Stinky Grooves 20.06.17

gloomdrosted21 lofi

It’s the Future Knocking (Alpha Steppa Remix) – Pitch Black (Dubmission)
Can’t Breathe – Kabaka Pyramid (Bebble Rockers/Ghetto Youths International)
Prevail – Agent Sasco (Kirkledove)
Necromancy – Mr Vegas (Kirkledove)
Green Light – D Medz (Kirkledove)
Pinguins (Version) – Sub Alpine Xpress (bandcamp)
Cumbia del Monte – Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros (Discos Fuentes)
Para as Barricadas – Ibu Selva (soundcloud)
Floating – Seteffen Kirchhoff (soundcloud)
Amor En Francia (Instrumental) – Quantic & Nidia Góngora (Tru Thoughts)
Sabro – Son Santi D, Eduardo Zambrano (soundcloud)
Dansakoni (Dreems Remix) – Peter Power (Multi Culti)
Sugar Tastes Like Salt (Andrew Weatherall Tastes Like dub mix Pt 2 – 303 Bass) – The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings)
Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas – Timothy J. Fairplay (Höga Knord Rekords)
Tensions – Lindstrom (Smalltown Supersound)
Teddy – Powell (DIAGONAL)
Beater (Stenny Remix) – Lurka (Timedance)
Anapo – DB.Source (Gravity Graffiti)
Black Power – The Peace (Now-Again)
Gargoyle – The I.L.Y’s (The I.L.Y’s)
Mele-Mele Pas Toué P’Tit Pierre  – Hervé Imare (Strut)
Tantine Zaza – Françoise Guimbert (Strut)
Sahara – Songhoy Blues ft Iggy Pop  (Fat Possum)
Cascade Waltz – Can (Mute)
Gonda’s Dream (Cavern Of Antimatter version) – Tomaga (Kaya Kaya)
A Perspective With No End (Shit & Shine version) – Tomaga (Kaya Kaya)
Flowering in Threes – Parris (Hemlock)
Ka – LCC (Editions Mego)
ExpeditionvEkoplekz (Planet Mu)
Pt 1 Résidence aztèque à colonnades (avec vue sur l’océan) – The Dead Mauriacs (Discrepant)
Ciane (GG Records Trance mix) – DB.Source (Gravity Graffiti)
Adama Waro – Peter Power (Multi Culti)
La Cosecha – Nicola Cruz (Exotic Refreshment)
Greetings From The Bitter End – Tomaga (Kaya Kaya)
Djakarta 3001 (Short Version) – Komodo Kolektif (bandcamp)
Distant Bloods – Run Dust (In Paradisum)
Cooling – Yoshinori Hayashi (Gravity Graffiti)

Friday is of course Love Bucket day, from 7 till who knows when. Following that on Saturday Dub and myself will be getting our monthly Hallertau on from 12.30, if you fancy a bit of that might I suggest you book first to avoid disappointment because they get busy.

Stinky Grooves 13.06.17

mirror bw3 lofi

Kebra Dub Part 5 – Kingston All Stars (bandcamp)
Vocal Dub Riddim – Babylotion (bandcamp)
GM Riddim – Babylotion (bandcamp)
Sound Gangsta (NYC Mix ) – Rumble ft Red Fox (Liondub International)
Something Dark – Woman’s Aid (bandcamp)
Revienta la Calle – Punto Rojo (Wakan Tanka)
Dreams (Acapulco Zombie Edit) – Cumbia Tropical (soundcloud)
Cumbia Mañanera – Guanchaka (bandcamp)
Danzajala (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Señor Chancho (soundcloud)
El Álbum – San Ignacio (bandcamp)
Viña, Punta, San Bernardo (Yo Quiero Vivir en una Propaganda de Celulares) – San Ignacio (bandcamp)
Little People (Shibuya 88) – Tochigi Canopy (bandcamp)
Car Car Car (Roman Flugel Remix) – DJ Hell (International DeeJay Gigolo Records )
Dubba – Front De Cadeaux (bandcamp)
Beater (Stenny Remix) – Lurka (Timedance)
Car Car Car (Phil Kieran’s Drum Remix) – DJ Hell (International DeeJay Gigolo Records )
For Your Smile – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (bandcamp)
Bossa Rossa – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (bandcamp)
Lordy Riddim – Babylotion (bandcamp)
Otoño – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
Let The Water Run – Autarkic (Disco Halal)
N Bun Kan Kan (bld rm) – Paradon’t (DISK)
Résidence aztèque à colonnades (avec vue sur l’océan) – The Dead Mauriacs (Discrepant)
Stoned Crocodiles – Praed (Grandangolo)
Post Rave Wrestle (Mosca’s Dead Leg Version) – Bruce (Timedance)
Ticket – Coby Sey (Whities)
Decent Beginnings – Tochigi Canopy (bandcamp)
Read The Signs (Instrumental) – Cage & Aviary (bandcamp)
Mellow Johnny’s – Marius Circus (In The Garden)
Amanacer (Sound Voyage future world rmx) – Grupo Ismaelillo (soundcloud)
Pop Makossa Invasion – Dream Stars (bandcamp)
Quatere – Mario Batkovic (Invada)
Teddy – Powell (DIAGONAL)
Freezer – Powell (DIAGONAL)
Active (Peak) – Coby Sey (Whities)
Creation – Martin Rev (Atlas Réalisations)
Chineke Me (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Sonikgroove ft Flybiz (soundcloud)
Mat’s – Babylotion (bandcamp)
Maxo – Babylotion (Wakan Tanka)
Stormy – Andy Mac (Idle Hands)
Chalet polynésien à pignon pour séjour-club – The Dead Mauriacs (Discrepant)

This week I’ll be stenching up a storm at Golden Dawn tomorrow (Wednesday) night from 7 till 11 (and heading back there on Thursday for the launch of Tourette’s novel). Pon Friday, well you might have guessed it already but yes Love Bucket from 7 till … as long as it takes. And that’s my lot, big up the ‘Landers, joining the Blues in taking an international scalp. Scalp dem!

The Other Crate Record Fair – Saturday…

Been pulling out a bunch of tunes to sell on Saturday, see flyer in previous post for full details on The Other Crate malarkey but suffice to say the last one of these was the best Fair of the bunch for me. Below is a small smattering of what I’m assembling, there’s crates more and this is pretty much a random pick (loads of 90s dancehall 12’s for $2-$5 and a whole heap of non reggaematical gear as well!) Will also be discounting some previously up for sale gear, so bargains and scores galore from early out till last drop. Early bird entry at 8 (oooh err $10), gold coin on the gate after 9am…see you there.


Stinky Grooves 06.06.17


Untitled12 lofi

Smash And Scatteration – Roger Robinson (Echo Beach)
Higrade Skanking – Echoslim X Nicko Rebel X Mr. Williamz (Nicko Rebel)
Raggamuffin Soldier – Naram ft Robert Lee (Scotch Bonnet)
Aztec Riddim – Coldcut & On-U Sound feat. Adrian Sherwood (Ahead Of Our Time)Assylum Seekers – Big Youth (Fe True)
Care Home (Sordid Sound System Dub Mix) – Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (Va Va Records)
Solo Quedan Las Heridas – DJ Caution (soundcloud)
How Deep is Your Low (Take 1) – Jin Yerei (bandcamp)
Maria La Baja – Roberto Lopez (bandcamp)
La Mano Descompuesta – Pedro Laza (Vampi Soul)
La Cumbia Del Carnaval 2017 Limpia Los Pipopes – DJ Padrinomix (soundcloud)
Chineke Me (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Sonikgroove ft Flybiz (soundcloud)
Yo soy como el Tigre (Nixtamal remix) – Pedro Aznar y Leda Valladares / Nixtamal (bandcamp)
Vasija de ti – Nixtamal (bandcamp)
Something Dark – Woman’s Aid (bandcamp)
Koinos – Laurel Halo (Hyperdub)
Call Girl – System Olympia (bandcamp)
A Tilt Remains – Art Of The Memory Palace (bandcamp)
Year of the Funky – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (Légère Recordings)
How To Cheat – Autarkic (Disco Halal)
Back To – DJ Groov (10 Pills Mate)
Kaif – Andrew Weatherall (bandcamp)
Tantram Power – Red Axes (bandcamp)
Green Sugar – Kikagaku Moyo (bandcamp)
For Your Smile – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (Légère Recordings)
THIRTEEN – Surly (Polish Juke)
Touch The Sky – painspeople (bandcamp)
Let The Water Run – Autarkic (Disco Halal)
Roulette – Delia Gonzalez (bandcamp)
Torso Corso (Curses Edit) – Lizzy Mercier Descloux (soundcloud)
Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall vocal remix) – Frank Butters presents Cult Of Glamour
Nnom Mot (Ry9n & Knid edit Over dub) – Douglas Mbida
Lonely weeks of mine – My Own Ghosts (bandcamp)
2.1 Woman – H.Grimace (Self Architect)
4Q 510-511 – Surly (Polish Juke)
Scare Em To Death – Surly (Polish Juke)
Milk And Biscuits – Proc Fiskal feat. Craig Polonis (Hyperdub)
Blayboy – Martin Rev (Atlas Réalisations)
Soray Dub – Lo Kindre (bandcamp)
Ethiopian Dub – Bukkha (Dub-Stuy)
Two Sevens Clash Prophecy Revealed – Culture ft Mr Bojangles (VP)
Fulfillment – The Mighty Two (VP)

Thanks for all the delightful texts, communications and what have you tonight (apart from the prat who still rings to ask for requests…no thanks, no nothing for him), tis always appreciated. Friday I’ll be doing the usual unusual at Love Bucket from 7pm till whenevs. The following morning I’ll be at Alpress in Drake Street flogging off some more of me vinyl, already have some good titles priced up and expect to have a lot more together by Saturday morning, theres some wicked other vendors too, this will be a winner. 8am for earlybirds, gold coin entry after 9. Flyer below.


Stinky Grooves 30.05.17

Untitled3 lofi

Raggamuffin Soldier – Naram ft Robert Lee (Scotch Bonnet)
Aggro Riddim – Naram (Scotch Bonnet)
News from 2083 – Stand High Patrol (Stand High Records)
Sekkel – Trilion ft Mentor Irie (Scotch Bonnet)
Follow Fashion – Wrongtom Meets The Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
They Wanna Know (Dancehall Dub) – Ghost Writerz (NICE UP!)
Heza – Bartellow & DJ Ground (SVS)
DuaDua (Discoshaman Remix) – Nathan Hall (bandcamp)
Something Dark – Woman’s Aid (bandcamp)
Soray Dub – Lo Kindre (bandcamp)
Ghostly Regenerator Rer Repeter (Bokeh Versions)
Chuwangk Kyuh Hay (thrd mpct) – Paradon’t (Disk)
Roulette – Delia Gonzalez (bandcamp)
Viento Del Bosque (Steffen Kirchhoff Revision) – Nathan Hall (bandcamp)
Après-MIDI – Jex Opolis (bandcamp)
Lamb – System Olympia (bandcamp)
4Q 510-511 – Surly (Polish Juke)
Bad Mind – Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub)
Lamentation – Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub)
Blayboy – Martin Rev (Atlas Réalisations)
Chuqui Chinchay – Elysia Crampton (The Vinyl Factory)
Zinabu (Moody Boyz Edit Refix) – Bunzu Soundz (Africa Seven)
Hidden Song – Delia Gonzalez (bandcamp)
Pelomen Vapour 1 – Bola (Skam)
Call Girl – System Olympia (bandcamp)
My Street – Martin Rev (Atlas Realisations)
Touch The Sky – painspeople (bandcamp)
Nnom Mot (Ry9n & Knid edit Over dub) – Douglas Mbida (Africa Seven)
THIRTEEN – Surly (Polish Juke)
Gold Country Vapor – Elysia Crampton (The Vinyl Factory)
Beehive (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Mark Lanegan (Heavenly)
A Page in the History Books – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (Lakeshore)
Promesa (Placer County Pride) – Elysia Crampton (The Vinyl Factory)
Shanghai Dreaming – Rer Repeter (Bokeh Versions)
Oppression Part 1 – Diggory Kenrick & The Prophet Allstars (Pressure Sounds)
Care Home (A La Fu & Lotek One Take Dub) – Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (Va Va Records)
Secret Shade – Andy Mac (Idle Hands)

A touch colded tonight and crocked by crookness but nothing that a restorative three hours of olfactory machinations can’t solve, and sure enough they did. This week I am all about and only about the Love Bucket on Friday from 7, as with our monthly Hallertau sessions the smart money says get in early (or swing by late) or you may find there’s no room at the proverbial inn, we busy******!

I wrote some good natured guff about the mighty The Comet Is Coming, who are actually coming but sadly only to the Welli Jazz Fest which I cannot attend because I will be selling my wares and manning a stall at this…


If you’d like to read my frothings, please check here and if you can’t make the gig check their bandcamp for widescreen niceness and beyond groovy jazzmatical signposts (ie Soccer69 etc etc)…….
And while I have you, the delightful and abundantly talented Mz Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette etc has set up a Give A Little page for her next project and typically it’s thoughtfully done and super ultimately worthy. You can have a gander and shake your sheckels here , vid below – it’s basically buying in advance and it’s a good thing…don’t let me stop your rushing away to support  quality art right about now.

and here’s the show…………

Stinky Grooves 23.05.17

croy dun 1 lofi

Straight to Hell – Horace Andy (Fe True)
Asylum Seekers – Big Youth (Fe True)
Constellations (Hello Skinny Version) – Soccer96 (bandcamp)
ExplicitRobbery [Dub] – Coldcut & On-U Sound feat. Rholin X & Adrian Sherwood (Ahead Of Our Time)
Dangerous (Bim One Mix Instrumental) – Shanti D (Riddim Chango)
Aztec Riddim – Coldcut & On-U Sound feat Adrian Sherwood (Ahead Of Our Time)
Jugglin’ – Wrongtom Meets The The Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
They Wanna Know – Ghost Writerz (NICE UP!)
Tribute To Tha Originators – Stand High Patrol (Stand High Records)
My Research – Stand High Patrol (Stand High Records)
Care Home (A La Fu & Lotek One Take Dub) – Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (Va Va Records)
Spiritual Elevantion – Ras Ephraim & Lui Exs feat Danielito Da Silva (bandcamp)
La Cumbia Quitapenas (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Lascivio Bohemia (soundcloud)
Minguante – Kurup (bandcamp)
099 Mal Digo (DLMJ Edit) – Violeta Parra (Cassette)
Superman (Daywalker & CF Joined The Band Remix) – Daywalker + CF (BANK)
01 All Abawd! – Bullion (Trilogy Tapes)
Make It Right (Andrew Weatherall instrumental remix) – Frank Butters presents Cult Of Glamour (Make It Right)
Canini (Dreems “Beautiful Mens Club” Remix) – Curses (Throne Of Blood)
Ride The Sus – Red Axes (bandcamp)
Voiture Blanche Dans Le Noir – Art Of The Memory Palace (bandcamp)
A New Absence – Art Of The Memory Palace (bandcamp)
Mountains Of Delirium – Antoni Maiovvi (Death Waltz)
Martyrdub – Saint Abdullah (bandcamp)
Kyanite – Jlin (Planet Mu)
Challenge (To Be Continued) – Jlin (Planet Mu)
Back To – DJ Groov (10 PILLS MATE)
Beehive (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Mark Lanegan (Heavenly Recordings)
Nyakinyua Rise – Jlin (Planet Mu)
Heal Me – Pearson Sound (Pearson Sound)
Marilyn – Mount Kimbie (Warp)
2.1 Woman – H.Grimace ft Vivienne Griffin (Opposite Number)
Slam Dunk In a Black Hole – The Comet Is Coming (bandcamp)
The Balance – Vex Ruffin feat. Fab 5 Freddy (Stones Throw)
Follow Fashion (J-Felix Remix) – Wrongtom meets The Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
Care Home (Sordid Sound System Dub Mix) – Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (Va Va Records)
Lonely Weeks Of Mine – My Own Ghosts (bandcamp)
Nova (Toy Remix) – Paul Weller (Parlophone)
Kajra Mohobbat Wala [Dub] – Coldcut & On-U Sound feat. Hamsika Iyer & Adrian Sherwood (Ahead Of Our Time)
Stormy – Andy Mac (Idle Hands)

Apologies for my non-showing last week, frankly you wouldn’t have wanted me in the state I was in, no such state-less-ments this week. Friday will of course be Love Bucket, 7 till who knows when, its been a while since I’ve finished up at 11. Saturday Dub and myself make our monthly raid on the Hallertau Beer Garden & Restaurant, we come in peace – we leave in pieces, it’s a reggaematical beery situation. 12.30 till 4.30 ish, half the time we don’t even know what direction we’re going in…..


Stinky Grooves 09.05.17

furtree7 lofi

Inpactful – In Flagranti (bandcamp)
Release the Pressure (Adrian Sherwood Mix) – Leftfield (Sony)
Step Into The World – WaqWaq Kingdom (Jahtari)
Non Immigrant Dub – Egoless ft Tenor Youthman (Zam Zam)
Fight for Your Rights – Hempress Sativa (Conquering Lion)
We All -Hempress Sativa (Conquering Lion)
Grooves Like Organ At The End Of A Robe (Svinger Som Orgel For Enden Af Et Reb) – GL. Harlev Organ Orchestra (Jahtari)
Cumbia de Nombre Pendiente – El Catorce (soundcloud)
Obaluaê (Lagartijeando Remix) – Os Tincoãs (soundcloud)
Après-MIDI – Jex Opolis (bandcamp)
Harabait – Alek Lee (Antinote)
Think Twice – Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band (Paper Recordings)
Henry McCullough (Andrew Weatherhall Dub) – BP Fallon & David Holmes (Late Night Tales)
Lunar Lost (Black Light Smoke Remix) – Permanent Wave (Nein)
There Is A Trace Of Bitterness – In Flagranti (bandcamp)
The Orange Place (Wolf Müller Drum Dub) – Apiento & Co (Husten)
Plane Goes East (OST version) – Simple Symmetry (Disco Halal)
Knife Edge – Forest Swords (Nina Tune)
Melt (Quiet Village Mix) – Leftfield (Sony)
V – Heroin In Tahiti (Soave)
So Wo Sa (Mess Morize Remix) – DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko (Wonderwheel)
I Would Like To Let You Go – WaqWaq Kingdom (Jahtari)
Yarara (Bigote Remix) – 2G1B (soundcloud)
Someone – Afriqua (Cure Music)
Doppler – Joni Void (Constellation Records)
Amorosa – DJ Kin (bandcamp)
Raw Language – Forest Swords (Nina Tune)
Dear Organ (Kære Orgel) – GL. Harlev Organ Orchestra (Jahtari)
The Cotton And The Organ (Bomulden Og Orglet) – GL. Harlev Organ Orchestra (Jahtari)
The Underside Of Power – Algiers (4AD)
Convoy- Eric Copeland (L.I.E.S.)
Ambergris 9 – Roy Of The Ravers (Acid Waxa)
Malumz (Formation Boyz Remix) – Nan Kolè (Black Acre)
Decontroit – Afriqua (Cure Music)
Observer (Natalie’s Song) – Joni Void (Constellation Records)
Super Rich Kids – Sly5thAve (Tru Thoughts)

Love Bucket – this Friday, 7 till 11 or whenever. Yowza.