Stinky Grooves 14.11.17

flowerwash red 1 lofi


Only Woman Dj With Degree – Sister Nancy (Techniques)
Shine  – Jim The Boss ft Jah Adam (Hudson Soul)
All Other Roads Are Shut Off – Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound bandcamp)
Honey Version – Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound bandcamp)
Gather At The River – Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound bandcamp)
TroubleRoundDiCorner – SKRS (No Corner bandcamp)
Soup Riddim – Andy Mac & Ossia (No Corner bandcamp)
Battalion – Gaika ft Ms Red (Warp)
Adios Pueblo de Ayacucho (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Raul Garcia Zarate (soundcloud)
Laguna Azul (2017 Edit) – Tribilin Sound & Cesar Gustavo (soundcloud)
Desayhumo – Tribilin Sound & Sonidos Profundos (soundcloud)
002 – Fort Beulah N.U (Fort Beulah N.U.)
Azizi’s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix 2) – Nancy Noise (Beyond Paradise Recordings )
Rock Steady – Andy Rantzen (Efficient Space bandcamp)
Klang – Smagghe & Cross (Idle Press)
d.3 Hash – Kinlaw (No Corner bandcamp)
Poleva – Buttechno (The Trilogy Tapes)
Raut – Tolouse Low Trax (Antinote bandcamp)
Cochon Torrero – Elko B. (Ekster)
Movimento (CGs Tribute Rejoint) – Carrot Green (Brazilian Shakedown)
Each Moment Like The First – James Holden & The Animal Spirits (Border Community)
Shadow People – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
Nuit Fantome – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
Bartholomew Iris – Weird Owl ft. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Whistling Dwarf Music)
The Kazimier – Golden Teacher (Golden Teacher bandcamp)
Korals – Call Super (Call Super bandcamp)
The Triangle-  Gilb’R (Dekmantel bandcamp)
Diana Triplex – M.E.S.H. (PAN bandcamp)
OPI – Black Merlin (Life And Death bandcamp)
Romantic – Mehmet Aslan (Renate)
Ekko Ink – Call Super (Call Super bandcamp)
Janine – Smagghe & Cross (Idle Press)
Invisibility Cloak – Weird Owl (Whistling Dwarf Music)
Eyeballs – A. Savage (Dull Tools bandcamp)
Afrikakat – Elko B.(Ekster)


Stinky Grooves 07.11.17

gunkross lofi

Stay So – Busy Signal (Warriors Musick)
Festival – Junior Natural, Sly & Robbie (Taxi Records)
The People – Junior Natural, Sly & Robbie (Taxi Records)
Mek a Truce – Von D ft Don Cotti(Dub Stuy bandcamp)
It’s A Clash (DUB Version) – Dubmatix (Jah Fingers)
Galang Selector – General Jah Mikey (Red Robin)
Bobby was a Gangster – Midnight Riders (Red Robin)
Bobby’s Dub – Naram (Red Robin)
Bang Bang – Andrés Digital ft. Don Camilo (Andres Digital bandcamp)
El cumbion mamalon – TEPACHE (soundcloud)
Kumbia En La Playa – Grupo Kual (Dutty Artz bandcamp)
Cumbia en Los Andes – Huiro y Su Conjunto (Tigers Milk bandcamp)
Zelenita del Ano 2000 – Los Bilbao (Tigers Milk bandcamp)
Final Buzz – LongDistanceDan (Dusted Industries bandcamp)
What Fresh Hell Is This? – Golden Teacher (Golden Teacher bandcamp)
S Dub – Buttechno (The Trilogy Tapes)
Go Gladly Into The Earth – James Holden & The Animal Spirits (Border Community)
You and Your Folks (Claude Young Jr. Dub) – Funkadelic (Westbound)
Diop – Golden Teacher (Golden Teacher bandcamp)
I Feel Everything – Palmbomen II (Beats In Space bandcamp)
Black Serpent – Celestial Trax (PTP bandcamp)
Microb (Tolouse Low Trax Version 118) – Khidja (Malka Tuti)
Microb – Khidja (Malka Tuti)
Super Siziy King – Buttechno (The Trilogy Tapes)
Ruse – Delusion Men (Future Nuggets)
Other (Justin K Broadrick as JK FLESH Remix) – S U R V I V E (Relapse bandcamp)
Fogged M1 – Pye Corner Audio (Front & Follow bandcamp)
No Cat’s Eyes – The Belbury Circle (Ghost Box)
Fantasy Dub – Andy Rantzen (Efficient Space bandcamp)
Listen – Baxter Dury (Heavenly)
Memphis Blues Again – Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts (30th Century)
11816 – Flat Worms (Castle Face)
Uh-Oh – The Imps (Ace)
It’s Karate Time – Travis Wammack (Ace)
Funky Me – Timmy Thomas (Ace)
Tape 19.11 – Ahmed Malek (Habibi Funk bandcamp)
Meditation Number 9 – BLACKASH (Swordfish)
Shatter (version) – Golden Teacher (Golden Teacher bandcamp)
Einklang – Pfad der Tugend (Bureau B bandcamp)
Chapter 3 – Agent Cooper’s Black Lodge Excursion (Duncan Gray Remix) Bedford Falls Players (bandcamp)
Smelly Little Man – Duncan Gray (Night Noise bandcamp)
Cumbia Estéreo – Grupo Colmillo (Dutty Artz bandcamp)
Cumbia Morena – Grupo Ju-Juy (Dutty Artz bandcamp)

Not a single word…..

Stinky Grooves 31.10.17

gunfonespalm lofi Untitled

Ram Dance Posse – Junior Cat (Red Robin)
Ravers Party – General Jah Mikey (Red Robin)
Raving Version – Naram (Red Robin)
Gotta Find a Way (Version) – The Frightnrs (Daptone bandcamp)
All My Tears (Version) – The Frightnrs (Daptone bandcamp)
Chucum – El Búho (Wonderwheel bandcamp)
La Cumbia de la Esperanza – Andrés Digital (Andres Digital bandcamp)
Kajra Mohabbat Wala (Maximum Dub) – Coldcut & On-U Sound featuring Hamsika Iyer (Ninja Tune)
Skull Dub – Jay Glass Dubs & Guerilla Toss (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
Toolangi – Die Orangen (Malka Tuti)
Outcast (Latino Dub) – Don Papa (Sex Tags Amfibia)
Microb (Tolouse Low Trax Version 117) – Khidja (Malka Tuti)
Temple – Paresse (Eskimo)
North Of Warren – HAEX-HRLL (Giallo Disco)
Forever – Not Waving (Diagonal bandcamp)
Watch Yourself – Not Waving (Diagonal bandcamp)
Cumbia De Piedra (Soul Button Re-edit) – Jhon Montoya (soundcloud)
Between Stations – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Mixed Connection (Deep Tribal Mix) – LNS & DJ Sotofett (Wania)
Our Town – letthemusicplay & Kate Tempest (Greo Roman)
Ils existent – Zombie Zombie (Versatile bandcamp)
Almond Milk – Baxter Dury ft Jason Williamson (Heavenly)
Deep River (Dub) – Little Axe (Echo Beach)
Sen Sen No Sen (Red Axes Remix) – Fontān (Höga Nord)
Jersey – Mickey Pearce (Swamp 81)
Hipgnosis – Cy Gorman (Heard & Felt bandcamp)
Drunk on the Radio – Sebastien Tellier (Sebastien Tellier bandcamp)
Romantic – Mehmet Aslan (Renate)
Low Beat – Harmonious Thelonious (The Trilogy Tapes)
Hippocampe – Zombie Zombie (Versatile bandcamp)
Miami – Baxter Dury (Heavenly)
Phantom Limbo – A. Savage (Dull Tools bandcamp)
Logos – King Krule (XL)
Trouble (Version) – The Frightnrs (Daptone bandcamp)
Microb (Tolouse Low Trax Version 118) – Khidja (Malka Tuti)

Prerecorderation across the nation and on the station. No gigs till December.

Stinky Grooves 24.10.17

Untitled1 lofi

Down in Jamdown – Bim Sherman (Kingston Sounds)
One Shot Of Vodka – Peter King (Jahtari)
Hold a Medi – Busy Signal (Upsetta)
Truths And Rights – Bugle (Mr G Music)
Better Dub – Dub Specialist (Studio One)
Still Dubbing – Dub Specialist (Soul Jazz)
Chucum (Nicola Cruz Remix) – El Búho (Wonderwheel bandcamp)
Godzilla – Poupa Honk (Folcore bandcamp)
Cumbia de Octavio – Tribilin Sound (Renacer bandcamp)
Tiempo De Vida (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Sr. Lufthansa (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Estrelas Cadentes – Projecto Mujique (Pakapi bandcamp)
Abajo – Titanik (Pakapi bandcamp)
Crash – Tolouse Low Trax (Dekmantel bandcamp)
Whirling – Harmonious Thelonious (Trilogy Tapes)
Goumari M2 – Lokal Affair (Boomarm Nation)
A Gun on Your Head – Sebastien Tellier (Sebastien Tellier bandcamp)
Edda’s Cumbia – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Bungl (Like A Ghost) – Lindstrøm ft Jenny Hval (Smalltown Supersound)
Downfall – Delusion Men (Future Nuggets)
In The Dust Of This Planet – K-LONE (Soundman Chronicles)
Istanbul Is Sleepy – The Limiñanas ft Anton Newcombe (Because Music)
Holy Mountain – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Sour Mash)
Free Your Mind – The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson (Hot Wax)
Funky Toes – The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson (Hot Wax)
Soft Estates – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Can I Get the Real Dub? – Jay Glass Dubs & Guerilla Toss (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
Dub & Out – Delusion Men (Future Nuggets)
Tiempo De Vida – Sr. Lufthansa (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Catch A Star – Mystica Tribe (Far West Sound)
Lifford Res – FRET (Karlrecords bandcamp)
TV Do Dub – Jay Glass Dubs & Guerilla Toss (Bokeh Versions bandcamp)
My House – Jon Bap (Leaving Records bandcamp)
Test Tube Babies (Antoni Maiovvi Remix) – HAEX-HRLL (Giallo Disco)
Assault on Precinct 13 – John Carpenter (John Carpenter bandcamp)
Distress Call (Robots Escaping Through The Mud With Dogs On Their Tails) – HAEX-HRLL (Giallo Disco)
The Parallel Broadcasts – Porest (Discrepant)
All On A Beautiful Day – People Like Us (Discrepant)

DJ Automatic (not the bFM one) on Friday and Dubhead on Saturday at Love Bucket. Hopefully I’ll be back pon decks there and elsewhere from the start of December….

Stinky Grooves 17.10.17

Gu-ellTunn-ell lofi

UVB roots and destruction (excerpt) – John T. Gast (Free from bus)
Still Sound Boy Test (Interlude) – Still (PAN bandcamp)
Lost Africans – Rorystonelove feat. Samory I (Rorystonelove)
Bushmaster – Brentford Rockers (Soul Jazz)
Tiempo De Vida (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Sr. Lufthansa (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Palenque de los Congo – Los Guayabera Suica (Renacer Records bandcamp)
Gold Fish – Poupa Honk (Folcore bandcamp)
Cuando Todo Se Nos Venga Encima (SidiRum Remix) – Juan Pino & Quemando Palabras (Sello Regional bandcamp)
El Terror – Sonido Profundos (Renacer Records bandcamp)
Edda’s Cumbia – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Tiempo De Vida (Rashid From Lima Remix) – Sr. Lufthansa (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Vego Gam – Red Axes (Life And Death bandcamp)
Soudani (Desert Dream) – Immaculate Rivombo (Invisbibe Inc bandcamp)
Cock of the North – Smagghe & Cross (Offen Music bandcamp)
MPH – Joe (Joemakemusic bandcamp)
Trespass – Group Rhoda (Group Rhoda bandcamp)
El Condor y la brasa – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Evidence The Enemy – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Spreads a Haze (And a Glory) – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Soudani (Drum Dance) – Immaculate Rivombo (Invisbibe Inc bandcamp)
Black Magic (Pilooski Remix) – Kasper Bjørke & Colder (Throne Of Blood bandcamp)
Black Magic (The Golden Filter Remix)- Kasper Bjørke & Colder (Throne Of Blood bandcamp)
Istanbul Is Sleepy – The Limiñanas ft Anton Newcombe (Because Music)
The Punk Was in Me (And It Had Come Out) – Wild Billy Childish & CTMF (Damaged Goods)
Murderous Weight – FRET (Karlrecords bandcamp)
Verlagerung, Verlagerung, Verlagerung – Uuuu (Editions Mego bandcamp)
Emergency Blimp – King Krule (XL)
What Can I Do – Samiyam ft Jonwayne (Samiyam bandcamp)
DancEntes – ParceGaD (ParceGad bandcamp)
Zeltan – Acid Pauli (Acid Pauli bandcamp)
Roast Ghost (Ultra Lavender Mix) – CS + Kreme (Wichelroede)
I Am Consumed – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith bandcamp)
Carillion – Smagghe & Cross (Offen Music bandcamp)
Compliment to Studio One – Papa Michigan and General Smilie (Soul Jazz)
Schooling the Duke – Don Drummond & His Green Landers (Soul Jazz)

Precorderation across the nation and as a result the Mixcloud podcast and only that one is ad free. Dubhead will be filling in for me on Friday at Love Bucket, Josh On Decks on Saturday. What more can I say?

Stinky Grooves 10.10.13



Mangrovia – Still (PAN)
Rough Rider – Still (PAN)
wygdn_bashmenttk9 – John T. Gast (Blackest Ever Black)
Zukubus – Sonido Profundos (bandcamp)
Como Cañón (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Loko Bonó (bandcamp)
Tiempos de Antes – Tribilin Sound & Jocker Delucchi (bandcamp)
Dip Puta Final – Feliz (soundcloud)
Cristalino – Deltatron (bandcamp)
q.e.p.d – DJ Python (Incienso)
Ninos Matadores – Krikor Kouchian (L.I.E.S)
Inkjet – Beatrice Dillon & Call Super (Hessle Audio)
Darktown Figures – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Istanbul Is Sleepy – The Limiñanas ft Anton Newcombe (Because Music)
You Can Have It All – Reverend & The Makers feat. John Cooper Clarke (Cooking Vinyl)
Second Trip (Serial Experiments Edit) – Tolouse Low Trax (bandcamp)
Stanner Nab [Soccer96 Remix] – Crewdson (bandcamp)
Saturday International – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
Vorfreude 2 – Andrew Weatherall (Höga Nord)
HEY TERRY – DJ OBOE (bandcamp)
Majid – Acid Pauli (bandcamp)
You Are Loved- Four Tet (Text)
Internet of Screws – Errorsmith (PAN)
There’s Blood (On the Bunny) – The Residents (bandcamp)
Open up Your Love Door – Sunny & The Sunliners (bandcamp)
The World We Live In The – Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson (Hot Wax)
Slush Puppy – King Krule (XL)
Seeing – Topanga Canyon (bandcamp)
Las Palmas – DJ Python (Incienso)
Antidote – Drums Off Chaos (bandcamp)
Two Thousand and Seventeen – Four Tet (Text)
Oscar’s Arp – Brokenchord (bandcamp)
1999 – The Residents (bandcamp)
Boogieman – Eric Copeland (bandcamp)
Next To You (Marcy Rising Edit) – Locussolus (Pikes Records)
Transmission – Brokenchord (bandcamp)
Radio on the Radio – People Like Us (Discrepant)

And there you have it. Obviously with the show being pre-recorded I’m not around to answer the phone (not that I always do to be honest, all 88 hands are full some of the time) but please feel free to leave any queries or comments here, even if it’s just to say howdy. Love Bucket has Martyn Pepperell with Kiran Dass and Nabeel Luberi taking my place on Friday and DJ Corysco on Saturday – good times all the times.Next week’s show is already shaping up to be a bit of a ripper, curious if (now that the voicebreaks seem to be sorted out) the shows feel any different on the other end without the live Tuesday-ness, it’s a voyage of discovery (hopefully a little like the show itself) and I’m all ears to anything constructive or pertinent (but not impolite!). Bracket frenzy…….

Stinky Grooves 03.10.17 Dub Spesh


Dubbing My Way – King Tubby (Esoldun)
Jack The Ripper – Desmond Craig (Jah Lion)
Fourth World – Jackdaw With Crowbar ( Ron Johnson Records)
Union And Management – Winston Edwards & Well Pack Band (Studio 16)
Back Weh – Prince Far i & The Arabs (Daddy Kool)
Beefy’s Tune – Dennis Bovell (EMI)
Caminando (Tribilin Sound Remix) – El Remolón (bandcamp)
Behold! My Kingston Crypt – Jefferson Belt (bandcamp)
Tierra De Poetas (Dub Mix) – Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto (Khaliphonic)
Dub Cha Cha – Sordid Sound System (bandcamp)
1538 Dub – Kambo Super Sound (Sex Tags Amfibia)
Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse – Colourbox (4AD)
Rasta Fiesta – Sly Dunbar (Virgin Front Line)
Sealing Dub – The Skatalites, King Tubby (Motion)
Roman Dub – King Tubby (Mudies)
Addis Ababa Dub – Wackies (Wackies)
Brain Smashing (Dub Version) – Linton Kwesi Johnson (Island)
Shoot Out – Detonators (Burning Rockers)
Cousin Joe – Sugar Belly (Studio One)
Skunk Funk (Cabin Fever Mix) – Galliano (Island)
Gardens Dub – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Moine Dubh)
I Go Skank – The Casual Sexists meet Wrongtom (Rongorongo)
African Head Charge Don’t Care About Space Invader Machines – Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound)
Man Next Door (Version) – The Slits (Rough Trade)
Mogwai Riddim – Naram (Jahtari)
Stereotype (Mark Stewart dub) – Mark Stewart ft Factory Floor (Future Noise)
One More Time Zentronix Dub – The Clash (?)
Edward The Eight – Joe Gibbs (Joe Gibbs)
Brace’s Tower Dub no.2 – Augustus Pablo & Rockers (Yard Music)
Dub Dyon – The Upsetters (Pressure Sounds)
Sugar’s Authentic Dub Disco (Edit) – Sugar B (Dub Club)
Higher Dread – Kevvy Kev (Round Trip Mars)
Verb Vendor – Phase 5 (bandcamp)
Guiding Star (Unreleased Manasseh Rmx) – Unitone HiFi (incoming!)
Iron Gate – Unitone HiFi (bandcamp)
Wretched Rub – Stinky Jim (soundcloud)
Sneeze Off – Unitone HiFi (bandcamp)
King Step (Unitone HiFi Dub) – Overproof Soundsystem (soundcloud)
Stormy – Andy Mac (Idle Hands)

Original of the pic up top taken in Barca in 2016, tonight’s show going out with special love and vibes to my Catalan peeps. I’ll be playing nowhere this week, or month as it goes, but Love Bucket are still doing their sponsoring ting and I’m sure they would love to see you. Next week hopefully a freshly pre-recorded show (new Weatherall album etc etc) from my West Auckland hide-out or failing that Dub will step in for a week. Thanking you.

Stinky Grooves 26.09.17

Diamond – Eleven (bandcamp)
Way Back Home – Mystica Tribe (Rohs! Records)
Yellow – Eleven (bandcamp)
What Stephen Lawrence Has Taught Us – Benjamin Zephaniah (Fane Phonics)
more busi dub – General Theory Of Dub (?)
georgic – Piper Street Sound (bandcamp)
Abajo – Titanik (bandcamp)
Berlin Tropical – Klik & Frik (Waxploitation)
Nativo – Marcelo Berges (bandcamp)
Memoria del Yacuruna – Biomigrant feat. Tomas Salcedo (bandcamp)
Pole Pole – Msafiri Zawose (Soundway)
Tamaduni – Msafiri Zawose (Soundway)
Afobaka Dam – Clap! Clap! (bandcamp)
Psychofant – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Audition – Mount Kimbie (Warp)
Ghost – Lee Gamble (Hyperdub)
The People Are Missing – John Maus (Ribbon Music)
WYSIWYG (Dub Version) – K. K. (L.I.E.S)
Wedding Ghosts – Open Mike Eagle (bandcamp)
Dum Surfer – King Krule (XL)
Home Made Drum Machine – DMX Krew (Hypercolour)
Girl Close Your Eyes – Shit And Shine (Editions Mego)
Battery (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Yello (Universal)
Dagoberta – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Always Du – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Trollkarlen och fågeldräkten (Version 2) – Dungen (Smalltown Supersound)
Ether – Behind the Shadow Drops (bandcamp)
The End of Daydreams – Behind the Shadow Drops (bandcamp)
Midwinter Rites – Graeme Miller & Steve Shill (Finders Keepers)
Twonga –  TCP (Disco Halal)
Granada Nights – Loud-E (Berceuse Heroique)
Stroke Perc Lim – Ricardo Villalobos (Playhouse)
Stonefish – Aron Ottignon (Blue Note France)
Stock und Stein – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Energy – Pharoahs (International Feel)
Invisible Mile – Pharoahs (International Feel)

Will try and sort out a pic laters, bit full on this week. The playlist may be a touch inaccurate Always Du – Siriusmo (Monkey Town), might be at the end after other Siriusmo track. I’m not quite sure. Will sus soon and do the timestamping. You might have to bear with me a bit for the next few weeks. No Love Bucketing for me for October/November.