Stinky Grooves 26.06.17

depth4mirror lofi

I Was Born To Be A Rebel – Rothadam (bandcamp)
Dont Stop The Music – Sticky Joe & Kingston Express ft Earl 16, Horseman, Chesire Cat & Solo Banton (bandcamp)
World Corruption – Sticky Joe & Kingston Express ft Robert Dallas (bandcamp)
Always Be Around – Jesse Royal (Easy Star)
Black Cinderella (Victor Rice Dub) – Tackhead (Echo Beach)
Kabaluerê Remix (Furmiga Dub x Ubunto x Telefunksoul) – Ubunto (soundcloud)
Baia o De Antonio – Marginal Men & Ubunto (soundcloud)
Quando a Alma não é Submissa (Linn da Quebrada + DeadCombo w/ Xinobi mashup) – Cigarra (soundcloud)
Peki Peki Song – Ti.Po.tA (free)
El Ocelote – Guanchaka (Wakan Tanka)
Suave Son – Santi D, Eduardo Zambrano (soundcloud)
Flute Son – Santi D, Eduardo Zambrano (soundcloud)
Amor En Francia (Instrumental) – Quantic & Nidia Góngora (Tru Thoughts)
Devil Dance (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Michel Gonet (Tele Music)
Hot Caramel (Soulwax Remix) – The Peppers (Tele Music)
Kemper’s Confession Blues #9 – My Own Ghosts (bandcamp)
Rye Grass Waltz Naim Amor & – John Convertino (LM Dupli-cation US)
Plastic Flowers – Heather Trost (LM Dupli-cation US)
Europe – Scott Gilmore (International Feel)
Nightmare City – Timothy J. Fairplay (Höga Knord Rekords)
No Life On The Surface (12 Inch version) – Doms & Deykers (Dolly Deluxe)
Sugar Tastes Like Salt (Andrew Weatherall Tastes Like dub mix Pt 1 – live Bass) – The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings)
Manethon (Privacy Remix) – Sebastopol (Correspondant)
Marius – Batu (Hessle Audio)
Up On The Hill (Kid Loco Remix) – My Own Ghosts (bandcamp)
USB – Ultra Satan (Höga Knord Rekords)
USA – Ultra Satan (Höga Knord Rekords)
Percussion Claps (Gilbr + Vidal Benjamin Remix) – Marc Chantereau (Tele Music)
Her (F2C Edit) – Urban Tribe (soundcloud)
Djakarta 3001 (Short Version) – Komodo Kolektif (bandcamp)
E70 No. 01 – Scott Gilmore (International Feel)
Rose Colored Corner – Lynn Castle with Last Friday’s Fire (Light In The Attic)
Gargoyle – The I.L.Y’s (The I.L.Y’s)
Tantine Zaza – Françoise Guimbert (Strut)
Tomi Tomi – Hawaiians (Third Man)
Amerciano – Eddie Calvert (Trunk)
Round Em Up Naim Amor & – John Convertino (LM Dupli-cation US)
Bloodmoon – Heather Trost (LM Dupli-cation US)
Greetings From The Bitter End – Tomaga (Kaya Kaya)
Hyperspace Is The Place – Don’t DJ (EM Records)
XXXX – Oeil Cube (Versatile)

Love Bucket – Friday, from 7 ..that really is it.

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