Stinky Grooves 22.05.18

fernfare 4 lofi2.

Always Together – Stephen Cheng (Dub Store bandcamp)
Jah Jah Me No Born Yah (OBF Remix) – Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers (Riddim Chango)
Jah Jah Me No Born Yah (Ticklah Dub Mix) – Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers (Riddim Chango)
Prison Oval Rock (Vocal Version) – Robert Dallas (Roots Garden bandcamp)
Cell Block Dub (Dub Mix) – Richie Phoe (Roots Garden bandcamp)
Manicero – Pa Kongal (Le Ronca bandcamp)
Don Carmelo – Pa Kongal (Le Ronca bandcamp)
Por tu hechizo – Thub (Folcore bandcamp)
Rudas y cumbia – Thub (Folcore bandcamp)
Le Bella Isla – Malphino (Lex Records bandcamp)
Miniyamba – Yeahman ft. Mina & Hajna (Shika Shaka bandcamp)
Sunshine in Kilninion – Panther Panther! (Folcore bandcamp)
The Countryside Is Great – Emerson Kitamura (EM Records)
The Countryside Is Great (Version) – Emerson Kitamura (EM Records)
Alagencewhaten – Muluquen Melessé (Heavenly Sweetness)
Metch Ene Terf Feleghu – Seyoum Gereyes (Heavenly Sweetness)
Azure’s Birthday – Kody Nielson (Kody Neilson bandcamp)
Janet 50 (I:Cube Remix) – Smith & Mudd (Claremont 56)
Wall (Dreems Walls Have Ears Mix) – Julian Stetter (Ancient Future Now bandcamp)
Escape – Mehmet Aslan (Needs – Not For Profit)
Hubble – Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra (Ninja Tunes bandcamp)
Glass – Daniel Avery (Phantasy)
Cryptolove – Lord Of The Isles (Needs – Not For Profit)
Anar (Instrumental Version) – Elite Beat & Mdou Moctar (Boomarm Nation bandcamp)
2310 – Ishmael (Shouka bandcamp)
Jumanji – Nick Gynn (Needs – Not For Profit)
Behold! Your Flesh – Temple Ov Saturn (Temple Ov Saturn bandcamp)
The First Degree – Temple Ov Saturn (Temple Ov Saturn bandcamp)
Rock Your Baby (Featuring MMM) – Emerson Kitamura (EM Records)
Valentine – Jonathan Bree (Jonathan Bree bandcamp)
Shining Day – Delaney Davidson (Delaney Davidson bandcamp)
Tenderness – Parquet Courts (Rough Trade)
Seto Dub – Andres Lõo (Sex Tags Amfibia)
VLI – Skee Mask (Illian Tapes bandcamp)
Poncho Ácido – AKUMANDRA (AKUMANDRA bandcamp)

Friday, Love Bucketery, blast off at 7. On Saturday I’ll be selling discs at The Other Record Fair in Drake St. Have already pulled some scorchers out for that so… crates of freshness, first fair we’ve done in a year or so, 9am kickoff, doors at 1pm.


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