Stinky Grooves 24.03.09 Aagh Ess Dee & Onn Raaar

King Step (Unitone Hifi Dub) – Overproof Soundsystem
1000 Mile Dub – International Observer
Jah Jah Harmony – Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
Natty Congo Rides On – Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
Shock Shenactadys – Simplicity People ft Tommy McCook (BBE)
What Is Man – Delroy Wilson (BBE)
King (RSD Rmx) – UB40
Wadada (Tom Watson Rmx) – Prince Fari/Dub Syndicate
Herbman Hustling/Heavenless Rhythm  – RSD
Murderer (Remix) – Beenie Man & Barrington Levy

Ninja – Unknown
This Is Life (Rob Smith Rmx) – Dubblestandardt
It Was Written – Chasing Shadows
Love Love (L-Que & J Red Rmx) – O.G.
Grumble About It – Wrexile
Rocking Down The House – Stagger
Raining ?? – Landlord & Evergreen
Trample – RSD
Good Energy – RSD (Punch Drunk)
Late Night Blues – DJ G
Und – Peverleist
Fallen Angels – Visionary
Rise Up (Rob Smith Rmx) – Henry & Louis (2Kings)
? – RSD (R8)
? (RSD Rmx) – Pinch
? – Monkey
***** ROB SMITH ENDS *****
Cha Cha – Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics (Strut)
To All The Wizards On Lockdown – Richard Norris (Lo)
Dreams – Onra (Favourite)
Ordinary Life – Smashproof (Move The Crowd)
Call To Arms – Harmonic 313 (Warp)
Township Funk (Ikonika Rmx) – DJ Mujava (Warp)
Nice Green – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Dutty Artz)
King Step (Unitone HiFi Rmx) – Overproof Soundsystem (Elephant House)
Gold Dust – Earl Sixteen (Roots Garden)
Herb Dust – Nick Manasseh (Roots Garden)
Done Upon The Rhythm – Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
House Of Love – Beat Pharmacy (Wave Music)

Rob Smith…. phew! What a great set and lovely geezer, I’m raring for tomorrow night (except I won’t be able to ask him ‘what’s this one?’ virtually every track). I may well  have missed and mis-titled a few tunes during his sublime, best part of two hour, set. I do remember one of his Punch Drunk 12″‘s making an appearance, and I’m pretty sure there was another track from the Welsh wonder Monkey, I’ll be keeping a firm eye out for his gear in the future and several others from Robs futuristic rub-a-dub rhythm riot. Big thanks go out to Tom for making it happen and chaperoning Mr Smith.

Up this week is Onra’s drop dead gorgeous ‘Dreams’, a track that Rob was quite taken with incidentally. It’s from ‘1.0.8’ which is now available on vinyl (Boomkat had it as album of the week, nice) and though I’ve been fortunate enough to have been thrashing  it from when he was over in November, it’s a record that continues to grow on me. More Onra in this post and that one, non excuses monsieurs et madames buy buy buy .
(Onraspace) where you can buy ‘1.0.8’ digitally for a paltry €5…get to it!
(buy) the LP



At frikking last – the toppa top 10 of 2008… the odyssey ends…..


Well this has certainly been a lesson in biting off more than you can chew for the novice blogger, originally I intended to have this list over by the end of January. It’s March. Next time something more manageable, or a lot more preparation. This albatrossesque list has kept me from doing a lot of other stuff on the blog (like whopping up some more posts with Jason’s JA pics, getting round to half the things I’ve promised etc etc) especially because these posts have taken a fair bit of getting together, and my apologies for that. Honwards and cupwards from here on in.
divSHARE was playing up when I was finishing off this lengthy post, so there’s also a link to the files on Mediafire on the titles of all the posted tracks. Let’s get this done.

10. On The Rock – Mavado (Baby G)

Yet another that technically may have been an ’07 release but really came through strongest in ’08, especially helped by its Barrack Obama version for Green Lantern. Mr Brooks may have flopped out in his (somewhat ludicrous and not that entertaining) clash with Vybz Kartel at Sting, but on the right tune (and in the right key) he can be unstoppable. Written about the police bust of his birthday party this is a modern dancehall classic that I was compelled to play loudly and frequently for quite some time, much to the chagrin of my better half who is not such a big Mavado fan. Points and prizes to Jammy’s and sons (Baby G in this case) for the mightyness of the Mission rhythm too, even if it is only a sliver away from the also excellent Shootout. Strangely I can’t find the 7″ available from any of my regular lurking spots but it’s on a number of comps, so get yer google on.


Mavado sneakers, like you do.

09. Honey (Moody Boyz Remix) – Erykah Badu (White)

For one reason and another I feel a special attachment to this one and personally I rate it up there with the very best from Mr Tony of Thorpe. Curiously enough the original is one of my least favoured tracks on the excellent album it’s taken from, though the video really made the song. I would chuck it up (ooh err) but you’re not allowed to embed it, because you know promoting the music and stuff is a bad idea according to someone or other. The saucy, sold out white label 12″s were limited to a 300 run  however eagle eyed spotters can still find the 7″, which has a very usable edit, though sadly no dub.
You get some interesting results when searching for moody boys. Here’s the Tibetan moodmesiters.
The 12″
The 7″

08. A Trader Of Furs Living In Exile (Quiet Village Rmx) – Luger E-Go (Crue-L)

This could almost as easily have been the original A side version by Kenji Takumi, a subdued housing rumble with cat cries and depth…..deep, deep.. unfathomable depth. However there would be something severely amiss if there wasn’t a Quiet Village remix on the top shelf of this seemingly endless listeration. I really like the way Quiet Village have followed two distinctive paths for remixes and their ‘original’ tracks.  It’s their more modernist and relentlessly spaced out remixes that mow my musical lawn (not to denigrate the excellent ‘Silent Movie’ in the slightest). Speaking to Matt Edwards around the time of their album release he said that the latest material they were working on was more in the vein of their remixes, which will definitely keep my #1 fanboy enthusiasm flowing. Unfortunately this fortified fifth of an hour seems exceptionally hard to find now though Matt did mention the possibility of a QV remix album (well actually I hassled him about it, especially as I have already done my own double disc version in the Stinkmix series), in the meantime have a taste below.
07. Gullybrook Lane – Joker (Terrorhythm)
What to say about this HUGE tune? Joker simply makes tracks that sound like no-one elses, refuse to sit neatly in anyone’s genre trap and appear to be flown in from some part of the future no-one else is imagining. I dont think I’ve heard a track by this geezer that hasn’t blown me away yet, nuff said.


06. More Hardcore – Lenky Don (Starlight)

This was a big tune for me, and I’m still not quite sure how an American based artist (of T’n’T origins) managed to buck up on such a grimey rhythm before furnishing it with a phenomenal flow. I was so taken with it, I ended up hailing Lenky through the potty portal that is MySpace and interviewing him for Real Groove alongside the similarly forward 77Klash. Based on this track alone (and there’s an as yet unfinished, autotune one-drop version that aint half bad too, and got folks asking when I ran it on Stinky Grooves) we ended up getting Lenky to do a vocal on a forthcoming Unitone HiFi tune, which is a potential right scorcher that was put down on a very, very hazy October morning in East Brooklyn. You’ll be hearing it here first but in the meantime check this gem from a lovely geezer who is well worth keeping a proverbial eye on.



05. The Anthem – Onra (Favourite)
A monstrous slip of a tune from the French beat-homme with the Vietnamese heritage. We had a good old rah bout Onra here. Brilliant to see this has been issued on 45 especially as I think the vinyl album pressing is sold out and done. Don’t want to make this the sycophantic section of the list but Onra is yet another luvverly feller.
(buy 7″)
(buy album)
Onra and the Coke debacle with this song. From the excellent Pinglewood.
This is the new Onra album, is good.

04. Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Fuck Buttons (ATP Records)

Just listen as the Bristolian duo get their already monstrous tune gently doofed by the Son of Slough. Took me a while to track this down but apparently the linked spot below has it. Best of everything in one mix, genius stuff.
There could have been a whole heap more Busy throughout this list, as Joker is to dudestep, Signor Signal is to dancehall…. basically totally on another level. This tune astounded me…no drums, like none. And are they missed? Are they necessary? Not in the slightest. Apparently he wrote the basis of this rhythm (and there isn’t much more to it than the basic basis) himself, even though it’s credited to Shawn Scott and the mighty SSMG label. If that’s the case (and I have no reason to doubt it) then I want to hear more from this prodigiously talented geez so long as it doesn’t preclude him from cutting sides with his manager Shane ‘Jukeboxx’ Brown, Daseca or any of the little Jammy’s. I have woffled on about the greatness of Busy here previously (about every 3d post) and no doubt will be doing again so let’s leave it at that. Due to hassles has with takedown notices on gear that appeared on his VP album (you find it, I aint promoting it for them peoples anymore!) I’ve only posted ‘Caan Beat We’ which is his 2nd cut on the rhythm, and though it didnt cause quite the same splash it’s no less of a farkin ripper.
(buy) ‘Caan Beat We’ from here ‘Cool Baby’/’Kool It Baby’ is no longer easily about.


02. The Crash Theme – Bot’ox (DC Recordings)

At the time when I was also foolishly proposing to do a top 30 albums of ’07 ‘Death Before Disptemper 2 – Revenge Of The Iron Ferret’ the DC Recordings comp was duking it out for the top spot. It’s definitely one of my most played and loved albums for the year, especially as it stretched the definitions of the the DC organisation even further with impeccably picked-out and surprising tracks from non-label artists. ‘Heal Us’ from 69 Crayons was a proper little (actually quite big) hit on the 95bFM playlist and didnt make it in this list through nothing but my own stoopidity and trying to juggle priorities, but this atmosphere drenched masterpiece is truly the pick of the bunch without a shadow of doubt for me. Cosmo Vitelli and Julian Briffaz are Bot’Ox and there is an album on the way, how incredibly exciting that is. There’s a real theme (beyond the automotive) and feel to their gear, and it’s little surprise that DFA picked up their excellent Babylon By Car/Tragedy Symphony 12″ for release, don’t sleep on their ‘Crashed Cadillac’ track either (there are vinyl and mp3 links to buy at the Bot’Ox MoiSpace page below) there’s absolutely no toxicity here. If you haven’t heard this track, I urge and implore you to check the mp3, and then point your monetary device towards the nearest vendor of this compilation, which is more mint than an explosion at the Colgate factory.

Here’s some blurbulation I wrote about this splendid record for the Listener.

01. The Healer – Erykah Badu (Motown)

Another tune that I got well obsessed with for a longggg period of time. In all honesty I’ve never been a big Erykah Badu fan, there’s been tunes here and there over the years, this is some other business. From what I’ve heard Badu should also be getting credit on the instrumental alongside Madlib, but why quibble when the result is so unique and magnificent. Unfortunately I can’t post the track or embed the vid, it shouldn’t be hard to find out there if you somehow haven’t already acquainted yourself with it. Fucking brilliant record!!
Even better (buy) this 12″ and you have the instrumental….. what an instrumental!!
Me blahing on about Badu for the Listener
Living With Baduizm… seriously check this bit of Nah Right vintage pisstakery.
No mas!

Tigered In Translation

There’s nae point in rambling on about every gig that comes up, however the Tiger Translate party which is happening on Friday, 21st of Nov, taking over the Fu & Zen, is a right scorcher. The live line up includes Onra, summoned from his Parisian lair, as well as the (also well traveled) locals The Naked And Famous and Coco Solid. DJ action will be provided by the incomparably gorgeous Maiden Hong Kong and incomprably less-so yours truly, with Cian and Nick D bringing up the rear, ooh err. Peep on for details, tunes, set times and of course ting.



The Vietnamese-French producer and DJ caught my eye with his ‘Chinoiseries’ album, earlier this year. For starters it looked the part, and the briefest of spins on the decks confirmed it was something a little special. Comprised of 32 beat vignettes, most barely troubling the two minute mark, it’s a response to a visit back to the land of his grandparents where he picked up a bundle of comfortingly scratchy Vietnamese/Oriental vinyl. Ideal for short attention span listening, I got hooked on the whole double-vinyl deliciousness, raved about it in Real Groove and offered up the blinding standout ‘The Anthem’ to the 95bFM programming panel for consideration. It met with universal appreciation, playlist approval, and I believe may have wormed its way into more than a few listeners affections, its certainly got Troy good and proper. There’s a whole other fandangle with Coke and the Olympics to do with that song, which you can read about at the excellent Pinglewood blog.
So basically I’m as keen a pot of Dijon to check feller out, and he’s going to be doing separate live and dj sets, here’s a couple of cuts to get masticating on. Impossible to go past ‘The Anthem’, and ‘I Wanna Go Back’ would pass muster on the fact that it samples one of my favourite and frankly over-collected melodies ‘Love Is Blue’…. aaaah.





Having shown and proved (and improved) on their recent trip to NYC for CMJ, under the steely supervisory gaze of… err me, The Naked And Famous are robustly rockulating right now. This would be the place to put some informal or incriminating (not so much really) shots from the trip, if only I hadn’t given up on the camera at their first show. After five or six years away I felt like enough of a tourist in New York, and you can’t get near the stage at CMJ shows because the front 3 rows are rammed with bloggers and their telephotos anyway, it’s a plague. Instead let’s have the deadly videos for ‘Serenade’ and ‘Birds’ (clink of the glass to Special Problems) and what remains my favouritest song (probably, possibly, well for right now) from the ‘No Light’ EP ‘Bells’.




Coco Solid rule. That’s not an opinion, just fact. I wont wank on about the Coco greatness, Ive already done that with the new album here and 2007’s ‘Gentlemen Prefer Bombz’ in my Top 1o of tha year, here, both for The Listener. Due to synchronisational overcommitment and cruel luck I’ve missed the last two Auckland shows, however with Mz Solida back from Red Bull Academising in Barcelona this one’s sure to go off like a particularly ripe Stilton…with wheels.
There’s an exceptionally limited and eminently desirable Coco Solid 12″ which may still be available aqui

(BUY) you know it makes sense.
(Offishall Website)

Their clips are quite the choicest.


And foinally because we’re nice like that here’s a couple of bonuses from MHK and me, SJ, below, plus the full running order. In fact if you’re sharp you can still register for a couple of free tickets AND free beers, at the Tiger Translate site, that aint going to last, or you can win em on 95bFM if your blagger swagger is a little diminished.


Way too many words already so briefly Maiden Hong Kong has selected Romain Bno’s ‘Dont Unless’ edit from the Edits Du Golem series as one she’ll be playing. This whole EP’s off the bleeding kajizzle and quite tricky to trackdown now, what is it with the French and edits?? This lot say they still have it, (BUY)



I’m plumping for this brilliant mix of 24 year old Brit, VV Brown, getting a defiantly unclassifiable Andrew Weatherall remix. I actually bought this for the dub, little did I know the vocal is well tight in a kinda loose ‘Monster Mash’ way. When I ran this cut out at DJ Baku it was like I’d given everyone in the room a tenner, dancefloor ram!



It goes a little something like this….


Maiden Hong Kong: 8:00 – 10:00PM
Nick D: 10:00 – 11:45PM
ONRA (DJ Set): 11:45 – 12:45AM
Cian: 1:00 – 4:00

Stinky Jim: 9:00 – 10:00PM
The Naked & Famous (live): 10:00 – 11:00PM
Stinky Jim: 11:00 – 11:45PM
Coco Solid DJ: 11:45 – 12:00AM
Coco Solid: 12:00 – 12:45AM
Coco Solid DJ: 12:45 – 1:00AM
ONRA (live): 1:00 – 2:00AM
Nick D: 2:00 – 4:00AM

Next, after this tsunami of bloggeration, we will have the new SJD video for ‘No Telling Where’ up here in the next 24/48 hours….wooopee.