Stinky Grooves 09.06.09 and a re-licked jolt from Holt


Strange Things – John Holt (Irie Ites)

Strange All Over The World – Trinity (Irie Ites)
Shake It Woman – Junior Kelly (Irie Ites)
Revolution – Sizzla (Irie Ites)
Strange Things Riddim – Mafia & Fluxy (Irie Ites)
Hustler – YT feat Skinnyman (Sativa)
Credit Crunch – YT (Necessary Mayhem)
No Cigarette – Mr Williams (Necessary Mayhem)
Ganja Smoke (In The Air) – Ziggi (Necessary Mayhem)
Hungry – Busy Signal
Gun Class – Aidonia
Country Rum – Bunji Garlin & Hitman (Rum Shop Chutney 8)
Hot Girls – Cutty Ranks (Fat Eyes)
Bad Ras – Major Mackerel (Fat Eyes)
Inna Di Bush – Red Dragon (Fat Eyes)
Tie & Dye Face – Busy Signal
Summer Bounce – Jammy Jam2 James & Stephen McGregor
Forever Dirty – Ghostface Killer
What Do I Do – Raekwon
Dayless Night – K’naan
Death Of Autotune – Jay-Z
In The Space – Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky (Montpamasse 2000)
Blue Nile – Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics (Strut)
False Flag – Pinch & Moving Ninja (Tectonic)
Junktion (The Shed Remix) – Peverelist (Tectonic)
Forward Youth – RSD (Tectonic)
Bad Mind – Hoodz (Lo Dubs)
Nr. 22 – Moderat (Bpitch Control)
Night (Sonido Del Principe Dub) – Benga & Coki
Broadcaster Version – Lee Perry vs Moody Boys (On-U Sound)
Give It To Me Right Now (Moody Boys Dub) – Melanie Fiona
Kunta Kinte (Kentaro’s Tuff Cuts Version) – The Revolutionaries (Pressure Sounds)
Beware(Kentaro’s Tuff Cuts Version) – The Revolutionaries (Pressure Sounds)
One Eye Open – Paul White (One Handed Music)
The Offbeat – FLYamSAM
Temper – Dabrye (Ghostly International)
Hustle (Bullion Rmx) – Paul White (One Handed Music)
Pillow – New Folder (Planet Mu)
Ball’r (Madonna Free Zone) – DJ Sprinkles (Mule Music)
Edit Amadou Et Mariam Izotrope – Dakunt
Verdad (Vompleud Rmx) – Fedaden (Nacopajaz)
Don’t Let Me Down – Charlotte Dada
Dreams – The Duncan Brothers (Soundway)
Descarga Superior – Los Superiores (Soundway)
Juck Juck Pt 1 – Sir Jablonsky (Soundway)
There are classics… and then there are records that exist in another stratosphere altogether, somewhere beyond. John Holt’s ‘Strange Things’ is one such record, and there was more than a little trepidation (and as a result, delay) in listening to this re-cut version of the Phil Pratt monster original lick. With Mafia & Fluxy on the case I really shouldn’t have worried, there’s some tasty vocalisers to join the still honey voiced Mr Holt too. I interviewed Mafia a good 15 years ago-ish (for Planet magazine from memory), and he was quite the loveliest bloke with a really interesting viewpoint as a truly intergrated JA/UK producer and in-demand session musician, spending a good chunk of his working time in both places.
I shall spare you the tales of Holt’s magical, well after dawn, set in Montego Bay in August 95, and how it will always remain one of the best ever (despite sleep deprivation, and the rest) . However if you can send a track out to someone on a blog, then I shall to Irene, Slowie and Matt in memory of that mighty morning and that whole bizarre week. All the cuts on this rhythm are easily gettable so hit them links and fuck the credit crunch… we all need tunes, more now than ever.
Check the youtubery too, choice to see the Rt Hon Holt still making like a vintage bolt and I love the clip of Mafia, Fluxy, Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith and Bongo Herman laying down the rhythm, at least until they plunge into cheap&nasty vid fx for a retina retching, mercifully brief passage. There’s videos for a whole bunch of the other cuts too on IrieItes channel, nice work!
Buy the 7″ from Juno or even better check IrieItesnet for label direction ackshun and then some.
Another great shot stinksclusively bought to you by Jason Burgess. This may well have been Sunsplash 94 at Portmore, or possibly a year or two before.
John Holt,Jason Burgess

Dropping the Stinkbombs – A brand new Stinkmix for nix

Well… the original idea was to be getting some podcastery action up here, with some of my radio honed, inane mumbling atop the musical malarkey, however a more prudent consideration suggests it would be far better and quicker to fling up the latest Stinkbombs, the first since November ’08. It’s a shade over a 100 MB’s all up, so I’ve split it into two and they are available from a choice of folks via Sharebee below, just follow them links and pick your download receptacle. Pretty much every track is very deliberately tagged with stings and diabolical dialogueical nonsense, so as ever if you want them tunes there’s easy links to buy ’em, please support the artists and labels…. serious biz, nearly all of them are actively available and just a click away!
Also took this opportunity to include a few of Jason Burgess’ cracking JA shots (Barrington, Lady Saw, Roof Intl van etc) from our visitation in 1993 (and a couple from a previous trip of Jason’s), that’s re-energised me on getting some more of these posted, so look out.
Download link Part 1 (Tracks 1-11) (55.16MB) Zip
Download link Part 2 (Tracks 12-23 & cover PDF) (50.48 MB) Zip

1. The General – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)

Matt Shadetek and Lion Dub lay down an impossibly heavy, minimal rhythm at a dubstempo while Jahdan drops one of his best vocals yet, it’s fire and frikkin ice business. Enormous things to come methinks from the Jahdan, Dutty Artz camp and related breadrun.
Buy (I copped it local from Samurai)
DuttyArtzspace check their blog on the panel right over there

Jahdan Blakkamoore

The General label

2. Murderation – Unknown/RSD (Love Is The Key)

Big, big, big tune that I slept on when it was initially released, one of those that a 30 second online sample can just sound like ‘meh another blend’. Oh no it’s not, anything but that…. this is exceptional. A copy, pretty literally, fell into my hands, which is well handy as it appears pretty hard to find these days. Best place to start looking would be here, if you want to be relieved of upwards of 25 Euros.
Love the photo of Barrington out the back of Bobby Digital’s, that waistcoat and the decidedly un-macho white Jeep that he was driving at the time with his Lipstick label logo made for quite an ..ahem interesting spectacle!
More Rob Smith here

Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Barrington Levy in the yard at Digital B, Kingston ’93. Courtesy Jason Burgess.

barrington levy in bobby d's yard
Barrington at Sunsplash, Kingston ’93. Courtesy Jason Burgess.

‘Murderation’ is an unadorned white label, this is the original classic.

Murderer label

3. One – Aardvarck (Bloom/White)
Don’t know much about Dutch dude Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) apart from I haven’t really been too down with the little gear I’ve heard of his before this mighty, mysterious, untitled white label ‘Bloom 1’ EP. A bit of further investigation reveals he’s got some interesting gear bubbling, so what do I know? Not much… except this is a killer, very hard to find now and the follow up ‘Bloom 2’ sold out in a week. Heavy!
Buy digital-lee
Aardvarck label
4. Gold Dust – Earl Sixteen (Roots Garden)
5. Herb Dust – Nick Mansseh/Roots Garden Crew (Roots Garden)
Have ranted about these, previously… here, so check that for links, stinks, shits and giggles. This is a little foundation stone breather after the subsonic attackment of the intro trio.
Earl Sixteen & Nick Manasseh
Earl meets Manasseh

6. Vampire – Chezidek (Massive B)
7. What U Fighting For – Burro Banton (Massive B)
A brace of boomshots on Massive B, the NYC label that should be due for some sort of civic recognition for their phenomenal strike rate and staying power, over many years. Mr Konders rarely mis-fires, and this lick of ‘Declaration Of Rights’ is teflon tough and frill free. Chezidek’s ‘Inna Di Road’ album, handled by Bobby for Greensleeves is one of the best reggae/dancehall albums of recent times in my estimation, and ‘Vampire’ is one of the highlights. Burro does what Burro does, admirably, just ramping up the anticipation for his recording session with The Bug to be unleashed upon us.
Buy Chezi from NYC
or Burro from Japan



Chezideks album is still available and it’s beyond fire, like molten or something….

Chezi LP

The Rt Hon Bobby Konders


Chezi - Vampire
Burro label

8. Bad Man Gon Cry – Lady Saw (Big Yard)

Rattled on about this here.
Still available, Beat Merchants have it for the local yokels.
Or Buy ponline
Lady Saw at Sunsplash ’93 shots c/o Jason Burgess.
lady saw star kingston 93
Bad Man label
9. Hustle – Collie Buddz (Massive B)
Huuuuge tune chopping up Barrington’s timeless ‘Prison Oval Rock’, once again from New York’s finest, Massive B. Everything about Collie Buddz just seems so incredibly wrong, and he looks ultra-irritating… but then he just keeps coming up with fire, the kind of feu that overcomes all obstacles and hinderances. I’m well partial to the flip of this ‘Herb Tree’ which is yet more lyrical license about vegetable matter – boasted, toasted and darkly roasted.
Hustle label
10. Smell Good – Captain Barkey (Roof International)
Couldn’t resist sliding in this olfactory 90’s gem from Barkey, ‘put up yu hands if you know yu smell good!!!’, indeed. Wouldn’t do if the smell bad posse were putting up their hands/arms and other odious appendages now would it! All pungent punning aside this is a killer tune, produced by Courtney Cole, and it very nearly sent the mix off on an unexpected 90’s tangent but I managed to hold back…this time.
Buy re-issue
More photographic funda from Jason Burgess below with the Roof International mobile record shop, guess these are a thing of the past now, too. However Truck Back productions who came up with Erup’s ‘Click Mi Finger’ (and the Dashboard & Gearbox rhythms etc) do all their recording in the back of a container truck in Kingston, so the extra ordinary vehicular vibes live on in JA culture.
roof international van
Barkey Smell label
11. Hussling – Busy Signal (Birch Hill)
12. Tek Back Yard – Beenie Man (Birch Hill)
13. Selassie Love We – Vybz Kartel (Birch Hill)
14. Baddaz Rhythm – Birch Hill Crew (Birch Hill)
Ok it may not be much more than a slight (but skillfully done) embellishment on Dave Kelly’s monstrously mighty Joyride rhythm but who cares? This is stencherific, and then some. Christopher Birch updates with aplomb and Busy, Beenie and Vybz all represent proper and correct in the voicing booth. Things get a little over-ethusiastic with the Kaos pad around these parts… such is life.

Busy getting his Bubbles on, as a paperboy for the day

Vybz looking lairy.
15. Bolivia – El Remolon (ZZK)
16. Aqui Princesa (Marcelo Fabian Rmx) – Princesa (Soot)
17. Calzada Rhythm – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
18. Elsa (Sonido Martines Rmx ft Fefe) Los Destellos (Soot)
This little portion threatened to take over the mix, it’s so good to have an injection of fresh cumbionic vinyl. Basically there’s three indispensable 12″s that anyone with a penchant for nuevo-cumbia hoo-ha should peruse and pursue with great rapdity…they are..
El Remolon’s storming 6 tracker ‘Pibe Cosmo’
El Remolon label
Soot’s all-star magnificent remixery.
Neuva Cumbia Argentaina
The Chancha Via Circuito EP, that goes a treat with his Rodante album
Chancha 12" label
Buy El Remolon
Buy Nueva Cumbia Argentina
Buy Chancha Via Circuito 12″
More wibbling about Chancha Via Circuito here
El Remolon

El Remolon

Marcelo Fabian

Marcelo Fabian

Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circuito

Los Destellos

Los Destellos 1

Sonido Martines (this fellers mixdiscs are beyond crucial)

Sonido Martines

19. Guajira Sicodelica – Los Destellos (Vampi Soul)

From the superbly named ‘This LP Crashes Hard Drives’, which was put together by the fine people at Vampi Soul, Finders Keepers, Sublime Frequencies, Honest Jons, Numero Group, Jazzman, Daptone, Now Again, Light In The Attic and Timmion… phew. For my money this has got be the best, gregariously genre-free compilation thus far this year, and it’s encased in a meaty gatefold sleeve, as befits a release specifically designed to celebrate Record Store Day.
This cut from the ‘Cumbia Beats Collection’ is Peruvian mellow psych chicha fever, holy hell!
Buy it from Conch or here

Couldn’t resist another Los Destellos shot, they’re giving Barrington a run for his money!
Los Destellos 2
This LP Crashes...

20. Psychedelic Circus – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Read all about it here.
21. Major Blitzkreig – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
On the strength of what I’ve heard so far, the self titled Higamos Hogamos album is very much at the top of my shopping list. This single kinda out-Depth Charges, Depth Charge – which is major points and prizes round my gates. That delightful situation is enhanced by the a storming J Saul Kane mix that takes up the whole of the flipside. There’s also a surprisingly superb bonus, a percusso-pressure-cooker from Ed Banger artiste Mickey Moonlight, an alliterated gent I need to investigate further. It’s an embarrassment of riches really, as most DC Recordings 12″s are, I opted for the brief and blistering original version at the last minute when I was whacking this mix together, it’s very very hard to argue with.
Hig Hog
Hig Hog cover
22. Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
I’m startled, nay shocked, by the fact that I haven’t posted about this mercurial French duo who come on like a modern day Silver Apples tussling it out kraut-fu style with John Carpenter on the soundtrack to a psychedelic, slightly sick, dimly lit, autoroute thriller movie… or something like that. It was their right renking remix for Kelpe last year that motivated chasing their album ‘A Land For Renegades’ up, and it’s subsequently become a real favourite. These decidedly un-mindless, synth and basheria merchants are definitely a pair to keep les yeux on, I reckon.
Buy from Piccadilly on all formats or CD is cheap here
Zombie Zombie
Zombie Zombie - A Land For Renegades
23. 2080 – Subeena (Imminent)
I read an intriguing review about this 12″ from Subeena on Imminent by the venerable John Eden on his Uncarved blog, and didn’t connect that it was the same disc when I ordered it. He was right, it’s an untypical wee gem and from a little synchronous investigatory behaviour it turns out that Subeena is hooked up with the mighty Coco Solid from their linkage at the RBMA in Barcelona. Small world and all that, but it takes a large tune to finish off a little mix and this does the biz.
Subeena EP

Penthouse, no pavement..

Here’s a bit of a vintage Penthouse power punch. I’m looking forward to getting some order amongst the 45’s and hauling out some more obscure cuts in the next couple of months or so, but for now it’s a case of strictly dealing with what I have digitally.
Once more there’s a couple of Jason excellent shots taken up at the Slipe Road compound and I’ve wanged in the Cocoa Tea at Portmore Sunsplash in 93 live pictures too that were taken down as well.

Above is Donovan Germain, the big daddy of Penthouse, around this time (early-mid 90s) it’s pretty fair to say that they were running things (alongside the likes of perennial Jammy’s and the less established Digital B, Xterminator and other come-uppers). Getting inside the fortified gates at Slipe Road wasn’t a given (as a clueless, arrogant American bunch of journos who seemed to be everywhere, but able to get into nowhere, found out) and grabbing anything more than a snap interview with an artist on his way up or down the stairs was tricky. However, after chewing the fat with Donovan for a good while, we were granted access to most of the Penthouse crew (Buju excepted) and on subsequent visits, in the next couple of years, he personally made sure I was promo’d up to the eyeballs, and looked after right. With a solid and colourful history that stretches back aways to the early 70’s he was a fascinating subject, mentioning a number of records he’d been involved with in NYC and JA years that I owned, but had never sussed as being connected to him.
The depth of talent in his studio at the time was ridonkulous including the Kelly brothers (Dave and Tony, who were still getting on then, and seemed like very switched-on gregarious geezers) and Andre ‘Rookie Productions’ Tyrell at the core, with Lenky beginning to come through particularly for his live and studio keys work. Donavan freely confessed that his role as producer those days was frequently little more than providing the finance and infrastructure, and often suggesting which rhythm would be good to do over, and who might work in combination etc. Looking at some of the inspired pairings that Penthouse came with at that time like Buju and Beres, Marcia Griffiths and Cutty Ranks, Buju and Wayne Wonder and endless other permutations, it was no small thing. Nor were the rhythm choices, with Penthouse frequently leading the charge on recuts of greats like ‘Nanny Goat’, ‘Movie Star’, ‘Heavy Rock’ and ‘General’, usually their licks sounded the toughest too with the Firehouse Crew and the likes of Danny Brownie, Sly and Mafia & Fluxy amongst the players of instruments. I suspect that many other producers we spoke to on that trip (and I’ll be posting about later) liked to overrate their role in things, but Mr Germain impressed as someone who had no need to do that, coming with a sharp outlook and onto-it disposition, Penthouse was a very professional place. He was also smart enough to encourage his young studio charges to come up with fresh rhythms to suit the bogling times, and we’ll be getting into some of them at a later date fer sure.


Penthouse is still running tunes (now in Ballater Av, Kingston 10) though its been a good while since they released anything apart from the odd tune, that truly floated my boat. I would have expected Germain to be one of the forward thinking guys who might have forseen the digital damage that was inevitable with JA music, but it doesn’t appear so. There will be more on StinkInc from Penthouse for sure, if and when the 7” overhaul gets done over Xmas I know there’s some less celebrated cuts due for a dusting off, in the meantime cop a little bit of the evergreen General rhythm (which ran for about a year) and a picked-out and pruned slice of Penthouse in session biz over ‘Norwegian Wood/Darker Shade Of Black’.

(PenthouseRecordsspace) Official!
(Web) Excellent unofficial Penthouse site.


Always felt that Terror Fabulous never reached where he could and should have, we’ll have more on him later.

(Buy) ‘Celebration Vol 5’, ‘5 Star General’ is no longer available, though I’m sure it’s not hard to track down if so inclined.

Meantime here’s them Cocoa Tea shots again that got got by the web fascistas.

And seasonal bleatings from Noddy Holder and me…
(Buy) from Bleep


Diamond Socks & Ting

Not that it’s any real bad thing but this is starting to feel like a dubstep blog, so lets switch up the proverbial program.
Here’s some original drum and bass business, the real dub you can step to. Vital Dub emerged from Channel One in 1976 accompanying the ultimate Mighty Diamonds album ‘Right Time’. Every single cut is essential, on both vocal and version, but I’ve swung up ‘Merciful Dub’ which is a sublime rub on the sufferers lament ‘Have Mercy’. This is the sound of the Revolutionaries at their prime, when Channel One was churning ’em out, Ossie Hibbert (who also engineered) and the great Ansell Collins played keys which get flung around the mix delightfully. Like many of an age and development at that time, I suspect I was encouraged into buying this, partially as a result of the stonedest geezer in the world on the album cover (and great design), Virgin Records sure knew how to work those easy targets.If only every album with a gratuitous red-eyed Jamaican on the cover was as good as this slab of melodic majesty. I never got to see the Mighty Diamonds at their prime though I was fortunate enough to catch them at Junior Reid’s ‘Visa’ album release, in a New Kingston car-park in 1993 (probably, though it may have been ’94). Reid was still in fine voice then (unlike his visit to NZ) and the Diamond’s Tabby even more so. I seem to remember (actually I dont remember nearly enough of those trips, just as well Jason Burgess was snapping pics like a man possessed) breathlessly telling a lot of foundation artists how bleeding wonderful they are/were on that trip, and I’m pretty sure Tabby got a simpering dose of that appreciation from me.




And I guess it would be churlish not to include the original.



Reid, despite being a renowned reggae curmudgeon (a man who could give me a run in a moaning contest!) was hospitality incarnate when we had interviewed him and spent some time at his camp. The set up at his yard involved an office, mix room, voicing booth and record pressing machine all in a normal house, quite stunning. In all honesty, the 45’s he loaded us up with were on the unplayable side of rough, but I wouldn’t trade em for the world.

Ok now I’ve rahed on about Reid I’d best include a track of his too. First up from ‘Visa’ and a cut that was running hot at that time (we even pinched the title for a Unitone HiFi tune) is ‘All Fruits Ripe’ . Following is a more recent track with rapper Benisour, it’s a pretty standard tune but theres something about this one that gets me every time.





And some pictures from the day at Jnr Reid’s yard, with the man himself and Jah Paul resplendent in ‘Stinky Grooves’ T-shirts, bless them! courtesy of Jason Burgess who took em and owns em, so dont be pinching em!


READING PLANET MAGAZINE (Worrying moments as there was some fruity biz in this issue from memory!)