Stinky Grooves 28.07.15

misty mash web

Phenomenon – Kabaka Pyramid (Digital B)
Heartbeat – Bushman (Zeph)
Too Long – Lutan Fyah (Zeph)
Love Jah – Carlos (Zeph)
Place Called Earth (Dub Mix) – Exco Levi (Idlers Corner)
Coming In Hot Dub – Marshall Neeko (Idlers Corner)
Love Endure – Wrongtom feat. Desta Zion (Tru Thoughts)
Jugglin’ – Wrongtom feat. Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
Afraid A’ You – Wrongtom feat. Tippa Irie (Tru Thoughts)
Possessed Rhythm – Stoneleigh Mountain Rockers (Tru Thoughts)
Repossession – Wrongtom feat. The Correctional Horns (Tru Thoughts)
Public Image – Jah Wobble (30 Hertz)
Theme to the Persuaders – Jah Wobble (30 Hertz)
Theme from the Sweeney – Jah Wobble (30 Hertz)
Saysah! (Egg Dub) – Bullion (Greco Roman / Boomkat)
The Weatherman (Mescalino dub) – Waldeck (Painted Dog)
Free Man – Zephaniah (Reggae Archive)
Instruments – Mystic Foundation (Reggae Archive)
Java – Jah Wobble (30 Hertz)
Conga Pensante – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
Himno Cumbia Rap – Chico Sonido (bandcamp)
Suavecito – DASH slktr (soundcloud)
Tiene – DJ Nirso (bandcamp)
Cumbiambera Tripolar – DJ Nirso (bandcamp)
Yippi Yappa ( Kinky Electric Noise remix) – Caballo & Beat Funk (soundcloud)
Bahdeni Nami – Omar Souleyman (Monkeytown)
High Tension Zamer – Rizan Said (Annihaya)
Gods of War (Von Party’s Peace Pipe Dub) – Auntie Flo (Multi Culti)
Pollux (Andrew Weatherall mix) – Heretic (Nein)
Flash In The Pan – A.A.L. (Other People)
Heckla Prays – Kelpe (soundcloud)
Totoro – Team Morale (soundcloud)
Tarmac – Shigeto X Devonwho (All City)
Street Beneath the Beach – Mike Cooper (Room 40)
Nanai (Sampieri) – GMC, Sebastian Sampieri (bandcamp)
La Visite (Die Wilde Jagd Remix) – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Trains Don’t Stop In Brunnen – Francis Juno (Mystic & Quantum)
Moments – Silkie ft Swindle (Anarchostar)
Wagonist Riddim – Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge)
Hail Di King (Name Brand Sound Remix) – Brrd (soundcloud)
Upstate – Silkie (Anarchostar)
Mawal Menzal – Omar Souleyman (Monkeytown)
3d Eye (Short Version) – Kutmah (bandcamp)

As mentioned on the show tonight we are all back to usual at Verona on Friday – can’t wait. Also this week on Saturday there’s another Record Fair, this time over on the Shore at  Fran’s in Takapuna, details below. I’m hoping to have a few new items to add if time allows but the Mrs is already assembling some mighty goodness for her crates so smart move says get in sharpish.



Stinky Grooves 21.07.15

tiled shadow sand

On the Corner – Wayne Marshall (Ghetto Youths)
Ghetto People – Chronixx (Ghetto Youths)
Well Done – Kabaka Pyramid (Ghetto Youths)
Talk If Dem Want – Iba Mahr (Ghetto Youths)
Cool And Deadly – Jesse Royal (Ghetto Youths)
Lemme Go – Julian Marley (Ghetto Youths)
Ways And Works – Black I Am (Ghetto Youths)
Passenger – Determine (Ghetto Youths)
Old Time Proverb – Xylo (Lockecity)
Cabin Stabbin – Bling Dawg (Lockecity)
Scubby Lacky – Harry Toddler (Lockecity)
Good Love Riddim – Lockecity Music Group (Lockecity)
Don’t Get Weary – Pinchers & Bounty Killer (XTM Nation)
Lobster – Vybz Kartel (TJ Records)
Red Eye – Red Eye (TJ Records)
Straight Defeat (Jubei Remix) – J:Kenzo (Artikal Music UK)
Over & Over – Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
Blam Blam (Bony Fly Remix) – Mikey Murka / Bony Fly (Cubiculo Records)
Bony Fly Dub – Bony Fly (Cubiculo Records)
Slipop Riddim – Bony Fly (Cubiculo Records)
Dilemma (Mr Benn dub) – The Ship-Tones ft Edwin Collins (Ship-Tones)
Bass Drum Version – Compa (Lion Charge)
Material Things (Raw Mix) – Crazy Hertz (Steppas Records)
TC Chook (before) – Bullion (Greco-Roman)
Saysah!- Bullion (Greco-Roman)
Pajaro Cenzotle (El Búho Retweet) – Grupo Kual (soundcloud)
Vamos Bailando (Cocotaxi Remix) – Astros de Mendoza (Astros de Mendoza)
We Are Tropikal Ravers (Cumbinstrumental) – Tropikal Ravers
Ritmo Nacional (King Dou Dou Remix) – Astros de Mendoza (Astros de Mendoza)
Cumbiambera Tripolar – DJ Nirso (bandcamp)
Tiene – DJ Nirso (bandcamp)
Pollux (Front De Cadeaux mix) – Heretic (Nein)
One For Kenny (Bjørn Torske for Kenny remix) – Idjut Boys (Smalltown Supersound)
Flash In The Pan – A.A.L. (Other People)
Gods of War – Auntie Flo (Multi Culti)
Stuck In The Muddle – Bullion (Greco-Roman)
The House – Le Volume Courbe (Ring The Alarm)
Venus Honey Dew – ROSCO aka Sterling Roswell (bandcamp)
When We Fall – Gole Yakh (Winter Sweet) – Kourosh Yaghmaei (Light In The Attic)
Bread Thief – Bei Ru (Death Waltz)
Triumph – LHF (Keysound)
Mach – Lurka (Black Acre)
Pull Your Rug Away – Bullion (Greco-Roman)
Piggo – DMX Krew (Synth Funk)
Partials – Lurka (Black Acre)
Exotic Realms – White Poppy (Not Not Fun)

Big thanks to Bridge for stepping in last week and doing a grand job by all accounts..props. This week Dub should be back for the Magic Roundabout so a large yay there. I’ll also be playing at Red Bar on Saturday night, I think it’s a 9pm kick off, nice vibes there already, let’s make ’em even niceyer….

Stinky Grooves 07.07.15

Just Can’t Leave It Alone – Jesse Royal (Shamala)
So High Up On The Moon – Vybz Kartel (Jam 2)
Don Sound (Remix) – Ninjaman ft Dougie Conscious (Pickout)
Stop Watch Mi Pants – Fanton Mojah (Ghettolynxx Records)
Yagga Way – Gary Minott (Ghettolynxx Records)
Life Of Living – General Trees (Ghettolynxx Records)
Juggling – Jah Mason (Ghettolynxx Records)
Big Up Every Garrison – Mega Banton (Ghettolynxx Records)
Chikungunya Song – Natural Black (Ghettolynxx Records)
Quick Fi Lou – Turbulence Ft Sunny Terrible (Ghettolynxx Records)
Still Have The Love (Mystro Version) – Cut La Vis ft Maddy Carty (Nice Up)
Still Have The Love (Version) – Cut La Vis ft Maddy Carty (Nice Up)
Bike Rider (Stalawa Remix) – Mungo’s Hi Fi (Scotch Bonnet)
Ganja Ganja! – FLeCK (soundcloud)
Animal Dance (FLeCK Remix) – Mungo’s Hi Fi (Scotch Bonnet)
Hail Di King (MachineDrum Plur Refix) – Brrd (soundcloud)
Hail Di King (Name Brand Sound Remix) – Brrd (soundcloud)
Coconut (ElBarba Dub ft.Lober & Paolo Remix) – Sonido Berzek (soundcloud)
Lamento de Cumbia – Arturo Herrera DJ (soundcloud)
El Carmen – Tribilin Sound (bandcamp)
Tardes – Elegante y Imperial (bandcamp)
Como Bailar Cumbia -Dengue Dengue Dengue! (bandcamp)
Marcha del Chullachaqui (Deltatron Remix) – Los Chapillacs (bandcamp)
Eduardo y Hank (Mix 2) – Tribilin Sound (bandcamp)
Posadas – San Ignacio (bandcamp)
Entre Los Dos – San Ignacio feat Sara Hebe (bandcamp)
There’s No One – On & On – Pete Rock (Mello Music Group)
Gloom Steez – Ras G (Soul Jazz)
Moments In Between (Ivan Smagghe Crossed dub) – Invisible Cities (Double Drop)
Hop To It – DMX Krew (Mystic & Quantum)
Always Dawn – Lokier (Nein)
Pollux (Andrew Weatherall mix) – Heretic (Nein)
The House – Le Volume Courbe (Ring The Alarm)
Clam Happy – White Poppy (Not Not Fun)
Moonbuilding 2703 AD – The Orb (Kompakt)
One For Kenny (Bjørn Torske for Kenny remix) – Idjut Boys (Smalltown Supersound)
Pollux (Front De Cadeaux mix) – Heretic (Nein)
Grapes (Larry Gus Remix) – Eric Copeland (DFA)
Phthalo Blue – Lone (R&S / Magic Wire)
Joy – Annette Peacock (Ironic)

This week at Verona Neilski will be stepping in for our absent Dubhead, Selecto set a high bar last week so expect the very bestest. I’ll be on the regs 5-9. Long day, bushed but not shook, hasta lluego.

Stinky Grooves 30.06.15

galleryflwrsgreened5 smll

No Man To Mi Spliff – Aidonia (Chimney Records)
Living It Up – Alkaline (Chimney Records)
Everybody Rock – Assassin (Agent Sasco) (Chimney Records)
Get Gyal – I Octane (Chimney Records)
Inna Di Lobby – Popcaan (Chimney Records)
Ganja Mi Smoke – Sean Paul (Chimney Records)
Coob Dem Up – Chi Ching Ching (Chimney Records)
Who The Hell Cares – Demarco (Chimney Records)
We Run Road – Beenie Man (Chimney Records)
Cherish My Love – Mavado (Chimney Records)
After Party Riddim (Instrumental) – Chimney Records (Chimney Records)
Rootz, Reggae, Kulcha (Instrumental) – Pete Rock (Mello Music Group)
The Perfect Crime Dub – Papa Grey (Dubtronic)
Happy Hour (Demus Dub Version) – Tosca (K7!)
Fourth World – Jackdaw With Crowbar (Ron Johnson)
Monsoon Come (Dutty Hands & Cranky General Version 3) – Dub Dynasty (soundcloud)
Everywhere A Bruk – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
Macchina (Prins Thomas Version) – Vermont (Kompakt)
La Verdadera Revolucion – Fede Flores Cumbiaira (soundcloud)
Posadas – San Ignacio (free)
Tawa Tawas – Pablo Pachacutik (soundcloud)
Trippin – Black Mandingo & Relo (soundcloud)
La Vaca – Erick Jaimez (soundcloud)
Bagheera (Fulgeance Remix) – Mr Flash ft Lady Leshurr  (Ed Banger)
LVL 09 – LEVELZ (bandcamp)
No Future – Tourettes Ft Rodi Kirk, Matthew Crawley and Kate Elliot (soundcloud)
Justice (Brotherhood & Understanding) – Pete Rock (Mello Music Group)
Welcome to Little Haiti – DJ Cam (Inflamable Records)
Move That Dope – DJ Cam (Inflamable Records)
Cosmic Slop – Pete Rock (Mello Music Group)
Play Yo Horn – Pete Rock (Mello Music Group)
Roaring Lion – Beat Detectives (Not Not Fun)
Gloom Steez – Ras G (Soul Jazz)
The Veil – Bie Ru (Death Waltz)
Pomegranate A.M.- Bei Ru (bandcamp)
Them Changes – Thundercat (Brainfeeder)
001 – yuk. featuring Delofi (Leaving)
Sublimity – White Poppy (Not Not Fun)
Mermaids – White Poppy (Not Not Fun)
Tribe – Federale (Death Waltz)
Churn Again – Duncan Gray (Nein)
One For Kenny (Bjørn Torske for Kenny remix) – Idjut Boys (Smalltown Supersound)
Moonbuilding 2703 AD – The Orb (Kompakt)
The House – Le Volume Courbe (Ring The Alarm)
Akt Dit – Dungen (Smalltown Supersound)
Chesme man – Dariush (Death Waltz)
Im Papak (My Wish) – Bei Ru (bandcamp)
Little Dipper – Stinky Jim (soundcloud)
Dub Of Shadows – Natural Numbers (Stones Throw)

Patrick is away for a few weeks so our good mucker Selecto will be first to step into his dubbin’ shoes for the Magic Roundabout this Friday night. Same times as usual – only mas Selecto, menos Dubcabeza and I believe Signor Grande Stuff after 12.
I’m also really looking forward to spinning some at the Lounge at Q Theatre on Saturday night, has been a while since I’ve played down there but it’s always been choice, so watch out – have some right proper tunes at the minute. 9-12, free, not sure anymore details are really needed but if so , check here.
Oh and do feel free to check in on the Sampler or listen to it on yee wireless (Tuesday  7.30pm/ Friday 2.30am) been having a ball putting those together, and working with the fine folk at Radio New Zealand.

Stinky Grooves 23.06.15

pigeon Moon en Brun web

God Inna Me Corner – Romain Virgo (Vikings)
Those Dayz – Buju Banton And Assassin (Gold Dynasty)
If you Are So Crazy For Me – Pinchers (Gold Dynasty)
Goodman – Delly Ranx And J. August (Gold Dynasty)
Come A Me – Delly Ranx (Gold Dynasty)
Join The Line – Elephant Man (Gold Dynasty)
Those dayz Instrumental – Gold Dynasty (Gold Dynasty)
Dub of Shadows – Natural Numbers (Stones Throw)
Every Man Get His Blessing – Natural Numbers (Stones Throw)
Ravers – Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Yardman – Unknown Artist (The Most High)
Hook (Jeep Mix) – BONY FLY (Sparring Partners)
Hook (Original Mix) – BONY FLY (Sparring Partners)
Mike III (Original Mix) – NS KROO (Sparring Partners)
Where’s The Bass – Jin Yerei (free from Fritanga)
Pa’ Bravo Yo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) – Justo Betancourt (soundcloud)
Cumbia Wasp – Hyode (free from Fritanga)
Habanero Guaguanco – DJ Neber (free from Fritanga)
Watcha Willis (Rayador Remix) – Silly Tang & friends (free from Caballito)
Watcha Willis (Rayador Remix) – Silly Tang & friends (free from Caballito)
Deep Space Nine – Ras G (Soul Jazz)
Taste This – Ras G (Soul Jazz)
Rare Love – Reginald Omas Mamode IV (Soul Jazz)
Caramel – Tenderlonious (Soul Jazz)
Moonbuilding 2703 AD – The Orb (Kompakt)
Suis-je Normale (Sutja’s Edit) – Nina Raviolette (soundcloud)
Ding Dong Thing – Felix Laband (Compost)
Morning Side – Four Tet (Text)
Signalrod – Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger (Klasse Recordings)
Return To The Underground – Aybee (Soul Jazz)
Pacific Ocean Blues – CB Radio (100% Silk)
Becoming Nice – Burns & Hawk (No Label)
God’s Mirrorball – The Orb (Kompakt)

Busy busyness this Friday – after ye traditionale Magic Roundabout at Verona – usual times, different rhymes — and his Slave-lyness stepping up to Big Stuff’s slot for a 2nd week it’s a Club Sandwiching at Golden Dawn we will go. Always a treat to play with Cian and Guy, as it is with Dub and Slave – so come and get some treat-ment…Promise it won’t hurt..much.

club sandwich photo1

Stinky Grooves 16.06.15

flowers hitened3 sm IMG00051-20111108-1158

Rose – Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
Rose (Instrumental) – Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
Where I’m From (I Remember How To Dub) – Kiko Bun (Island)
Plant It – Chronixx (Special Delivery)
Wolves – Ziggi Recado (Special Delivery)
Admiration – the FRIGHTNRS (bandcamp)
Admiration (version) – the FRIGHTNRS (bandcamp)
Top Class – Collie Buddz (Frass)
Foundation – Cadenza ft Stylo G & Busy Signal (The Full Hundred)
Customer Care – Vybz Kartel (Head Concussion)
Tell Me (Gold Dubs & Nushu Remix) – Ghost Writerz ft. Shiffa Dan & G.O.L.D (Tru Thoughts)
Send We A Sign – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
Like A Hawk (D.B Version) – Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Island Girl (J-Star Remix) – Dubblestandart (Echo Beach)
The Casual Tentacles Of Dub – The Casual Sexists (Rongorongo)
Little Dipper – Stinky Jim (soundcloud)
6Blocc vs Los REM Stone – Villa Diamante (bandcamp)
Costa Oeste – Deltatron meets Punto Rojo (soundcloud)
Tenga Para Que Se Entretenga – El Barba Dub & Punto Rojo (soundcloud)
Cumbionnnn De Otra Dimension – Kzike Guacamayero Cumbiero (soundcloud)
Murió El Pescador – Vruno (bandcamp)
Sometimes I Feel It – Spacetrilla (soundcloud)
Ding Dong Thing – Felix Laband (Compost)
Zulu Lunchbag – Ndikho Xaba (Matsuli Music)
As Flores Não Tem Cordas Vocais (As Rosas Não Falam) – Thomash / Cartola (bandcamp)
Machines Are Obsolete – Pye Corner Audio (Ghost Box)
L’age de glace (Jonathan Kusuma Remix) – Orestt (I’m A Cliche)
The Healer (Emperor Machine Special extended mix) – Tronik Youth (Nein)
Sublime – Boot & Tax (Optimo)
Down The Garden Path – Felix Laband (Compost)
Transmute – Damaged Bug (Castle Face)
Moment Of Enlightenment – DMX Krew (Mystic & Quantum)
Tuff Times – Mosey (Future Times)
Shazquatch – Junior Fairplay (Emotion Especial)
Two Chord Wake – Suzanne Kraft (Melody As Truth)
Corn – Arthur Russell (Audika)
This Is How we Walk On The Moon – Arthur Russell (Audika)

The Magic Roundabout will be spinning its merry way on Friday, I suspect you are familiar with the times by now. Also coming up is the below at Golden Dawn a week on Friday, always a treat to play with Guy & Cian, can hardly wait, that will be kicking off at 8 (with the Geez). In further news of pending renking and imminent Stinkification I’m incredibly blessed to be taking care of The Sampler for my delightful ex-Listener colleague Nick Bollinger on Radio NZ Nights from next week through till the end of July. I can’t wait, lots of chattery and critical chin stroking (in a radio verbal kinda style and fashion) and lots of music. The first one will be airing next Tuesday at 7.30 and there are some repeats and previews and all that kind of good stuff which I will allude to around these parts when I’m fully savvy with the programme for the programme…. I’m bushed so avail yourself of some tunes below, have a shufty through tonights selection, make yourself at home, out your feet up, the jug is ornnn.

club sandwich photo1

Stinky Grooves 09.06.15

titirangi morning pattern3

Admiration – the FRIGHTNRS (bandcamp)
Admiration (version) – the FRIGHTNRS (bandcamp)
Where I’m From – Kiko Bun (Island)
Where I’m From (I Remember How To Dub) – Kiko Bun (Island)
Plant It – Chronixx (Special Delivery)
Wolves – Ziggi Recado (Special Delivery)
Pants & Skirt – Bounty Killer (John John)
Top Class – Collie Buddz (Frass)
Foundation – Cadenza ft Stylo G & Busy Signal (The Full Hundred)
Real Rock – Sound Dimension (Studio One)
Little Dipper – Stinky Jim (soundcloud)
The Casual Tentacles Of Dub – The Casual Sexists (Rongorongo)
Good Fela – Boot & Tax (Optimo Music)
Step Up Fi Come Up – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
Son Of Her Majesty – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
H910 – Automat (Bureau B)
Soulmate (Adrian Sherwood Dub Remix feat. Ari-Up) – Dubblestandart (Echo Beach)
Costa Oeste – Deltatron meets Punto Rojo (soundcloud)
La Cumbia De Octavio – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
La Casa del Terror – Deltatron meets Punto Rojo (soundcloud)
Krong Thips pt1 – Moody Good (bandcamp)
DaffiWood – Jeremiah Jae (bandcamp)
Saigon – SLACKK (R&S)
Chosen – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Deep Sea Tundras* – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Anyway – Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw)
LVL 09 – LEVELZ (bandcamp)
Shalom Alechem – Alchemist (ALC)
RACHEL CUT – Dean Blunt (free)
Eighties – Talal (soundcloud)
Bored + Lazy (Coyote Clean Up’s Bedroom Eyes Dub) – Jamaican Queens (bandcamp)
Ecuación de las Estrellas – Coil & Ford Proco (Mannequin)
Maithuna – High Wolf (Leaving Records)
How Do You Like Me Now? – Junior Fairplay (Emotion Especial)
Moment Of Enlightenment – DMX Krew (Mystic & Quantum)
Urban Fair – NAP (1080P)
Walls (Vito & Druzzi Edit) – Crass (soundcloud)
Tuff Times – Mosey (Future Times)
Pathway – Pye Corner Audio & Belbury Poly (Ghost Box)
Wam Barzz – Mickey Pearce (81)
Maris Piper – TSUNGA (Black Acre)
Fugese – LHF feat. The Ragga Twins (Keysound)
Canker Sore – Ital (Gang Of Ducks)
DNA – Scalper (Like Water)

That was some action packed, rammed to the gills, riotous radio tonight … at least from this side of the desk… so many right rippers. On the ‘ousekeeping tip I’ve got to do a little shelf-promotion and tooting of the own trumpet by alerting you to a new tune liberated from the overcrowded confines of my honking hard drive. It’s called the Little Dipper and its available to stream or download from soundcloud for nix right below (twice, because I’m subtle like that)

Friday we be a-Verona-ing in the traditional style & fashion, like Alan Moore you know the score.

Stinky Grooves 02.0.15

tree key browned kaleidi

Reggae Make Them Rock – Busy Signal (Turf Music Entertainment)
Love You More – Busy Signal & Mink Jo (Turf Music Entertainment)
Stick By You – Romain Virgo (Turf Music Entertainment)
Feel Like Skank – Lutan Fyah (Turf Music Entertainment)
Propoganga – RC (Turf Music Entertainment)
Ghetto Boy – Stephen Marley Feat. Bounty Killer & Cobra (Ghetto Youths International)
Berlin Wall – Gappy Ranks (Macro Beats)
White – Stylo G & Rvssian (Head Concussion)
New Baby Riddim (Instrumental) – Pure Music (Pure Music)
Jamaica InternationaL Dance – Beres Hammond (VP)
Healing Of The Nation – Patexx (Kirkledove)
War Report – Dean Blunt (free)
Diesel – Dean Blunt (free)
?? – Stinky Jim
Her Imperial Majesty – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
Foundation – Digital (Lion Charge)
Monsoon Come (Dutty Hands & Cranky General Version 3) – Dub Dynasty (soundcloud)
2000 Dust – LHF ft. Low Density Matter & The Ragga Twins (Keysound)
Exodus – LHF ft. Lumin Project & The Ragga Twins (Keysound)
Look Good We A Deal Wit – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Boomarm Nation)
Instigator (Dub) – Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Tombstone Ready – Stinky Jim
Memoriza Mi Leccion – DJ Caution (soundcloud)
Milagro Verde (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Los Mirlos (soundcloud)
Sueno en Paraguay (El Buho Remix) – Chancha Via Circuito (soundcloud)
Zoukete Profundo – Scooby Dub (soundcloud)
Ecuación de las Estrellas – Coil & Ford Proco (Mannequin)
Witness The Fuxness – Moody Good (bandcamp)
Hidden Garden – 45ACP (L.I.E.S)
Sazarde Gente – Boot & Tax (Optimo)
I’m a Cliche Edit Service 58 – Hardway Bros (soundcloud)
Directamente – Alto Nivel Produções (Warp)
The Bridge – 45ACP (L.I.E.S)
Not Alive Yet – Marcos Cabral ft Suzi (L.I.E.S)
Al-Mallahat (Salt Pans) – Maurice Louca (bandcamp)
Sublime – Boot & Tax (Optimo)
Tuff Times – Mosey (Future Times)
Pauspapier – Anton Zap (Apollo)
Fentanyl – Blawan (Ternesc)
Wam Barzz – Mickey Pearce (81)
UV – Dean Blunt (free)

Bit crook so lets keep it brief, Verona Friday – nothing else to report..see you there