Staggering Starters – Midtown Yellow Anaconda

I have a serious problem with restraint when it comes to music, and it seems to have extended to posting. A couple of tunes, a little blather – I think to myself. Then I head into the cavernous pit of my digital music folder or iTunes, and before you know it there’s the best part of a dozen contenders bustling it out, shooting me sneaky glances and ‘just a little bit of blog love, guvnor…’ and that small, rapid, manageable post is out the window.
It’s happened yet again, so reluctantly I’m going to split up the proposed postulation into a trio of family-fun-sized, more svelte outbursts over the next week or two.
Kicking off has to be Kode 9, aka Steve Goodman, who will be here in just a couple of weeks. I can think of few people I’d rather have on the upcoming musical calendar, and I’m also looking forward to warming the room up from 10.30 on the night. That early slot should allow a chance to stretch out the styles and wang in some weird ones, and there is so much goodly gear around at the minute I’m fully forecasting a pleased as a porcine creature inna faeces scenario from my end, even if there may be tumbleweed on the dancefloor and cobwebs at the bar.
Hanyways Mr 9, front cover starlet of a recent Wire magazine, should need no introduction. If there is a more consistent and progressive artist to have emerged out of the latest branch of London’s bass culture tree…. well the chances are, they are recording for his Hyperdub label too. I can’t help feeling that the success and relentless strike rate of the label (and of course, obviously Burial) has resulted in the actual Kode 9 releases not quite getting the shine they should. That was certainly the case with ‘Memories Of The Future’ which is an album that simply gets better with time, and as a result is never far from the stinking stereo. I’ve blathered on about Kode 9 previously, so we’ll leave it at that but AK and surrounds readers – you simply MUST come to hear what the man plays. Word is tickets are shifting apace and it would be wicked to see it sell out in advance, so don’t sleep.
I’m hoping that his set will give me a gateway into the ‘funky’ fandangle that is literally setting hipsterati bloggers on fire (oh I wish) and causing much media frothing and DJ dapping in (and outwards from) the UK. I have dutifully DL’d tracks that are raved about as the cats’ pyjamas (danger – we could be an an unintended animalist syntaxethetic slew here) but aside from a few cuts that seem to me be pleasingly hypertweaked, klub-ground soca, I have yet to find my way in. I’m hoping that in the hands of a sonic adventurer like Goodman, and with a club system as the natural environment I will catch the drift that has been rapidly turning into an avalanche.
Whatever newly created genre umbrella it falls under, this remix of Lee Perry and Samia Farah’s ‘Yellow Tongue’ is the proverbial flaming stuff, there is a sense of deliberation with every sound used and the overall momentum that is countered by deft dubbing on the vocal snatches. Brilliant stuff, go and buy the record or high quality files if that’s your fancy and if you’re a local get down to Beat Merchants for a ticket.
Buy the 12″ NZ or elsewhere
Buy Mighty Upsetter locally or hinternationally



this is the album it’s originally from, available everywhere



Londoner Jack Dunning, better known as Untold made his presence well felt last year with his soundsystem worrying, Kingdom on the mighty Hessle Audio – from memory both of the selections on the flip copped an airing or few too. I was also really taken with his less celebrated remix of Dark Angel’s ruff and ragga’d ‘Cool & Humble’ on Boka, Iwhich was anything but template raggastepper.
This tune is stupid – stupid as in fresh, and stupid as in stupid! Almost Jean Jacques Perrey-esque in it’s unapologetic, choppy style and bountiful quota of excellent squeaks, squiggles and thuds, the vinyl of this touched down today and it’s positively seismic. Alongside forthcoming hooha on his own Hemlock label, he’s also got a remix coming up for Moderat’s ‘Sea Monkey’ and I’m expecting fireworks on that score.
You can check a recent mix (I haven’t had time yet, but it looks positively sultry) of his from the ever excellent FACT magazine here and the Martin ‘Blackdown’ Clark has words (nice ones, not the other kind of ‘having words’) with his Untoldlyness over at the hipsteroid hub that is Pitchfork. No need for me to regurgitaterate the guff on the geez so get your stinking linking fingers on.

Buy the 12″ from Boomkat or locally go to a retailer who stocks Samurai





This track is priceless. For those that don’t know Terre Thaemlitz is a transgendersing tonal terrorista who has released a veritable trailerload squared of some pretty amazing, and also pretty severely fucked-up music and noise since the early 90’s. His/hers 1999 7″ for A-Musik, the snappily titled ‘A-Musik Presents A Program Of… A-Muzak’ is a top chart smash around our gates, and has been for a decade now I guess.
Under the superb nom-de-disque DJ Sprinkles, Thaemlitz makes immaculate, truly deep house music that is pretty much guaranteed to take you back and remind you of how awfully wrong it’s gone (with notable exceptions), and how incredibly right it can be. This track and much of the album tells the hidden story of house, the entire lyrics/text can be found here (scroll down to the bottom for that, or check samples from the rest of the album at the top before the gobbledygook). It begins with ‘House isn’t so much a sound as a situation. There must be a hundred records with voice-overs asking, “What is house?” The answer is always some greeting card bullshit about “life, love, happiness….”. Amen to that (though it’s alright if it’s DJ Pierre or someone else exceptional).
By the end of this gem, on the highly discerning Japanese label Mule Music, Thaemlitz says ‘Twenty years later, major distribution gives us Classic House, the same way soundtracks in Vietnam war films gave us Classic Rock. The contexts from which the Deep House sound emerged are forgotten: sexual and gender crises, transgendered sex work, black market hormones, drug and alcohol addiction, loneliness, racism, HIV, ACT-UP, Thompkins Sq. Park, police brutality, queer-bashing, underpayment, unemployment and censorship – all at 120 beats per minute. These are the Midtown 120 Blues.’
Not half!
If my fiendish plan works this short slice will encourage you to investigate the rest of this album, which in some ways is hardly revolutionary, in other ways completely is. It’s mainly considerably less vocal than this introductory scene setter, and it’s all incredibly personal, unfathomably deep house of the very highest order, that is rigid in terms of the classic architecture, but flexible in its approach and content. This is 3am Harry’s couch NYC business from the days of yore, I can shower no higher praise on Sprinkles.





I need a late pass on this one, Gabriel from Heatwave sent through the details a while back but I’ve not managed to muster up a post to put it in, and then forgot late last night, post-show. You should know the dilly (how quaint) with Heatwave by now, as in running things and what have you. This is their latest roots/one drop mix, and as ever it’s well worthy of yer bandwidth. They reckon it’s perfect for blazing out of car windows and listening to on hot sunny days, I’d add it’s nay half bad in front of the fire or wandering up Balmoral Road with what feels like an Arctic originated blast to contend with. Make merry with your clicking devices.
DL Early Warming for some rhythmic insulation across the nation.


The all important tracklist..

Laden – Really Like You

Gappy Ranks – Gyal Mi Love

Voicemail – Ride Mi Bike (Gold Mine Riddim)

Gyptian – Money Man (Gold Mine Riddim)

Buju Banton – Buy Love (Gold Mine Riddim)

Richie Spice – Soothing Sound (Indiscretions Riddim)

Konshens – Straight Forward (Indiscretions Riddim)

Busy Signal – Beep (Indiscretions Riddim)

Mavado – Neva Believe U

Equiknoxx & Gerusalem – Cobba Cobba Riddim

Lil Joe – Wine (Cobba Cobba Riddim)

Tifa – Single (Cobba Cobba Riddim)

Spice – Badmind (Cobba Cobba Riddim)

Cecile – How It Feels (Hot Peppa Riddim)

Anthony B – Roll Mi Gal (Hot Peppa Riddim)

Mr Vegas – Mi Believe (Hot Peppa Riddim)

Mr Vegas – Old School Hustling (Heavenless Riddim)

Major Lazer feat Mr Lexx & Santigold – Hold The Line

Gappy Ranks – Put The Stereo On

Erup & Nature – Trample Dem (Multipurpose Stadium Riddim)

Beres Hammond – I Feel Good (I Feel Good Riddim)

Beres Hammond & Donovan Germain – I Feel Dub (I Feel Good Riddim)

General Degree – Jah Will Provide (I Feel Good Riddim)

Delly Ranx – Pleasure Pain (Comfort Zone Riddim)

Buju Banton – Pretty Every Time (Comfort Zone Riddim)

Cornadoor – Chocolate Fudge (Rougher Yet Riddim)

Some very sad news, Eon aka Ian Loveday passed away last week. Tracks like ‘Spice’ and ‘Fear:The Mindkiller’ were massive in AK across a bunch of scenes, and justifiably so. It’s hard to go past those early classics because they were so iconic and yet strangely timeless, but he continued to make his own distinctive scifi techno/electro including a couple of stonkers for lomg time compardre J Saul Kane’s Electron Industries. Sadly great producers and musicians are hitting their mortal run-off groove all the time and I dont want this to become an obituary page, but I really felt this deserved a mention, and a chance to celebrate an amazing musical life with the video below.


Aaaaand finally, there’s a nice and decent tribute to our fallen comrade Big Matt, to mark two years since we lost one of the powerhouses and architects of our scene, and one of the most positive, upfull people you could ever wish to meet.
It’s this Sunday, the 28th at the Ponsonby Social Club from 5, free entry, with Peter Mac Selecto, Mikey Sampson, Megan and The Chaplin will all be playing the music that Matt loved, and he loved a LOT of good music, see you there.

Stinkmix 24 – Musky Moments — Free DL —


They come in waves……..  Stinkbombs 808 is still downloadable (and in triple figures) from this post, but it’s back to the original Stinkmix series for some fresh Musky Moments. Once again it’s been split into two files, with a printable PDF cover amongst the mptrees (cover design don-ette Cherry Sprinkles says ‘brown paper is a must!’) I’m particularly chuffed with the way this one went down, and I hope there’s something on  there that floats your proverbial boat and sends you fleeing to the local record shop or internet vendor of choice. Please do let me know if it finds favour, bit of a tracklisting/sloppy sleevenotery/inane ramble below …..enjoy.
Stinkmix 24 – Musky Moments

Opening the score card with insistent horns, a crazy break (masked with nonsense, I’m not Santa Claus) and a trailerload of library swagger is French mood music maestro Roger Roger. If you’re not familiar, yes that is his real name (apparently his composer father had a sense of humour, not unlike the paternal figure in a ‘ A Boy Named Sue’) and as it goes he’s pretty much my favourite library music dude, along with a couple of other fine and fruity gents. Until I started doing the research for this post I never had a clue this was such a highly prized record(I have the Chappel trademark blue artwork version but I couldn’t find a pic of that anywhere)and rated as one of his most collectable, it’s completely understandable because the whole record a veritable scorcher.
Roger Roger understandably also worked under a number of aliases (Cecil Leuter for his electronic excursions, Eric Swan, Roger Davy etc) up until his death in Paris in 1995 at the ripe old age of 84, and some of his work has been re-issued on excellent comps from folks like Barry 7 (Add N To (X)) and Luke Vibert amongst others. Surprisingly I couldn’t find this torturously tremendous track on any re-issues but that might be down to my googular impatience.
Buy if you dare, 150 Euros here
Roger Roger on Discogs



Though he has never really gone off the boil it has to be said that Home Counties hero Mr Weatherall has been on a right regal renaissance over the last couple of years. I’m particularly feeling the nouveau-rockabilly traces running through both these mixes and frankly I’m not surprised. When Andrew (or Andy, as he was then) guested on Stinky Grooves in 1992 (I think) I can remember a big and enthusiastic off-air Jerry Lee Lewis discussion (and the rolling out of my stalking the Killer in Memphis at Bad Bob’s Vapours story) during a set that has very little doof and plenty of yard music vibes. Unfortunately thats one I don’t think I have on cassette.
His gigs on that trip were justifiably legendary with a storming set at The Box that I’m sure is remembered by each and every one of the packed punters, an odd one at the Powerstation when the power went down and we burned a big head spliff at the decks waiting for the juice to return, and a little scorcher down in Welli at the Metro. The subsequent years saw me stopping in at the Sabres office in Soho whenever I was back in the UK (considerably more in those days) and receiving some VIP on the sly treatment for simply being introduced by Andy to the good folks at Fat Cat and other shops. Allsorts of white labels and rare delicacies came my way as a result of Andy’s largesse and introductions, and despite that time being the start of a pretty gnarly period for Andy and Nina they always treated me more than proper.
It’s a crying shame that he has subsequently visited Australia several times but has never made it back to NZ, all we have now is the records.
The XX Teens seem like a loutishly loud bunch from Londinium who were originally known as the Xerox Teens before the photocopier folk got their proverbial knickers in a twist. This mix came out a couple of years ago but I consider Stinkmixes the appropriate place for tunes that have some staying power rather than just a collection of now and next hipster biz. This is fire and brimstone with a bugling bassline and gratuitous yelping, who could ask for more.
VV Brown got a rundown previously on these pages, you can check it with a miniscule mouse movement here. Like the XX Teens I’m not convinced that I will be following her career with eagle eyed eagerness but if the mixes are this good I’ll definitely be keeping an ocular object out.
Buy direct from Mute or from the shops
XX Teenspace
Rotters Golf Club is Weatherall central, good podcast up there right about now

Check Castles In Space or Acid Ted (Everything from Andy to Weatherall they boast…everything?) for Weatherallanalia
XX Teens

Andrew Weatherallabilly
Mz V V Brown
Apparently working on some business with labelmate Burial right now Zomby has become quite the reputable fellow over the last wee while. His double 12″ pack for Hyperdub is straight out exceptional and is the kidn of thing that needs to be bought on faith as a 30 second slice on computer speakers is almost definitely NOT going to do it for you. He chooses to be reasonably mysterious, and rails against being flung in some journalistic genre pool and described as wonky or dubstep or whatever. Fair enough, most of his music truly sounds like no-one else (though this track has a fair bit of El-B/Burial vibes running through it to disprove my point) and rather than any hackneyed terms it just makes me think of a rewarding slog through audio mud with only an airhorn and a full armoury of sonic shards to fight off the darkly demonic forces of musical law and order. Fucking brilliant then!




These sage words of traffic safety advice from Mr Saville, from the days before it was the law and and all that, also gift Tom Ford, the owner of the last record shop in Bristol, with a title for his stunning, stand-alone piece of dusbstechno. His name is pronounced Pev-er-list apparently (I asked fellow Bristolian Rob Smith to be sure, as I always wondered, Rob described it as a ‘a brave name’) and his music seems to be pronounced with incrementally massive gasps of awe with every single release. The head honcho of the Punch Drunk label outdoes himself with this one, and furthermore it’s b-side ‘Gather’ pleasantly reminds me of the whole, so called ‘ambient dub’ buzz that we (selectively) loved on Tranquillity Bass back in the day (doff of the chapeau to Kirk there). Had to include a pic of Mr Saville whose Sunday Radio 1 shows instilled a deep love of Ramsey Lewis/Young Holt Trio in me which continues to be a small time obsession to this very day. I hope that with this mix (and this track in particular) I have ‘fixed it’ for you!
Good Peverelist feature at the excellent Fact

I’m not sure if it was having remixes from Skream, Kode 9 et al, or simply a long overdue awakening but the man with the impossible name Geiom finally seems to be getting the hype he richly deserves. Berkane Sol releases have repped Nottingham with excess niceness since day one and have always reflected tastes that step outside of any artifical genre borderlines, mind you Geiom was releasing quality gear long before dubstep was a wobbling its way towards who knows what. Appleblim is just class, though much as I appreciate his recent technoid excursions it’s great to hear him getting his collaborative hands dirty on some business that is dubbed out with depth and deadlyness. The flip of this ‘Flame Tree’ is almost equally as good, purchase is mandatory Rory.
By day (excuse the pun) LD aka Leon Day is the cutting engineer at Transition, a place that arguably has had as much of an influence on dubstep as any of the leading labels. Could this be a typically preposterous, discussion seeking statement from yours truly? Maybe. However, as anyone who mixes their styles up (and still plays bumboclaat vinyl whenever possible) will testify, when you put on a record that has been cut at Transition on the decks, especially before or after something that hasn’t, you’d best be reducing the gain and milding out the EQ’squick sharp because your speakers are about to get the serious, sadistic-personal-trainer-style workout. You know how the first dubstepper of the evening on Stinky Grooves sometimes drops like ten ton of bricks? Blame Leon Day! Like Berlin’s legendary Dubplates & Mastering (tonal translators of Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Pole etc), Transition has built an fully deserved, un-paralelled rep for sonic precision and bass weight – it’s something that you can genuinely feel when you’re on the business side of a decent soundsystem, and your chest is snapping while your ears are lost in crisp hi-hat patterns and melodic movements. I, for one, love the fact that so much importance is attached to the sound of dubstep records (as in vinyl), it’s part of an ongoing tradition of course, but while the be-capped boys and handbag dancing girls are baying for bigger, wobblier (and ultimately cheezier) bassline gratification, many of the big names and most interesting up and comers are getting downright Gaudi on their sonic architecture, creating new shapes and pushing the codes.
Before I truly launch off on that one I should return to LD. I’ve linked to two excellent interviews that say it all far better than I ever could below, so there’s plenty of info to be had. From my corner pretty much every tune this guy touches is special, exposed to the very best on a daily basis at Transition, all his cuts seem to have purpose, no filler b-side noodles for Leon. His 12″ on Ringo (Clockwatching/Swing Dat Skirt) never got the shine it really should have, nor did this one which still sounds fresh and unique even though it’s been in my box for a good while. Both of his releases for Hyperdub ( ‘Bad’/2′ Bad’ with Kode 9 and ‘Traumatic Times’/’Woodblock’) are excess essential, but there’s something understated and quite brilliant about the curiously titled ‘Green Ranger’. The bassline seems to burrow its way throughout the tune, the skanks feel militant rather than passive and the detail and interplay is stunning. I’m not sure who’s behind 2nd Drop but they put out some fierce records that seem to have supernatural staying power.
Buy locally Samurai have the handle
Excellent Martin Clark/Pitchfork piece here..must read!
More recent interview at Markle Said Wha?
Alright this is getting riddiculous it’s like a novella per track, fortunately I have had a wee ramble about this track here. It fits with nothing, it fits with everything… genius.
Spared my verbosity once again, here is a little something I prepared earlier.
Buy from Warp themselves
DJ Mujava
Mark Pritchard
Always find this Tory prat when I look for Pritchard pics, breaks up all the good eggs I guess.
This track infuriates me, it’s a re-edit and one I know that I know, and also probably have the original of, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is. If anyone does know, please put me out of my misery and spill the beans. Had a wee rant about the previous RS & C 12″ on Mixed Blood Cuts here and this slice of discoid deviance is no less sturdy. Readily havailable so try it then buy it…

Cazbee piece taken from Rocking The City


Richard Sen
There are few things finer than scoring a longshot on the basis of a great mix and discovering that’s not even the half of it. In the case of this 12″, it was the Kelpe remix that piqued my interest and had me ticking the box on UK order, and it wasn’t a bad call with it’s bubbling glitchtronics over a mid-90’s NYC flavour break. However the original by moody French geezcon Fedaden and Ghislain Poirier’s fuel-injected remix have been the scene stealers and turntable terrorizers since the 12″ on Nacopajaz touched down. Poirier’s percolatingly percussive present sounds like he’s been spending some time with Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’ and other kwaito krucialities but he’s got his own slant and that works just fine for me. I tend to only like one in every few things I hear from Mnsr Poirier but I do seem to end up really, really liking ’em. This is no exception and there isn’t really a duff rub on the whole 12″…. points and prizes.
Ghislain Poirier
What to say about Depth Charge? The first record in a few years, and thankfully all of the irresistible J Saul Kane signifiers are firmly in place. The theme is self-explanatory, the beats come in a barrage and basically all is good with the world. One of very few artists whose records I have played consistently since Stinky Grooves started 18 or so years ago, JSK rarely disappoints. La Boca excel on the sleeve design tip as ever and I await more robotic rodent tales or similar with bated breath.

Aah we have pontificated in the general direction of Coco Solid and the 12″ this has come from before here. This instrumental is a killer from the many-monikered Extravagangsta, who will be a force in the future without a shadow of pout.
Check the latest Coco Solid video below – ’tis hot stuff, and I suspect a tsunami of next level larrikination will be emerging following the recent overseas shenanigans of the CS crew… can hardly wait.

Ay ay ay, I’m all wrote out, have blahed on Zomby already oop top. This tune is wonderfully sea-sick and positively viscous (as in viscosity, not vicious incorrectly spelt) in an incredibly attractive style and fashion.
Still the most stunning set I’ve seen in a long time, I have heard talk of Flying Lotus being drawn back here for a major festival in 2010. Fingers crossed on that, in the meantime I hope he keeps shuffling over to the region he’s in on this, and the immeasurably essential split 12″ with Joker on Tectonic. The original of this was a masterpiece in its own right, somehow reminiscent of those great early d’n’b 12″s on labels like Celluloid with it’s moody pads and shady atmospheres, and the remix sends it off to another messed-up stratosphere still retaining just enough trace elements. Splendideration.


Flying Lotus

Very appropriately titled this is one of those records that has taken squatters rights in my sevens box for quite some time. How can you not love a track that simultaneously entrances folks keen to shake a leg before discombobulating them and repeating the process till the run-off groove. As ever it was a coin-toss between Mz Gut’s more vocal but no less vibrant and vivacious original mix, and sometime Orb-er and Kompakt artist Thomas Fehlmann’s bouncing tango lick.

7″ no longer available but get the ‘I Put A Record On’ album here
Gudrun Gut
Thomas Fehlmann
Check this post for a tres petit warble about this French DJ ledge.
Buy from here or here, but theys running out
Mas mas on Rog Rog above in the 1 slot.
Here’s a little bonus, this track was on Stinkmix 5 ‘Mystery Mistura’ which is last millenium business.

With over 10,000 songs to her name Noor Jehan was bound to have at least one crucial cut of contrition and this is it. Amazing lady, and a brilliant song that appeared on ‘This LP Crashes Hard Drives’, this was the only tune that was guaranteed to end up on the mix, it simply had to!

Stinky Grooves 07.04.09 & Hyperdub hotness

Cumbia Bichera ft Pablo Lescano – El Remolon (ZZK)

Vareal Riddim – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
La Misma Moneda (Chancha Via Circuito) – Princesa (Soot)
Zorzal (Instr) – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Husling – Busy Signal (Birchill)
Tek Back Yard – Beenie Man (Birchill)
Selassie Love We – Vybz Kartel (Birchill)
Nah Believe You – Movado (Daseca)
Now Him Believe Mi – Baby Tash
Jamaican John Gotti – Busy Signal
Dirty Money – Assailant (Dawghouse)
Stimulus Plan – Dead Prez (Green Lantern Prodns)
Sgt Peppers – Wafeek
Perfectionist – Asher Roth ft Beanie Sigel & Rock City (UMG)
She Came Along – Sharam ft Kid Cudi
That’s Me – Stoupe ft Joel Ortiz
Aqui Princesa (Macelo Fabian Rmx) – Princesa (Soot)
Bolivia – El Remolon (ZZK)
Pa Pa Pare – Zurita (Cabeza!)
Ala Los Manos – El Remolon (ZZK)
Shy – Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Major Blitzkreig – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Psychedelic Circus – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Rothaus (Groove Edit) – Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (Eskimo)
Kunst Or Ars – Meanderthals (Smalltown Supersound)
Black Sun – Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Ghost Town (DJ G Bootleg Rmx) – The Specials
Jah Rain (RSD Rmx) – Landlord & Evergreen (Ranking)
Digidesign – Joker (Hyperdub)
Private Places (Shackleton & Mordant Music Version) -Vindicatrix
Voices From The Night – Late (Disfigured Dubz)
Mecha Squirrel Pt 1/Pt 2 – Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Major Blitzkreig (Depth Charge Rmx) – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Tirsdagsjam (Lang Version) – Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (Eskimo)
So so many mighty and magnificent tunes tonight (and none so-so either), a man is spoilt for choice. I’m feeling, there might have to be a couple of Easteroid posts on the way – to try and unleash some more of the gritty goodness and cumbionics from this week’s olfactory experience.
In the meantime I have to present (for the sum of one week), a tune that just seems to further slay with every single play. ‘Black Sun’ is yet another unfathomably deep transmission from Kode 9, and a worthy addition to the potent Hyperdub catalogue. To be honest, I’m hard pushed to think of a label with a comparable strike rate, especially given the musical span of their output which has really stretched over the  last couple of years. ‘Black Sun’ with it’s discordant pads, technoid tension, frankly foolish helpings of sub-bass and trademark Kode 9 beat ballistics – is anything but a hodge podge, it’s deathly direct. Like so many truly, top shelf,  tonal treasures it not only defies categorisation, but takes categorisation out the back for a serious word. This is a majestic tune that deserves volume and clarity, and only a weedy 128kbps empeetree, so the message is bloindingly clear, play, peruse and purchase popkids…. Buy A Copy!!!!
(here) for digital or emusic has it (here)
(here) for fizical waxy type object
(Kode9space) there’s a fierce Lee Perry, Samia & Farah track on the player btw
(pictorial review here) don’t agree with this at all, but love Earl Boykins style, whatever the music/opinion.


69-60 of ’08

Has been busy, and this post is well overdue, but I think this week could be even worse. Flying Lotus was ridiculous last week, I can’t remember the last time a DJ turned my ears out like that….Hanyways on we go..

69. Last Days Of Magic – The Kills (Domino)

Rawking gear probably doesn’t get as much shine as it should on this list with the year’s radio  playlists dominating the saucy source-ology. However this a track that simply couldn’t be denied…monstrous!
(buy) 7″ from Domino, and cheap as chups.
(KillsTV/bloggy type thing)

68. W.C.T.B.L. – Pilooski (Blue)

We have spoken about Pilooski before, please do refresh your memory tanks right ear. This Northern Souly stomper gets razored to buggery by the French fandangler, hurrah. 


67. Royal Flush – Big Boi, Andre 3000 & Raekwon (LaFace)

Away from all the heated discussions about trouser tightness and levels of the hipsterati hiphoperation, Big Boi reminded us what it’s all about dropping a depth charge of a single,  utilising the Isley Brothers ‘Voyage To Atlantis’ and his own considerable lyrical largesse. Admirable back-up from his copie and his right Raeyal Cheflyness but BB owns this one.

66. Router/You & I – Pangeaea (Hessle Audio)

Impossible to pick between sides, this 12″ is the full package. Thrashed to within an inch of its life on Stinky Grooves, and justifiably so..

65. People So Evil – Busy Signal (VP)

Nah, I’m not even going to link to the multiple Busy posts, consider Stink Inc a shrine to Mr  Gordon if you will.
busy loaded

64 Den Of Drumz – Badawi vs Kode 9 (ROIR)

I still reckon Kode 9 got a right raw deal, when the first Burial album overshadowed the superb Memories Of The Future. His instrumental remix of Badawi is a scorching standalone, that is downright scary on a big rig. 


63. Death Is Not Final/T++ Remix – Shackleton (Skull Disco)

Another impossible to separate doubled headed 12″ of magnificent doomlyness. The ‘Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals’ double-disc has both of these unfathomably deep tracks on it and the 12″ is still havailable, no excuses…………….
(Skull Disco web)


62 Day’n’Nite – Kid Cudi (10 Deep)
Links to the mixtape, and more on the Cleveland Kid and serial list offender, a few posts down. Couldn’t resist sticking New Jersey dubstepper Widdler’s take on it, he’s got a new 12″ on Thorpe’s Studio Rockers label which I’m currently a-waiting on.


61. CCTV – LV & Dandelion (Hyperdub)

This should be a statutory lesson for the BBQ dub crowd, carrying all the mellow vibes but real bite and purpose throughout. Proper oper stuff, and LV’s recent remix of Zomyby’s ‘The Lie’ and other bits and pieces rate him as a bit of a potential player for ’09. 

60 Calypso-On-Seng – Dubdub-On-Seng (Japonica)
see this post

the rest soon, but don’t hold your breath……