Joe Fish On The Podium & Wonderfulness From Parallel Dance Ensemble

And in news not just in. Well, just in to me anyway, as I’ve only just found out but our man Joe Fish, a director so elongated I’m surprised that they don’t require him to wear a flashing light hat to avoid aviation imperilment, WON the Best Editing category in this year’s Handle The Jandal Awards down in Wellytown. The video in question is of course the stunning ‘A Obvious’ from James Duncan’s impossibly wonderful ‘Hello-Fi‘ album. If you haven’t already, you can check it here without even having to put your internet coat on, and leave the StinkInc web premises. Suitably mentally unhinged props to Joe and of course Mr Duncan, without whom etc.
Almost as monstrously massive news, and a very deserved winner of the goldenest and grandest of all Jandals is our mucker Coco Solid (look for her guesting on an RTM release next year) who took out the top a top spot with her Parallel Dance Ensemble scorcher Weight Watchers. Parallel Dance Ensemble is her collabo with Robin Hannibal of Owusu & Hannibal fame, their first release ‘Turtle Pizza Cadillac’ was good but now I’m just fiending for more.
This song has been on serious rotate round our gaff (and I will be playing it tomorrow night fer sure) but the video is just brilliant too, Lisa Dunn has done an amazing job and it’s great to see it getting justifiably recognised.
You can buy the 12″ from Juno, and actually I must. Whole 5 track EP downloadable too from them too here. Don’t really feel the Yam Who remixes add much though.


Bank Holiday Business – Lazy Long Weekending


It’s a long weekend treatathon round here at StinkInc acres, with a coupla clips I’ve been meaning to postulate and some mixes and tracks that have been burning a hole in my …err hard drive, I guess.
To kick off, I’ve been meaning to post the competition trouncing clip for James Duncan’s ‘The Cupboard’s Bare’ for a coupla weeks now, my procrastination knows no bounds. Without any assistance vid clip wise we have gone guerilla with his exceedingly excellent ‘Hello-Fi’ album enlisting talented, willing and frankly slightly susceptible folk to come up with eye magic beyond compare. For this track James suggested a step further, and we opened it up competition style and fashion. David O Gifford of Fielding, who came up with this brilliant interpretation, was a unanimous winner for his dusty, stop animation delight.

The best advice with me and Busy Signal is basically… don’t start me. His duff tunes still rate higher than many of his contemps best, and as this video medley amply demonstrates he’s not prepared to limit his talent stylewise. Seven cuts, several of which have featured up hear in the last year, flash past in record time and since the mark of VP is on this perhaps it means a follow up to ‘Loaded’ is imminent. Predictably the VP website reveals a fat load of fuck all, fingers crossed then. Enjoy.

In general I like to keep the nearest thing Stinky Grooves has to a vague rule type thing – if possible, why bother going through the same door as everyone else, when there are so many others to choose from – running on StinkInc. The exception is of course the exceptional, them things that shine so outrageously that to not play, post or draw attention to them would be downright foolish and self-defeating. So like the Busy vid above these next couple of bitses are well present elsewhere around the internets but more than worthy of a prod with the pongy pointer.
Some noise, in fact some riotously uproarious noise needs to be made about Sonido Martines’s ‘Nueva Cumbia Argentina’ compilation for DJ/rupture’s constantly probing Soot label. I first cropped up on this while searching for digital delights at Juno Downloads a few weeks ago, and having been fully primed by the utterly essential 12″ that pre-empted it a few months ago, had no hesitation in snaffling all of the tracks that I hadn’t already got my grubby mitts on, instantaneously. In fact you can find one of those already unleashed on wax, Mr Martines’s own stunning retool of Los Destellos, on ‘Stinkbombs 808 – Heavyweight Honking’, which can still be absorbed and what have you via this post (couple of the DL links are dead but there’s a few still standing).
Hanyways Sonido Martines has had quite an effect on Stinky Grooves over the last wee while, with gear like his incredible Chicha mixtape, and the crazy Cumbia Rebajadas mixtape that required something a little stronger than Robotussin, to fully appreciate. It’s pretty fair to say that if you see his name involved, then you’re in for a quality ride, and you’re going to be unlocking some gear that would probably be impossible to access otherwise. This album has many gems that have wafted their way across the Stinky Grooves airwaves including one of the veritable plethora of standout’s from El Hijo De Cumbia’s ‘Freestyle De Ritmo’ album (also on Soot, purchase without of the best albums of the year period), all four tracks from the aforementioned ‘lady’s on the mic/gents on the mixing board’ teaser 12″, a non-album track from Chancha Via Circuito (ditto on his breathtaking mini-mellow-mal album ‘Rodante’) and some gear that hadn’t reached me yet like DJ Taz’s borderline brilliant/dreadful ‘Danza Macabra’ and finally something from the very very promising Fantasma (we’ve run their Jerry Dammers approved ‘Ghost Town’ cover on SG) that isn’t un-usable 128kbps biz.
Basically it’s a bobby dazzler, a crucial compile an exceptional excess essential item. They’ve accommodatingly made two tracks available for blogger type action and those are presented for you below. Then it is your duty to your own ears and sanity to follow the links, and support these marvelous machinations with some of your pristine pennies or pesos, ching chinging cents or durrty dollars..
Buy from Juno DL, available at plenty of other places too. CD on way I guess.
Mr Martines


Los Destellos … still going
El Hijo De La Cumbia …. the don!
Not the usual DIV embedded malarkey, control click etc
Before we leave the cumbia circuit you simply HAVE to check this free mental mix from Zurita. The geezer got some well deserved shine here for his brave and brilliant nuevo cumbia transpant of Suicide’s ‘Ghost Rider’ so no big rants but his new mix ‘The Great Cumbia Swindle’ is simply stunning. Anyone messing with the acapella of Screechy Dan’s ‘Give It To Me’, one of the many Kenny Dope productions that is grafted into the heart of any and every worthwhile DJ who was dishing out the damage 15 or so years ago, is potentially doodling in the sacred texts in my metaphorical book – but dang if Zurita doesn’t absolutely slay it. The whole mix is an insane chop shop of Sud Amerikan flavour getting a vigorous workout courtesy of everything from Primal Scream to Daddy Freddy and all points inbetween. It ends with a Boredoms track fer chrissakes, this is gold. DO NOT DELAY YOUR DL. (ay?!) Is free.


320 here, 71 Megs you need in your life
It is to my perpetual chagrin, that we never managed to make it to the dance that Heatwave were holding after Sunday’s Carnival exertions. However – DJ gigs the two nights before, jetlag and a most excellent and different day of Carnivalising with the fam, put paid to the kind of energy I’d need to get my senses properly singed by the Heatwave crew. I had hoped to find some more inroads into the appeal or hype of UK Funky at Carnival, but that didn’t really happen and short of pinching Kode 9’s record box (not a bad idea really, he had gear that was intergalactic dark funk(y) genuinely on another level ) I remain a slightly bewildered observer to the whole malarkey. This ‘Funky Bashment’ set (commissioned by the ultra checkworthy XLR8R site) goes straight to the heart of the matter, with the most raggacentric slant you could possibly wish to find. True to form it’s put together blindingly, undoubtedly mixed to buggery but still giving the tracks enough room, a heap of of un-inspiring net DJ folk could learn a lot from Heatwave. Funkywise I remain on the fence at best, naturally there’s some downright charming shit on the mix and a few real standouts, but those happy hardcore-esque riffs and sounds and the un-challenging nature of most of it just doesn’t reach me. Make your own mind up, enough of my wibbling.
Tracklisting etc roight ‘ere guvnor at the excellent Heatwave site
Heatwave mob on smile duty


This was intended as a quick couple ootubes and a shifty song on a quiet Friday night, and I was also intending to big up James Duncan’s first live appearance, with a group rather than a laptop, for company. Well, by now, that was last night, and what a treat it was to hear the songs from ‘Hello-Fi’ resplendent in on-stageness. It began brilliantly, if a touch tentatively, with an intoxicating take on ‘A Obvious’ and concluded with a blissblitzathon ‘…Of Everyone Around You’ rendition, with the band getting well open, dolloping out shards of mesmeric massiveness with scant regard for public safety, and unustainable amounts of jaw-droppery and chin-strokery, from a crowd that really seemed to catch the JD vibes. Top props to James, Sean, Chris, Chelsea and Finn alongside SP Cartier, Nick Rough’un and Paul McK for making that event happen. Watch it grow.
Finally on a straight track tip here’s a couple to keep the wolf from the door and hopefully initiate some power of suggestion type shop-alopping arrangement. I’m (marginally) forgoing the usual lengthy meaningless ramble and links (you can all Google better than me no doubt) in order to not turn this post into a Monday, or worse, affair and to avoid epic postulatory proportions.
The most agreeable entry into the world of Traktor, and the ongoing dilemmas of how much space music takes up, has led me into going through the shelves of CDs and identifying those that demand entry into the NI klub/those that have only one decent track that can be siphoned off and sold/those that will be ulitmate keepers. As a result I can forsee a few joyful re-discoveries popping up on StinkInc, and to begin with here’s a smidgen of indubstrial inspiration from Coil in 1990. I’m so chuffed that I located the CD as my 12″ seems to have disappeared amongst the rabble, this psych-dub bellathon is still so fresh, and has got me looking forward to dragging some more Coil bits out of the CD boxes. As far as I can make out this is no longer available and even the CD goes for a decent price (hmmmm) so it’s up at 192 but if you want a 320 (the production is so good, every single sound is pristine and perfectly placed… you owe it to yourself) drop me a line or hail up in the much neglected comments and we’ll get it sauteed.



Expect more odd delights from the past in the weeks and months, to come, in fact expect a fair bit as we are about to hit post #100 and not long after that StinkInc will be 1 whole year old. Usual scenario… you get the presents – I’ll be writing them posts and uploading that hooha. Next up one of the many Japanese DJ’s who I have a lot of time for, DJ Baku. It was a right delight to play alongside him a couple of years back, and like his buddy Kentaro he is a man who is mercifully free of herd like behaviour, choosing to find his own angle. He also doesn’t do the English but managed to express plenty with bows, grins and gestures (especially when presented with little local vegetable matter to see him through his trip…. his eyes were like the Blackpool Illuminations!) Baku’s records are another thing again and alonsgide the heavy-hop d’n’b metalising that laces his DJ sets, there always seems to be out of place, but spot-on, stuff like ‘Satya Dream’ – the track that really sent me from his ‘Dharma Dance’ album. In fact letting that album run, while I’ve been writing and musing and whatnot, has me fiending for his new’un ’12 Japs’ which looks a bit mighty, expect more on that soon. This track is very Sunday arvo really, enjoy, and hinvestigate.
Buy Dharma Dance, it will make your brain delightfully soggy
Good Baku interview here



Turnaround this Friday with Maiden Hong Kong getting amongst it on the decks, flyer and fandangle soon come up here. Don’t mess and don’t miss.

Stinky Grooves 04.08.09, Zomby droppings and rampant Duncaneering

Lost At Sea – Truth (Aquatic Lab)

Layin’ In Bed – ? (War)
Bubble Bubble – Zomby (Ramp)
Godzilla – Zomby (Ramp)
Purple City – Joker & Ginz (Kapsize)
Heartbroken (Noah D Rmx) – Liondub, Jahdan etc (Earwax)
General (Noah D Instrumental Rmx) – Liondub ft Jahdan (Liondub)
General (Original Instrumental) – Liondub (Liondub)
Violence In The City – Julian & Damian Marley
Good Girl Gone Bad – Tarrus Riley ft Konshens (VP)
Hand Inna Di Air – Assassin (Daseca)
Hot Hot – Mykal Rose ft Dada
Herbs Promotion – Tarrus Riley, Demarco & Vybz Kartel (VP)
Zion In Dub – Sly & Robbie (Greensleeves)
Sneeze Off – Unitone HiFi (Round Trip Mars)
The Creeping Tings Of The Earth – Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Antes Que Nadie – Chico Sonido
Let’s Do The 7 Again – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Sail We Must – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Creepy – Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Anything Worse – The Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder)
Discosong (Pilooski Rmx) – Jarvis Cocker (Rough Trade)
You Are The Sun – James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
Rendezvous – James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny – Rowland S. Howard (The Passport Label)
A Pox On The Pioneers – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Coaster (Idjut Boys Rmx) – Mendes & Alcada ( Claremont 56)
Murky Lambada – Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
PLSN – Ramadanman (Hessle Audio)
Mescaline Cola – Zomby (Ramp)
The Coconut Kestrel – Neil Landstrumm (Planet Mu)
You Know – Burnkane (Planet Mu)
Stumble Groove – Make Do
Way You Make Me Feel – Guido (Punch Drunk)
In System Travel – Jamie Vex’d (Planet Mu)
We Could Be Skweeroes – Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Officer Nuh Kill Him – Queen Ifrica
Picante – Busy Signal
Confort – ?
Borracho y Deseinao – Doma Tornadoes
La Cumbia Es Un Tango – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Las Mil Caras (Instr) – Fauna (ZZK)
Hay Guey – Tzochitl Soundsystem vs Toy Selectah (Bersa Discos)
We have told tales on Zomby before, so there’s nae need for a full fandangle… but this new 2×12″ on Ramp is as undead as they come – in fact it’s completely alive with creeping squelches, angular blips and totally, totally gone rhythms. Loving it to pieces, except every track feels shorter than it need be, I’ll stop moaning about with these wonkanauts once they start to fully resolve their bleepscapes for longer than a couple of minutes, three at a stretch.
Enjoy the track and then make like a ship-shape shopper and follow the links for the EP/MiniLP stinkstravaganza, flanking you mildly.
Buy wax or digi, locally seek Samurai stockists
There only seems to be one releiable pic of Zombie and we’ve run it… so I googled ‘shit zombie’ and found this instead.



And yes (parp of trumpets optional) the James Duncan album is out, and blowing peoples socks off…justifiably. Next week it’s the turn of JD on 45 and also the brand new and exceptionally fruity Unitone HiFi/Jefferson Belt 7″, maybe we’ll post up snippets for you sooooon.

James Duncan release type celebratory shenaniganisations at DOC on the K on Saturday night. Flyer below and check that DJ line-up!! Last week supporting The Specials (with Felix Hall and that gent Trevor Jackson), then this week Messrs Duncan, Donnelly, Cartier and Grattan behind the deckage alongside yours truly, blessed and spoilt is how I feel.
There will be blog love when the dust settles…promise.

Stinky Grooves 28.08.09 Vex’d-atious vibes & yet more Duncan visual goodness

Young Heart – Tarrus Riley (VP)
Money Over War – Konshens (VP)
Herbs Promotion – Tarrus Riley, Demarco & Vybz Kartel (VP)
Good Girl, Gone Bad – Tarrus Riley ft Konshens (VP)
Nah Judge Me – Busy Signal
Herbman Hustling – RSD
Sinners – Johnny Clarke vs Mala (Ringo)
Phonelines VIP – Ikonika
We Could Be Skweeeroes – Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Wind It Up (Freak Rmx) – Mark Pritchard (Hyperdub)
Radiant Industry – Jamie Vex’d (Planet Mu)
Gambetta – Pearson Sound (Soul Jazz)
Dive And Lie Wrecked – Luke Vibert (Planet Mu)
Murky Lambada – Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Anything Worse – Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder)
A Pox On The pioneers – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Discosong (Pilooski Rmx) – Jarvis Cocker (Rough Trade)
Sort Of Revolution (Sideshow Dub) – Fink (Ninja Tune)
Riding The Clouds – Paul White (One Handed Music)
Floating In The Sky – Noreaga & Kid Cudi
Ann Arbor – Fulgeance (One Handed Music)
Downtime – Kidz In Space (Move The Crowd)
Marvelous Music Machine – Luke Vibert (Planet Mu)

And I Really Know – Falty DL (Planet Mu)
So Long Ago – Pearson Sound (Soul Jazz)
Rut – Joe (Hessle Audio)
Anaconda – Untold (Hessle Audio)
Ghost Town (DJ G Bootleg Rmx) – The Specials
B.T. Tower – Gemmy (Planet Mu)
Finnrexin – Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Low Pressure Zone – Clubroot (Lo Dubs)
Creepy – Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Borracho y Despeinao – Doma Tornadoes
Confort – ?
Cumbia Regional – El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
…Of Everyone Around You – James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
In System Travel – Jamie Vex’d (Planet Mu)
Big Smack & Flies (Mungolian Jetset Rmx) – Ronny & Renzo (Smalltown Supersound)

I am fresh out of apologies for the blogging deficiency, it is just how it is right now, I’m determined that some kind of normal service will resume soon.. and that this wont become normal service.
As I type there’s a bunch of stuff occurring to me that I probably should be doing, so I’d best get on with it. This track from Jamie Vex’d is stupendous – buildings fall, souls are squeezed and dibby dibby wobble-eds shrivel up into expired epidermal excrement..each and every time you hear it. So basically what I’m saying is that it’s as good as ‘Crusher Dub’, and then some. There’s a lighter touch to the irrepressibly warped Vex’d flavours but the menace is just better slightly camouflaged, not absent. It’s late and I’ll probably start ranting on like a buffoon about the treacle toned beats and massive mournful horns – or why there aren’t more records like this, and so many that just sound the same. see, there you go. It begins and now it must finish. Listen to this 192-fi file, become entranced, disgusted, delighted.. whatever it takes – and then tootle off to secure a copy of some sort. The other tracks are ridonkulous too, I can’t believe I slept on this when it came out in April, major malfunction.
Buy the article or a file, yokally it’s Samurai business
Check his mighty fine, still available mixtape at the excellente Lucky Me site


I had hoped to actually do a non-radio show post last night with the brand new James Duncan video but pesky circumstances circumvented that. So here it is, in all it’s glory, made by Joseph Jowitt of Headspread Media. The almost finished version a couple of weeks ago blew me away, this completed piece is off the scale. So very, very chuffed with this hectic awesomeness adjoining one of my evergreen favourites from the Duncan cellar. Henjoy oy.

Nouveau Duncaneering, you heard it here firstest


Here’s a right proper StinkIncsclusive in the form of a brand new tune from James Duncan. It’s taken from his forthcoming album which remains untitled, and sincerely worth drooling over in growing anticipation. There’s a logjam of largeness on next years Round Trip Mars release ‘schedule’, (ok, it’s a serviette with the names of five artists threatening to birth scrawled on it, and little else apart from question marks in the date/title/etc columns), and I’m hoping Mr Duncan’s long awaited full length epistle will be first out of the starters gate. 

As those in the know can tell, it’s a right different bag to the eclectic electroidinal tendencies of his superb ‘Mirror Minor’ EP, and trust me a couple of plays of this far too brief, smudged out woozterpiece will have you hooked. This track has been firmly frying my bacon, and cumulatively heading towards #1 on my current musical good look chart, (especially since Angus laid his magical mastering palms on it last night) but truth be told it’s not even my favourite upcoming JD cut, thats’s a thing called ‘Cupboard’s Bare’ which according to me old iTunes is the most played song off the loptap Chez Stinky this year (with SJD, TNAF, Quiet Village, The Knux and Busy Signal all in close pursuit) and is simply, quite stupidly brilliant. We’re feeling all uncommonly giving for some peculiar reason or season, so we’ll be leaving this hexclusive gemlet up here for a minute, certainly at least until the new Round Trip Mars site is flung off into metaphorical orbit on January 1st 2009.

(Buy) Mirror Minor, it’s still bloody brill.
(zSHARE link)

Gawd help us I shouldnt be encouraging this, but here’s some more festering festive fare from these rhythmic reprobates…

Details on Cassetteboy, where to buy this dubious piece of yuletide yobbery etc is a couple of posts previous, lets not get repetetetetetetitive…