Stinky Grooves 24.02.09, Mr Mykal Rose in attendance plus Beat Pharmacy..

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – Black Uhuru (Island)

Monkey Business – Mykal Rose (Taxi)
Shoot Out – Mykal Rose (Jam2)
Local Bad Boy – Mykal Rose (Jam2/John John?)
Feel So Lonely – Mykal Rose (Jam2/John John?)
Boof’n’Baff’n’Biff – Black Uhuru (Island) 
Puffed Out – Black Uhuru (Island) 
Android Rebellion – Black Uhuru (Island)
Apocalypse- Black Uhuru (Island)
History – Black Uhuru (Island)
Run From Police – Mykal Rose (Jam2)/John John?)
This Is History – Mykal Rose (Jam2)/John John?)
Trading Places – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Serious Woman – Richie Spice (Jukeboxx)
Nylon Rhythm – Shane Brown (Jukeboxx)
Jerk Pork – Cardopusher (Lo Dubs)
Spaceman – Zomby (Hyperdub)
Ghost Ship – Beast Pharmacy ft Spaceape ((Wave Music)
Five Man Army – Lewin Bones Lock (K7!)
Lean Version – R Fearon (Unity)
Love Fingers (DJ Harvey Edit) – Silver Apples (Black Cock)
Before Night Falls – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Liftoman (DJ Harvey Edit) – ? (Black Cock)
Footprints On The Moon – Johnny Harris (Warner Bros)
The Edge (Skip On Beat Rmx) – Mophono (Space Gallery)
Groovin’ – Mophono (Space Gallery)
Nightstick – NYOIL 
I’m Nigerian – RUCKUS & Soul Brother
Times Hard – Jadakiss & Barrington Levy
Brooklyn We Go Hard (Rmx) – Santogold, Jay-Z & Screechy Dan
El Principe – Sonido Del Principe (Bersa Discos)
Viajante (The Cumbia Cosmonauts Rmx) – Tremor (ZZK)
The Moon Song (Mungolian Jetset Rmx) – They Came From The Stars I Saw Them (This Is Not An Exit)
First Time Around (Cosmo Vitelli Edit) – Skyy
Rooftops – Beat Pharmacy ft Coppa (Wave Music)
Nuclear Race – Beat Pharmacy ft Paul St Hilaire (Wave Music)
Throw Some Stone – Mykal Rose & Twilight Circus (M Records)

Having Mykal Rose up tonight, was a rare treat. Since he only flew in early morning, and would have been well within his rights to draw the cream crackered card, it was a bit last minute, and I wasnt able to go through and pluck some of his 7″s as I’d hoped to. Not to worry he bought up his new album (the title of which escapes me, though he did say it) which is out next monthish and packed with Sons of Jammys’ productions. He was happy to lace me with a copy, but the laptop wasn’t reading that disc…. talk about frustration. Hanyways, as always the whole interview and time spent was a bit of a blur, and I’ll have to get my hands on the the tape, and maybe put a couple of snippets up here. Wish I’d been able to record him singing along to his own tunes (and Busy’s ‘Trading Places’ too!!) in the studio, what a voice… still. I’m seriously looking forward to Thursday, which will be his first time with his Sydney-based nephew, Judgement selecting for him.
Away from the Rose gardenings, here’s a cut from Brendam Moeller’s fourth Beat Pharmacy album ‘Wikkid Times’, which dropped in late ’08, and arrived with several other saucy slices from Piccadilly today. The line-up of vocalists (Coppa, Damon Aaron, Infinity, Paul St Hilaire, Ras B and of course Spacape) is inspired, and though the South African, New Yorker veers towards the ultra-cleanliness that I frequently find a tad cloying or downright offensive in this kind of gear, it never crosses that line. I can’t rah on about it too much as I’ve only really had a chance to skim it’s delights, but I suspect it’s going to get a throttling in shows to come.

Buy the CD (no wax ,schmert) please.. thanking you.. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 

Newsflash!!! Mykal Rose on Stinky Grooves tonight

Haul and pull up yer radio and reverse the hearse, because word had just come in that reggae royalty Mykal Rose will be guesting on Stinky Grooves tonight from 9.15pm. He’s only just flown in from the States (early) this morning, so we are very privileged that he has given up some of his beauty sleep to unshackle his stench. We’ll be having a quick natter with Mykal and he’ll also be bringing up a copy of his new album which  is out next month, trust us there’ll be an exclusive or two. 

The Waterhouse warhorse gets in touch with his inner whiff… don’t miss!! Tickets are still available for Thursday’s one-off show in Western Park, should be a scorcher. To warm you up here’s the ‘Shoot Out’ video, top notch business….


See you on the radio…..either locally on the frequency you should all know or globally on 95bFM We also have a veritable heap of brand new tunage from all corners, especially with no show last week.

Rose Carnival & Drunken Sober Agentts

Awful lot of hooha going on in the next few days, and without the usual Stinky Grooves post I thought I should wang something up about the imminent kerffuffulation. The picture above shouldn’t relate too much (apart from a fondness for confusing food packaging) to the upcoming activities,  but lets not go counting chickens.

First up on Saturday (which is like now) is the Cuba Street Carnival, and a full length, heavyweight outdoor session of Marty from Vital Sounds’ rig. They’ve been stringing it up  since June of last year, and all reports have been positively blooming… and booming. I’ve been itching to run some tune through this beast of a system, with its positively pungent 18″ scoop bins, since I was spirited off for a viewing when it was still in the testing stages early last year. Thats when I took this shonky phone photo with Marty Man Ray and Danny Lemon justifiably adopting the ‘get orf my land or I’ll disnitergrate your eardrums’ pose. 

The line-up is solid, though the weather may have the biggest say in the day.

Asterix and myself have been fortunate enough to cop a prime slot, and we intend to provide something a lot more solid than the Hurricanes did tonight (though I may have to be as adept as them at dodging bullets, tomorrow, for saying that).
All sniping aside I’m bubbling about this assignment in the capital, and had a veritable ball down there on the Bug/Rhythm & Sound trek a few weeks ago. Topknot was talking then, about having a jerk stall running and if that’s the case I’ll be running off the plane and hailing the first taxi, licking my chops. Maybe just a little festival bread too?…
(NiceUp) on Vital Sounds
Also coming up next week is the commencement of Splore’s Living Lounge series with Mr Shoot Out himself, Mykal Rose. Support comes in the shape of Dubhead, FJ, Grafta and yours truly, who’ll be bookending the evening in the lonely guys slots. All of this in a marquee in the park by Ponce-off-by Road has got to be a serious must. Flyer below.
A mid-period gem from Mr Rose on Star Trail, this got a solid thrashing for a very long time back on original release (and I think ended up on playlist on bFM for a spell too), a masterful lick of ‘Full Up’ … enjoy.

59-50 the list trundles orn

59 Nautilus – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
I have long harboured the softest of spots for the Vikingular vibes of leading nincompoop of Nordic niceness, Rune Linbaek. Many years ago I kicked off a mix CD for Remix mag with his Junta Jaeger, which is a masterpiece of sludgey discoid majesty, that I still fling in the box from time to time. The Bonat Synthesizer EP, for his own Drum Island label, snuck out towards the end of ’08 and is similarly top notch. I suspect will this also have a flextended shelf life round at chez Stinky and environs.


58 Forest Ghetto – Dub Delay Band (Tracky Bottoms)

I know next to nothing about the somewhat unattractively named outfit, on the brilliantly tagged Tracky Bottoms. Forest Ghetto was the initial standout for me, but all three tracks have something unusual and excellent going on. It’s pretty hard to find now, but the link below should be good, if you’re quick.

57 A Milli – Lil Wayne (Cash Money)
Enough has been written about this artist and this song, but it’s undeniable… and to not have it in the list would be frankly foolish.
56 A Manha Na Praia – The Alps (Type)
See this post for Alps guff and links.

55 Iceblock – SSR (From The Crate)
This was a delightful surprise from Auckland guitarslinger for all sorts of folk, Jeremy Toy, who comes on all shoegazi (his own term, from memory) for the mysterious S.S.R. You can check the moody blurred ‘Iceblock’ on his myspace (below) and I suggest an beady eye be kept on future activity from the S.S.R. camp.

54 Crying Blood (Andrew Weatherall Dub) – VV Brown (Island)
I had a ramble about this 10″ here and slung up the vocal version, here’s the Weatherall dub which isn’t available on the 7″ that has followed the sold out ten run. Large.

53Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Primal Scream (B Unique)
And there will be more Weathearall to come….. This sublime, somewhat nostalgic mix was only available with the ludicrously priced (50 quid) ‘Beautiful Future’ vinyl, limited edition, set, which was seemingly specifically designed for folk with more money than sense. I’m all for stimulating the market, and squeezing us last few foolish vinyl customers reasonably dry, but that amount is outrageous, and outside of the highly desirable, unavailable elsewhere 12″ of this mix, you’re paying for art prints and fancy packaging palaver. What a wanky waste of a good mix, and way to make music unattainable to your average sadass. Enjoy the mp3.

52 Le Valse De La Vie – Jean Marie Aerts (False Tuned)
This veteran Belgian guitarist unleashed a pearler of a 12″ for Tikiman’s label that won me over with it’s general Sergeness on this track, and an unusually high strike rate elsewhere. Oh and the ‘blah blah blah’ bits, get me big time.

This is another one I only have digitally by pulling it from one of my stinkmix cds, so apologies for any abrupt endage and stinking stings, c’est lavvy.
(False Tuned web)

51 Shoot Out – Mykal Rose

The exception that proves the rule, one of the great autotune tracks in a year of sooooo many lame ones. Like others in here it may technically be an ’07 track but until I have a proper copy in my grubby mitts.. it doesn’t really exist for me.


50 Wickedness – Cult Of The 13th Hour (Soul Jazz)

Interviewing Kevin Martin about the Bug album last year, Cult Of The 13th Hour came up in the conversation and he expressed disappointment that the identity of the Co13H (that’s quite a nifty ‘table of the elements’ kind of abbreviation right there) had been blown by a couple of British record shops. I was tickled by the thought that he imagined people might think this could be anyone but him and Spaceape. Both of these fellers have sonic signatures a mile high and fire for your soul, an album would be most welcome.