvng Of The Nrds Vol 10’ is pretty much sold out most places, so snooze and lose!
Below- Pilooski looks like a man who can’t wait for Movember, how French. Look out for his Discodiene album which is imminent and includes Jarvis Cocker on the guest list.






69-60 of ’08

Has been busy, and this post is well overdue, but I think this week could be even worse. Flying Lotus was ridiculous last week, I can’t remember the last time a DJ turned my ears out like that….Hanyways on we go..

69. Last Days Of Magic – The Kills (Domino)

Rawking gear probably doesn’t get as much shine as it should on this list with the year’s radio  playlists dominating the saucy source-ology. However this a track that simply couldn’t be denied…monstrous!
(buy) 7″ from Domino, and cheap as chups.
(KillsTV/bloggy type thing)

68. W.C.T.B.L. – Pilooski (Blue)

We have spoken about Pilooski before, please do refresh your memory tanks right ear. This Northern Souly stomper gets razored to buggery by the French fandangler, hurrah. 


67. Royal Flush – Big Boi, Andre 3000 & Raekwon (LaFace)

Away from all the heated discussions about trouser tightness and levels of the hipsterati hiphoperation, Big Boi reminded us what it’s all about dropping a depth charge of a single,  utilising the Isley Brothers ‘Voyage To Atlantis’ and his own considerable lyrical largesse. Admirable back-up from his copie and his right Raeyal Cheflyness but BB owns this one.

66. Router/You & I – Pangeaea (Hessle Audio)

Impossible to pick between sides, this 12″ is the full package. Thrashed to within an inch of its life on Stinky Grooves, and justifiably so..

65. People So Evil – Busy Signal (VP)

Nah, I’m not even going to link to the multiple Busy posts, consider Stink Inc a shrine to Mr  Gordon if you will.
busy loaded

64 Den Of Drumz – Badawi vs Kode 9 (ROIR)

I still reckon Kode 9 got a right raw deal, when the first Burial album overshadowed the superb Memories Of The Future. His instrumental remix of Badawi is a scorching standalone, that is downright scary on a big rig. 


63. Death Is Not Final/T++ Remix – Shackleton (Skull Disco)

Another impossible to separate doubled headed 12″ of magnificent doomlyness. The ‘Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals’ double-disc has both of these unfathomably deep tracks on it and the 12″ is still havailable, no excuses…………….
(Skull Disco web)


62 Day’n’Nite – Kid Cudi (10 Deep)
Links to the mixtape, and more on the Cleveland Kid and serial list offender, a few posts down. Couldn’t resist sticking New Jersey dubstepper Widdler’s take on it, he’s got a new 12″ on Thorpe’s Studio Rockers label which I’m currently a-waiting on.


61. CCTV – LV & Dandelion (Hyperdub)

This should be a statutory lesson for the BBQ dub crowd, carrying all the mellow vibes but real bite and purpose throughout. Proper oper stuff, and LV’s recent remix of Zomyby’s ‘The Lie’ and other bits and pieces rate him as a bit of a potential player for ’09. 

60 Calypso-On-Seng – Dubdub-On-Seng (Japonica)
see this post

the rest soon, but don’t hold your breath……

79-70 Countdown continues…

79. Das Feur (Pilooski Edit) – Holger Hiller (Dirty Edits Vol 2)
See this post.

78. Colder Than Cold – Kari Jess/Drums Of War – Flowsion (High Stakes)

For the full skinny on High Stakes check this post. Kari Jess simply kills this, what a shame then that he’s talking rubbish and doesn’t have the reportage skills of Flowsion who flexes necessary lyrics about the outrageous Maori ‘terrorist’ raids at the end of ’07. The damage that hip-hop (and relatives) has done to Jamaican lyricism is truly massive, and hopefully not irrevocable, respect to Flowsion from little old NZ for reminding of reggae’s value as a vital news medium for those who don’t get a voice elsewhere.
See this post for mas High Stakes.

77. Click My Finger – Erup (Truckback)
Erup truly planted his flag on the ‘Gearbox’ rhythm, and the dancehall scene in general, with his digital snapping ‘Click My Fingers’. His flow is blinding on this (and he hasn’t bettered it yet), while the rhythm is some crazy kind of bashment meets teddy boy tune up. The vid below is one of many featuring folks shaking a hip or two to the track, the sound is rubbish on this clip, but I rate it the mostest in every aspect, especially the location.

76. The Living Sea – Monkey (XL)
Until not so long ago I wouldn’t have given Damon Albarn a light, let alone the time of day. However from his Malian musings with Pablo’s bass player, to his Good, Bad & Queening with Simonon, Allen et al my respect, and enjoyment of his work, just grows. The Monkey Journey To The West soundtrack thingie is wicked but as Jamie Hewlett remarked when I interviewed him about the album (seemed like a most unaffected celebrity cartooner, and went well over time with a lot of good things to say) it’s not the kind of thing you want to play everyday. This track is. Albarn seemed a little bit titchy at my suggestion that this sounded like an Orientalised The Good, The Bad & The Queen song….but it does!

(Monkeyspace) song is on the player here

75. Bombon Asesino Version – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Bersa Discos)
There is so much potential in the nova-digital-cumbia gear and I’m praying that it doesn’t go the way of so many interesting tangents, and just become another dancefloor diversion for hipsterati mp3 djs. Lot of faith in this geezer and the Bersa Discos crew who just keep bringing new names through with every release. This version is from one of me Stinkmix CD’s (was all I had on hand, apologies) so has additional spoken verd piffle and sting-age on top, guess you’ll just have to pile on the files from Turntable Lab if you want it unobscured..
(buy) digi

74. Beautiful Gloom (Dennis Young Version) – Padded Cell (DC Recordings)
Could just as easily been the original from the pretty bloody marvelous ‘Night Must Fall’ album, but I’ve plumped for the version featured on ‘Death Before Distemper 2’. Dennis Young is originally from the legendary Liquid Liquid, is a percusso-power-puncher par excellence and has more collabos with DC Recordings artists on the way. Check his website (below) for detailia. The killer trumpet (and guitar) comes from Gerald Hammill, points and prizes!

73. 80’s – Joker (Kapsize)
Were I considering taking this list riddiculation even further (don’t worry I supsect I have already bitten off more than easily chewable) and going down the path of artist of the year and what have you, Joker would be right up there. More to come from him later listwardly, this is some frighteningly fierce future funk.
80’s – JOKER 

72. Pendulum – Sisters Of Transistors (This Is Music)
See this post
sot 298

71. Do Bodda Mi (In Digital) – Roots Manuva/Wrong Tom (Big Dada)
Wrong Tom, often found lurking around Hard-Fi remixes, did a stonking job of overhauling some of the highlights of Rodders latest epic in a dubwise slant on ‘Slime & Version’. This jaunty track was a highlight on both the original and the re-jig.


70. Zeitghost – The Time & Space Machine (5D)

Following on from the exceptional Beyond The Wizards Sleeve series of edits and enhancements to 60’s and 70’s hooha (made with the oft-surprising Erol Alkan), ex-Gridster and thoroughly nice bloke, Richard Norris, struck out on his own as The Time And Space Machine. This release is, if anything, even better. Pretty sure this is hard to track down now, look out for a quick (unpublished) interview with the musically very well travelled Norris, about the whole re-edit fandangle up here in the next month or two.
spanking you for your attention…..

Top 100(ish) Songs of ’08 ….100-91

And so it begins. As much time as I’ve spent going through playlists, reviews, piles of discs, crates and the rest, it’s a very unscientific process and the numbers or rankings are pretty meaningless in all honesty. I’ve already remembered some stuff I’ve overlooked, so there will inevtably  be omissions and what have you. Some 10’s will have more tracks to try, some less, avoiding anymore attention from the pullers down of posts is a must right now. I’ll be trying to fling the next 10 up within a day or two, and so on, till we get to the albums. Enjoy.

100.  What Im Gonna Do – Bugle (Daseca)
This boy can whine (and I’m not talking about dancing) on some tracks, but when he’s on…phew. There’s a lot of aaite but ultimately average sub hip-hop rhythms running around JA these days, Daseca ALWAYS shine.

99. Usain Bolt Nuh Linga – Elephant Man
The tribute track came almost as fast as Bolt’s record breaking Olympic fun run, and it’s unspeakably fine to see Jamaicans having something positive to cheer about. However by the end of the year its back to business as usual with Ice, the originator of the Gully Creepa dance favoured by Bolt after demolishing the opposition, shot and killed in Kingston. Of course that bit of news ends up in the national press. Plus ca change.
This is a good bit of written Bolt Olympic commentary from them that were there.

Usain Bolt Nuh Linga – Elepehant Man

Nuh Linga (Original) – Elephant Man
Gully Creepa – Elephant Man

98. Soft Cheese – Natural Yoghurt Band (Jazzman)
Soft but definitely not sloppy, this 45 (the b-side of the nae bad ‘Voodoo’) from Gerald Jazzman’s eponymous label is a scorcher. First introduced to me by that man Grant in New Plymouth ( I believe they call him The General or suchlike) on a scorching night, mid-WOMAD at some bar gig that turned out real nice with Cian also on the decks, and not a little bit of sessioneering amongst some hearty back-to-backery.

97. Gemini – Del Shannon (Dirty Edits)
Check this post

The late, great, oft slept on and somewhat troubled Del Shannon. There’s a lot more to this man than just ‘Runaway’!

96. Fuckaz – The Bug ft Spaceape (Ninja Tune)
Wrote a lot about the Bug for various mags and whatnot this year so I shall not ramble too much, but man it was good hearing this track blasting out on the bFM playlist (without a single complaint I believe) like a righteous burst of wake up-ness to all and sundry. In case you didnt know (NZ readers) the end of January is looking seismic, with The Bug and Warrior Queen visiting at the same time as Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman (if he’s still allowed to be called that), personally i cannot fucking wait!! The word on AK is at Bacco Room on 31st, I’ve been asked to play, not sure who else, should be a stonker but I cant find a flyer anywhere. Here’s the Welli haps (respect to Nice Up) …..

95. One Two Order – Tarrus Riley (VP/Deadly Dragon)
When he’s not submerged in Dean Frazer’s occupationally hazardous saccharinicity or veering too far down the mild side, Jimmy Riley’s son is right on the money. This little gem from the ‘Parables’ album was put out on 7″ by Deadly Dragon (check this post) and VP, so no audio!
(buy) the 7″ from Deadly Dragon
(buy) Parables

94. Last Saloon Swagger – Forsaken feat Joker and Ben Blackmore (Soul Motive)
A record that mentions swagger that isn’t lamo-ip-op boasting, and a dubstep concept 12″ to boot. There’s more Joker on the way down the list, but nothing quite like this Wild West themed business from Bristols out-westest one-off combo. The Soul Motive label has kicked off hard, and the cover, with a fair steed borrowed from the local constabulary, is a welcome change from the usual dryballs dubsteppery malarkey.


93. For Hoped – Black Devil Disco Club (Lo Recordings)
Yet more pulsing nonense from the BDDC, marvelous.


92. Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) –Le Sarge On Board (Rotters Golf Club)
Frustratingly the vinyl of this has yet to be unleashed on Weatherall’s Rotters Golf Club, and unable to hold out any longer I relented and bought the sappy mptrees from Bleep. This is from the ‘Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom’ release which is another indicator that the sly prince of Slough is on some of the best form he’s had for years. Keep an eye on the Olfactory One Hundred for more of his superlative ’08 mixes.

91. Tempered – Rustie (Kapsize)
Check this post, more Rustie to come….  as we proceed.
Mas countdowneration in the next day or so…..

Dirty Delights


Growing up in the ’70s, it was easy to be a little disenchanted by French music. All you really heard of it was Sacha Distel and other dinosaurs, and my prejudice was sealed when I did the traditional teen trip across the channel and tried to find a slab of local punk rock in various vendors du disque. The only option proffered was Telephone, a bunch of Rolling Stones wannabes, whose debut album I eventually bought and proceeded to be massively disappointed by, no matter how many times I spun it trying to find a reason for my wasted holidays Francs. I should have bought a flick knife, or some other illicit desirable to be smuggled home and shown off, like everyone else did.
Of course there was good gear out there and I was at the mercy of French shop assistants (who all seemed to want to dress like Telephone, who in turn wanted to dress like budget late-’70s Rolling Stones, so aesthetically it was clear there were already problems), my own schoolboy French and various other factors. It would be a good while before I would discover Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Claude Vannier et al, alongside other essential things I’d been missing and then the new school of supreme operators like Kid Loco, Air, iCube, Cassius, Le Funk Mob and others.
Proportionally I’d say that I buy more records by French artists than any other Europeans (outside of the UK, which is bleeding obvious) these days, and the classy way they approach the edits palaver shows why. Like the preponderance of unimaginative, but depressingly crowd pleasing blends that clutter the shelves these days, the whole re-edit gig is skating on very thin ice, at the best of times. However scene leaders, Paris’s Dirty Sound System (Guillaume Sorge and Clovis Goux) have got their game totally sussed, selecting the juiciest, under-appreciated morsels and unlikely contenders, and then getting the surgeonic, scalpelised skills of their mainman  mucker Pilooski to deliver the cut-up coup de grace.
(The Dirty Sound System)
The Frankie Valli ‘Beggin’ Edit that became monstrously successful, originated on one of their highly limited Dark & Lovely, Dirty Edits 12″s, and they have just rounded up a bunch of cuts from them for their second collection CD. It doesn’t quite have the fearsome impact of its predecessor, mainly because many of the tracks have already done the rounds on vinyl and are way more familiar (to these ears at least), but it’s a decidedly solid listen nonetheless. Both sides of the most recent (and still available at the moment) 12″ are on there, Hell Vice (Elvis Presley and Kitty White) is ‘Crawfish’ originally from 1958’s ‘King Creole’, which is one of my favourite Presley songs (of many) and not something I was sure I wanted to hear messed with. I shouldn’t have worried, it’s dealt to properly, and has been blogged extensively elsewhere. So instead lets chuck up the flip which is German electronic pioneer (Palais Schaumberg etc) and Mute Records guy, Holger Hiller’s ‘Das Feur’, which originally appeared on Cherry Red (and Ata Tak) in 1984. Hiller is a pioneer, who in all fairness probably never got the recognition he deserved for his ‘ahead of its time’ business back in the ’80s and ’90s. Like many of his innovative ilk the idea’s and invention often outweigh the enjoyment of tracks, left in the healing hands of Pilooski that is no issue. For good measure please do also check the extraordinary Del Shannon re-rub, ‘Gemini’ which I would have had on vinyl but for unfortunate and unpredictable hooha. The quivering strings, the bouncing bomb of a  beat, Del’s horrorscopic vocal….genius! I shall cease my Dirty ramblings right now, as anything I can say has already been said better on their neato designed, informative and excellent website check the link below bro. Also check their excellent blog alainfinkelkrautrock (link just to your right) which is a constant delight for new discoveries and unearthed treasures,  furthermore don’t be shy and  grab a copy of the disc (and/or vinyl) while you can, you can be sure they wont last!

(Dirtysite) refreshingly they have no truck with myface or spacebook
(Buy) 12″
(Buy) CD


(That man Pilooski, the Emperor of the Edit!)

Since it’s Monday morning, and I’ve had the kind of weekend where this just never quite got finished, here’s an odious extra from a couple of senseis of stereophonic spraypaint that I’ve been itching to get up here. Richard Sen is one half of DC Recording’s soundbombers Padded Cell, and also a bit of a UK graf legend who has done time for his art. He’s joined with fellow muraliser Cazbee, on his own label Mixed Blood Cuts label, to concoct ‘AM:FM’ a sweltering slice of pounding electro-funk for the deviant dancefloor that screams early ’80s in all the right ways, and inspired me to dig out the ‘Radio Clash’ 12″ last week. Padded Cell’s ‘Night Must Fall’ album was a favourite from this year, and is more than worthy of your perusal if this kind of thing floats your boat.



As you were….. and thanks to Guillaume for his permission and ting..