From BK To BZZRK, The Warrior Speaks – Exclusive Jahdan Blakkamoore interview


Anyone keeping an eye on the playlists here, or on ye olde myspace, will have seen the name Jahdan Blakkamoore popping up with increasing regularity. The Brooklyn based, Guayanese originated singjay has actually been around for a while, but his career hit new heights in 2006 with ‘Brooklyn Anthem’ when he combined with 77Klash and Matt Shadetek to devastating effect. When Shadetek went on to ally himself with yet another recidivist Stinky Grooves offender, DJ/Rupture, under the Dutty Artz banner, Jahdan was instant fam and the seeds were sown for Buzzrock Warrior. It’s a dizzying album, definitely too much to take in on initial listens (it has severely grown on me since I reviewed it for Mixed Messages in the next Real Groove) with production from the Dutty Artz dons, Chancha Via Circuito, Liondub, Modeslektor, Maga Bo and long time spar 77Klash. I had a natter to Mr Blakkamoore on the blower last week and he was a right delight, our 25 minutes became 45 as we both wanked on about the splendour of Busy Signal like a couple of fanboys. Here’s some of what he had, to say..un-edited and au natural like
On music being his living now –
“Yeah pretty much man this is what I do now. I’m trying to make a living from music, trying to keep my head above water. It’s still struggle mad tribulations and trials and tings like that, just with the day to day you know. This is going to be my springboard for everything else so I’m going to put my all into this, all my sacrifices is for this
My team – everyone I work with is focused on this, this is what’s going to be my springboard not many other things but its strictly music now I got to keep my booking up, keep my head above water, stay away from police, stay away from the cops, stay away from jail and prison. I’m not trying to be out there doing any illegal activity out there because I don’t like the police, they don’t like me, I don’t like them I don’t like their system so I don’t deal with them…just music.”
On album standout ‘Come With Me’ he talks about his background, immigration business and what not, what’s his status?
“That was then and that’s in the past they can’t do nothing about that now, the dirt was already done. It’s many years ago and it’s before I even knew it was dirt you know. I’ve got my passport, I’m looking to get other passports from other nations, other countries – looking to have international status and be able to move like a diplomat around the planet you know. Might even be leaving this planet too, go to another planet, might go back to where I came from which is Mars.”
I’m obliged to inform him that he’s in the right place – talking to the man from Round Trip Mars.
“I’ll probably be linking with you, and get my Martian passport, and then I’m out of this place.”
On working with Dj/Rupture and what a stupendous filterer of music he is –
“He’s a connoisseur, that’s one of the main reason. I know it’s a very good that we linked up, because I was kind of getting fed up with what the propaganda machine is pushing out there. So I was looking for some other way to attack and this is it and I’m going to continue to be a genre bender as much as I can.”
Not quite sure (without going back to the tape) what prompted this wee ramble, he does like a rant, which is fine by me. But it’s a good answer, whatever the question.
“The mediahype propoganda machine they want to use music to sell hamburger and Nike and fuckery. They want to sell bullshit, they want to use your music to sell these things. But the real thing already happened, the origination of this music already happened already. It came now so obviously this thing has to go forward now. What we’re left with is what they give us. They give us the different choices and we pick from it. But the streets know what… the streets still listen to Nas, to KRS One there’s still some people going to listen to X Clan. Still tuning into some Tonto Irie, Charlie Chaplin and Brigadier Jerry and Papa San. Those are the kind of things I grow up on, that’s my frame of reference for this whole thing. So when they talk about dubstep to me, they aint talking about dubstep. You have to talk about Augustus Pablo, that’s dub step. The music has got to progress somewhere, and the youths only catch on from where they’re born, when their eyes open up. So somebody has to say ‘remember this?!’ That’s why the retro thing catch on so, because someone said ‘Hey remember this!’”


With contribution from grime demi-God Durrty Goodz, Berlin spicy synth superintendents Modeselektor and some all-over-the-modern-shop rhythms it is refreshing to hear a record that pushes it, but avoids the usual predictable pitfalls and limp lunges at crossover.
“I really focus on it man, I’m trying my best to tap into what my source of inspiration is. I want to be different and I don’t want to ft in. You’re going to see, when you look at what I do with my group Noble Society, everything that you see coming out is going to get more mad, stranger and stranger, more different. Because that’s my avenue when I work with Noble Society, that’s the source we tap into, that’s the realm we tap into. We want to be eclectic, we want people to go ‘wow what the hell is this?’ I though this was a reggae band’ That’s my crew of people that I resonate with, so even when I go off and I do a ‘Buzzrock Warrior’, or a ‘Babylon Nightmare’ (his long awaited one drop project, ‘it will be ready when it’s done’ ..he says), its still going to be with that edge is what I’m coming with. I don’t feel its about fitting in, I feel its about fitting out. Staying out!”
Talking of ‘fitting out’ somewhat inevitably leads me to provoke a Busy Signal fanfest!
“Busy is my artist right now. Nobody not talking to Busy. You’d think that like he’d start taking the lead, and he is taking the lead, he is mastering his agenda. He’s really tapping into something, and saying something. You can hear it with his flow, you can hear he’s not coming with the norm. He was trained, he was schooled, he was bought up in the same schoolroom, you can detect it. Because you cant stray too far out, you can’t go too far. They’re going to tell you to get back, well you hope they’re going to tell you. Especially in the arena, in the dancehall arena, you’ve go to fit in – otherwise they wont notice.”
Below a track from Noble Society (his other band who made a big splash on iTunes last year with their album, havailable locally and internationally through aforementioned digital big bwoss) and a remix of ‘General’ featuring General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun. You know the original of that track made a big impression on me as it kicked off the last Stinkmix (hokay for those that have enquired and requested, another Stinkmix on the way… soonest), that slot is not for the fainthearted or any dibbi-dibbi type behavior! As ever the music is only at 192kbps and limited time – buy the discs or DLs and support an original artist making his way, progressive style and fashion.


Check the Full Hundred Jahdan Blakkamoore and Matt Shadetek mixtape fer free (the first tatse always is..) at XLR8R 22 minutes mix-up madnesseration
The Noble Society’s latest album, has some winners, check the catalogue too. Buy from Juno or iTunes
This EP is still available, the CD also has the highly desirable versions. Buy from Boomkat
But don’t sleep on the wax, is hot and available for purchase here
And this is the album you should be looking for, in shops next week EnZed style & fashion so no links …yet.


There may well be a Part Two to this in a few weeks, depending on whether I can inveigle someone to take the hint and get it in print…. hold tight..

Dropping the Stinkbombs – A brand new Stinkmix for nix

Well… the original idea was to be getting some podcastery action up here, with some of my radio honed, inane mumbling atop the musical malarkey, however a more prudent consideration suggests it would be far better and quicker to fling up the latest Stinkbombs, the first since November ’08. It’s a shade over a 100 MB’s all up, so I’ve split it into two and they are available from a choice of folks via Sharebee below, just follow them links and pick your download receptacle. Pretty much every track is very deliberately tagged with stings and diabolical dialogueical nonsense, so as ever if you want them tunes there’s easy links to buy ’em, please support the artists and labels…. serious biz, nearly all of them are actively available and just a click away!
Also took this opportunity to include a few of Jason Burgess’ cracking JA shots (Barrington, Lady Saw, Roof Intl van etc) from our visitation in 1993 (and a couple from a previous trip of Jason’s), that’s re-energised me on getting some more of these posted, so look out.
Download link Part 1 (Tracks 1-11) (55.16MB) Zip
Download link Part 2 (Tracks 12-23 & cover PDF) (50.48 MB) Zip

1. The General – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)

Matt Shadetek and Lion Dub lay down an impossibly heavy, minimal rhythm at a dubstempo while Jahdan drops one of his best vocals yet, it’s fire and frikkin ice business. Enormous things to come methinks from the Jahdan, Dutty Artz camp and related breadrun.
Buy (I copped it local from Samurai)
DuttyArtzspace check their blog on the panel right over there

Jahdan Blakkamoore

The General label

2. Murderation – Unknown/RSD (Love Is The Key)

Big, big, big tune that I slept on when it was initially released, one of those that a 30 second online sample can just sound like ‘meh another blend’. Oh no it’s not, anything but that…. this is exceptional. A copy, pretty literally, fell into my hands, which is well handy as it appears pretty hard to find these days. Best place to start looking would be here, if you want to be relieved of upwards of 25 Euros.
Love the photo of Barrington out the back of Bobby Digital’s, that waistcoat and the decidedly un-macho white Jeep that he was driving at the time with his Lipstick label logo made for quite an ..ahem interesting spectacle!
More Rob Smith here

Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Barrington Levy in the yard at Digital B, Kingston ’93. Courtesy Jason Burgess.

barrington levy in bobby d's yard
Barrington at Sunsplash, Kingston ’93. Courtesy Jason Burgess.

‘Murderation’ is an unadorned white label, this is the original classic.

Murderer label

3. One – Aardvarck (Bloom/White)
Don’t know much about Dutch dude Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) apart from I haven’t really been too down with the little gear I’ve heard of his before this mighty, mysterious, untitled white label ‘Bloom 1’ EP. A bit of further investigation reveals he’s got some interesting gear bubbling, so what do I know? Not much… except this is a killer, very hard to find now and the follow up ‘Bloom 2’ sold out in a week. Heavy!
Buy digital-lee
Aardvarck label
4. Gold Dust – Earl Sixteen (Roots Garden)
5. Herb Dust – Nick Mansseh/Roots Garden Crew (Roots Garden)
Have ranted about these, previously… here, so check that for links, stinks, shits and giggles. This is a little foundation stone breather after the subsonic attackment of the intro trio.
Earl Sixteen & Nick Manasseh
Earl meets Manasseh

6. Vampire – Chezidek (Massive B)
7. What U Fighting For – Burro Banton (Massive B)
A brace of boomshots on Massive B, the NYC label that should be due for some sort of civic recognition for their phenomenal strike rate and staying power, over many years. Mr Konders rarely mis-fires, and this lick of ‘Declaration Of Rights’ is teflon tough and frill free. Chezidek’s ‘Inna Di Road’ album, handled by Bobby for Greensleeves is one of the best reggae/dancehall albums of recent times in my estimation, and ‘Vampire’ is one of the highlights. Burro does what Burro does, admirably, just ramping up the anticipation for his recording session with The Bug to be unleashed upon us.
Buy Chezi from NYC
or Burro from Japan



Chezideks album is still available and it’s beyond fire, like molten or something….

Chezi LP

The Rt Hon Bobby Konders


Chezi - Vampire
Burro label

8. Bad Man Gon Cry – Lady Saw (Big Yard)

Rattled on about this here.
Still available, Beat Merchants have it for the local yokels.
Or Buy ponline
Lady Saw at Sunsplash ’93 shots c/o Jason Burgess.
lady saw star kingston 93
Bad Man label
9. Hustle – Collie Buddz (Massive B)
Huuuuge tune chopping up Barrington’s timeless ‘Prison Oval Rock’, once again from New York’s finest, Massive B. Everything about Collie Buddz just seems so incredibly wrong, and he looks ultra-irritating… but then he just keeps coming up with fire, the kind of feu that overcomes all obstacles and hinderances. I’m well partial to the flip of this ‘Herb Tree’ which is yet more lyrical license about vegetable matter – boasted, toasted and darkly roasted.
Hustle label
10. Smell Good – Captain Barkey (Roof International)
Couldn’t resist sliding in this olfactory 90’s gem from Barkey, ‘put up yu hands if you know yu smell good!!!’, indeed. Wouldn’t do if the smell bad posse were putting up their hands/arms and other odious appendages now would it! All pungent punning aside this is a killer tune, produced by Courtney Cole, and it very nearly sent the mix off on an unexpected 90’s tangent but I managed to hold back…this time.
Buy re-issue
More photographic funda from Jason Burgess below with the Roof International mobile record shop, guess these are a thing of the past now, too. However Truck Back productions who came up with Erup’s ‘Click Mi Finger’ (and the Dashboard & Gearbox rhythms etc) do all their recording in the back of a container truck in Kingston, so the extra ordinary vehicular vibes live on in JA culture.
roof international van
Barkey Smell label
11. Hussling – Busy Signal (Birch Hill)
12. Tek Back Yard – Beenie Man (Birch Hill)
13. Selassie Love We – Vybz Kartel (Birch Hill)
14. Baddaz Rhythm – Birch Hill Crew (Birch Hill)
Ok it may not be much more than a slight (but skillfully done) embellishment on Dave Kelly’s monstrously mighty Joyride rhythm but who cares? This is stencherific, and then some. Christopher Birch updates with aplomb and Busy, Beenie and Vybz all represent proper and correct in the voicing booth. Things get a little over-ethusiastic with the Kaos pad around these parts… such is life.

Busy getting his Bubbles on, as a paperboy for the day

Vybz looking lairy.
15. Bolivia – El Remolon (ZZK)
16. Aqui Princesa (Marcelo Fabian Rmx) – Princesa (Soot)
17. Calzada Rhythm – Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
18. Elsa (Sonido Martines Rmx ft Fefe) Los Destellos (Soot)
This little portion threatened to take over the mix, it’s so good to have an injection of fresh cumbionic vinyl. Basically there’s three indispensable 12″s that anyone with a penchant for nuevo-cumbia hoo-ha should peruse and pursue with great rapdity…they are..
El Remolon’s storming 6 tracker ‘Pibe Cosmo’
El Remolon label
Soot’s all-star magnificent remixery.
Neuva Cumbia Argentaina
The Chancha Via Circuito EP, that goes a treat with his Rodante album
Chancha 12" label
Buy El Remolon
Buy Nueva Cumbia Argentina
Buy Chancha Via Circuito 12″
More wibbling about Chancha Via Circuito here
El Remolon

El Remolon

Marcelo Fabian

Marcelo Fabian

Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circuito

Los Destellos

Los Destellos 1

Sonido Martines (this fellers mixdiscs are beyond crucial)

Sonido Martines

19. Guajira Sicodelica – Los Destellos (Vampi Soul)

From the superbly named ‘This LP Crashes Hard Drives’, which was put together by the fine people at Vampi Soul, Finders Keepers, Sublime Frequencies, Honest Jons, Numero Group, Jazzman, Daptone, Now Again, Light In The Attic and Timmion… phew. For my money this has got be the best, gregariously genre-free compilation thus far this year, and it’s encased in a meaty gatefold sleeve, as befits a release specifically designed to celebrate Record Store Day.
This cut from the ‘Cumbia Beats Collection’ is Peruvian mellow psych chicha fever, holy hell!
Buy it from Conch or here

Couldn’t resist another Los Destellos shot, they’re giving Barrington a run for his money!
Los Destellos 2
This LP Crashes...

20. Psychedelic Circus – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Read all about it here.
21. Major Blitzkreig – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
On the strength of what I’ve heard so far, the self titled Higamos Hogamos album is very much at the top of my shopping list. This single kinda out-Depth Charges, Depth Charge – which is major points and prizes round my gates. That delightful situation is enhanced by the a storming J Saul Kane mix that takes up the whole of the flipside. There’s also a surprisingly superb bonus, a percusso-pressure-cooker from Ed Banger artiste Mickey Moonlight, an alliterated gent I need to investigate further. It’s an embarrassment of riches really, as most DC Recordings 12″s are, I opted for the brief and blistering original version at the last minute when I was whacking this mix together, it’s very very hard to argue with.
Hig Hog
Hig Hog cover
22. Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free – Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
I’m startled, nay shocked, by the fact that I haven’t posted about this mercurial French duo who come on like a modern day Silver Apples tussling it out kraut-fu style with John Carpenter on the soundtrack to a psychedelic, slightly sick, dimly lit, autoroute thriller movie… or something like that. It was their right renking remix for Kelpe last year that motivated chasing their album ‘A Land For Renegades’ up, and it’s subsequently become a real favourite. These decidedly un-mindless, synth and basheria merchants are definitely a pair to keep les yeux on, I reckon.
Buy from Piccadilly on all formats or CD is cheap here
Zombie Zombie
Zombie Zombie - A Land For Renegades
23. 2080 – Subeena (Imminent)
I read an intriguing review about this 12″ from Subeena on Imminent by the venerable John Eden on his Uncarved blog, and didn’t connect that it was the same disc when I ordered it. He was right, it’s an untypical wee gem and from a little synchronous investigatory behaviour it turns out that Subeena is hooked up with the mighty Coco Solid from their linkage at the RBMA in Barcelona. Small world and all that, but it takes a large tune to finish off a little mix and this does the biz.
Subeena EP

Stinklinks & the proverbial, ubiqitous ting

I’m not a big fan of the endless re-posting of links malarkey, apart from thems that do it supremely well, but every now and then you’ve got to share a thing or two. I’ve got a few more hefty posts planned – right now, here’s some bits and places from around the place……………
Taliesin from those titans of tonal terrorism Dutty Artz pinged me a link to his ‘Samizdat Mix’ ,  which ranges from a bit of messed up dancehall including Busy Signal (and as you know we’re partial to that round here) through crucial cumbiafied cuts right up to some right undulating uptempo units and all sorts of messed up magnificence. Have a butchers below.


direct link to the mix
dutty artz has it all naturally
Dutty Artz is showing promising potency at the minute with scorching releases that get out there, but somehow remain criminally under the radar.. at least for now. The Jahdan Blakkamoore EP that dropped last year was ridiculously tight (look forward to hearing Asterix over a couple of beats from that EP on Friday night) and his new 12″ The General (nowt to do with the rhythm of the same name) is some totally top ranking, highly decorated business. Produced by Matt Shadetek and LionDub (the label isLionDub International), and touching down on wax last week –  the original is THE joint. The subsonically seismic remixes from Noah D and Marcus Visionary are none too shabby either, as it goes. I’ll be running at least one version tomorrow night (if not more), and I can only predict monstrously musically satisfying things from Mr Blakkamoore, and his upcoming album ‘Buzzrock Warrior’. No mp3, support the quality and score it already.


Cop a 22 minute slice of Jahdan mixtape business at XLR8R
And while you’re trawling a round why not have a squizz at……..
BAGnewsNotes is an excellent U.S. news pictures analysis site, check it…. particularly liked this one.

Oftentimes he can be such a nong, and his talent is more often squandered than done justice to, but on a good day Vybz Kartel is almost un-toppable and un-stoppable. It can only have  been a day or two after Sting when he recorded this hilarious broadside at Mavado, ‘Last Man Standing’.  At first I was just amused, and then for the last few months I’ve been severely hooked – on the daily style & fashion. There’s finally an official video which, even though it’s pretty standard fare, has a certain brusque charm. 

This track below is sending me right now, I would never ever have betted on this mob of fringe-farmers and ghoulish grinders to come up with something so substantial. It’s hardly a bundle of originality, but when it sounds this good – who cares. Thus far I’ve only listened to the full album in an intense reviewing frenzy for a couple of days so I’m curious to get back to it in a relaxed frame, who would have thunked it.  
Finally it’s been a bad spell for the curtailment of great minds with the loss of one of the very best, J.G. Ballard and also the razor sharp Clement Freud, we shall not be seeing their like again. I’ll leave you with a joke from the latter.

Stinky Grooves 30.12.08

The Lie – Zomby (Ramp)
Give Me Up (LD Rmx) – Sully (2nd Drop)
Clunk Click Every Trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
New Life Baby Paris – Mala (Deep Medi Music)
Brrrrrrappi! (Quiet Storm Rmx) – Dachambo (Jetset)
Shipwreck Glue (Kelpe Rmx) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Mutual Affection – In Flagranti (Codek)
Bonat Synthesizer – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Do The Math – Bounty Killer & Busy Signal
Judas – Bounty Killer
All About My Money – Busy Signal
Go Round Payola/Instr – Jahdan Blakkamoore/Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Epic Mardre – Mungolian Jetset (Lunar Flicks)
Epics & Donuts (Mungloina Jetset Rmx) – Altz (Lastrum)
Das Feur – Holger Hiller (Dirty)
Blue Lipps (Idjut Boys Edit) – Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Dripping Like Water – Zomby (Ramp)
Green Ranger – LD (2nd Drop)
Bad – Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
Homeless (Quarta 330 Rmx) – Cardopusher (Hyperdub)
Gather – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Martyn (3024)
Spread The Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Radical Majic (Rotters Golf Club)
The Legacy (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – E.S.C. (Rotters Golf Club)
Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Primal Scream (B Unique)
Conservation Of Momentum – Euler (Codek)

long tracks, short playlist..time of the year

For the final burnt offering to go with the last playlist of the year here is a scorching rave-fairground-meets-bashment track from Jahdan Blakkamoore’s ‘We Are Raiders’ EP, which really should have been amongst the EPs of the year post. With weighty geezers like DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek and Stereotyp behind him Blakkamoore is a name you’re going to be hearing a lot more of in ’09, doubtless. It’s available on vinyl, extended CD and digital…so there’s no excuses ……..
(buy) the wax