Stinky Grooves 25.10.16

1538 Dub – Kambo Super Sound (Sex Tags Amfibia)
Glorify Dub Version – Vibronics (bandcamp)
Giddy Up – Sticky Joe ft Horseman (bandcamp)
Show Down – Dubmatix ft Tenor Fly (bandcamp)
Melbourne Girls – SK Simeon & Naram (soundcloud)
Rebel Danc – Don Papa (Sex Tags Amfibia)
My Favourite Galaxie 500’s Songs (Titanik remix) – Peninsula Fernandes (bandcamp)
Cholula _ DJ Caution (soundcloud)
Porro Bonito – Curt Powell (soundcloud)
24 años de decepciones – Orihuela M.S.S. (soundcloud)
La Voz del Sinchi – Bareto (bandcamp)
Apolo – El Remolon (Fertil Discos)
Basquiat on the Draw – Apollo Brown feat. Conway & Westside Gunn (bandcamp)
Scared Money – Nx Worries (Stones Throw)
Pleasures In Measures – Cherrystones (PZYK)
Choci Loni (jwf dizzy rework) – Young Marble Giants (soundcloud)
Perfect Coffee – Kate Tempest (Lex Records)
Sisters (Boards of Canada remix) – Odd Nosdam (Leaving Records)
Relaxed Lizard – Soft Hair (Domino)
Chamada (Matanza remix) – P.r.Λ.Λ.H (bandcamp)
The Confidence Man (Sons Of Slough Remix) – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
C (I:Cube Remix) – Prins thomas (Smalltown Supersound)
Henry McCullough – BP Fallon & David Holmes (Late Night Tales)
Ten Beers with Five Bears at Two Guns, Arizona – Roy Montgomery (Bada Bing)
Tropic of Anodyne – Roy Montgomery (Bada Bing)
Garden of Love (Lundi Mouillé Andrew Weatherall Remix) – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
The Woods – The Limiñanas (Cougouyou)
Waiting For a Surprise (Von Party vs Red Axes Remix) – Red Axes (Multi Culti)
Oleic – Kelly Lee Owens (Smalltown Supersound)
Thirteenth Night (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Extended Dance Mix – Fujiya & Miyagi (Impossible Objects Of Desire)
Talk Me Down – Luis (1080p)
Inner Outer (Toulouse Low Trax Radient Walk Remix) – Rodion & Fabrizio Mammarella (Les Disques De La Mort)
Studie V (Grand Optimist Remix) – Grandbrothers (FILM)
Evocation In Desert Ruins – Don’t DJ (Berceuse Heroique)
The Inventor – The Limiñanas (Cougouyou)

This Saturday Dubhead and myself will be spinning some righteous rhythms at the Hallertau Brewery & Restaurant up in Riverhead from around 12.30 to 4.30ish, last time was a gas and there will be more before the end of the year. Will also be selling off a whole heap more vinyl at the Record Fair in Freemans Bay on Saturday morning too (starts at a scary 9am), bargains, rarities, bollocks, a bleary eyed couple not normally to be found at that time etc etc Verona? Well your guess is as good as mine, I will be playing there on November 19th apparently…

Lots to get amongst below and above, don’t let me stop you.

No Show

Nowt from me this week, otherwise accounted for. Many thanks to Bridge for refreshing the parts other ears can’t reach. Not entirely sure what the story is at Verona at the mo but I shall be playing tunes at the Balcony from 5.30 to 6.30 on Friday. The last one was most excellent and I shall be playing there in November and December too, check it.
Back next week…

Stinky Grooves 11.10.16

Anyone Who Have A Heart – Winston Jarrett (South East Music)
Flute From South Side – Tommy McCook (South East Music)
In Search Of The Human Race – John Clarke (Earth)
Human Dub – Stepping Stones All Stars (Earth)
Golden Rule – Naram feat. Tenor Youthman (Scotch Bonnet)
No Friend Fi Dem – Naram & Art ft Tonto Irie (Cubiculo)
Ripper Riddim – Naram & Art (Cubiculo)
Badmind Behaviour – Red Eye HiFi (Nice Up!)
Badmind Behaviour (Version) – Red Eye HiFi (Nice Up!)
Lowe Mi – Mavado (DJ Frass Records)
Dear Frass (I Just Don’t Know) – Jahmeil (DJ Frass Records)
Waist Line – DJ Frass feat.Shaggy (DJ Frass Records)
Badda Dan – Beenie Man (Nicko Rebel Music )
Nuh Fear – Sizzla (Nicko Rebel Music)
Same Way Suh – Busy Signal (Dre Day)
In Deh – Javada (Dre Day)
You No Fit Touch Am (Dub) – Dele Sosimi, Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 (Wah Wah 45s)
Only Heaven – Coldcut ft Roots Manuva (Ahead Of Our Time)
Don’t Fall In – Kate Tempest (Fiction)
Jordans & a Gold Chain – Apollo Brown (bandcamp)
Pleasures In Measures – Cherrystones (PZYK)
Tunnel Vision – Kate Tempest (Fiction)
Sisters (Boards of Canada remix) – Odd Nosdam (Leaving Records)
Waiting For a Surprise (Moscoman Remix) – Red Axes (Multi Culti)
Factories 1984 – Lor (Cin Cin)
Witness – Bludwork (100% Silk)
Butterflies – Anchorsong (Tru Thoughts)
Dionisios – El Remolon (Fertil Discos)
Foggy Twilights – Secret Circuit (Colette)
Sundrunk – L. Pierre (Colette)
Koogarish – Kikagaku Moyo (PZYK)
Try My Robe – Goat (Sub Pop)
Molten Familiar – Grumbling Fur (Thrill Jockey)
Endless (drum edit) feat. Teebs – Odd Nosdam (Leaving Records)
Wingbeats (Radio Edit) – Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts)
Strout – Jonathan Kaspar (Pets Recordings)
Rebound – Colour Plus (Swim Team)
B IT – DVA [HI:EMOTIONS] (Hyperdub)
Jealous Dub – DJ Sotofett (Acido)
A Midsummer Night’s Dub – Versa (Zam Zam)
False Preacher – Tony Mahoney (Black Music)
Burn False Preacher – ??/Tony Mahoney (Black Music)
Mobay Special – Jah Massa (Ace Tone)
Mobay Special (Version Dub) – Jah Massa (Ace Tone)

Looks like a late podcast, out of my hands (GRRRRRR!). Hopefully up tomorrow afternoon. No Verona this week, or till who knows when, once again out of my hands and …. GRRRRR! However very much looking forward to Wuk It Up at Cassette 9 when I shall be playing (around 1.30ish, yikes!) after Naram & SK Simeon, RedRobin and Azbo. $5 before 11, $10 thereafter – what a good deal. Earlier on Danny Lemon, Wellington’s Prime Minister of reggaematical business and supplier of a few of tonight’s gems will be playing at Don’t Touch Me Tomato at Golden Dawn alongside Dubhead, Shady Lady, Tobi Jaffa etc etc. Big night!
Not much action for the soundclouders and bandcampers this week, in all honesty slim pickings and besides I’ve had my head joyfully stuck in Lemon’s excess vinyl baggage and that is wayyyyy more interesting!

Stinky Grooves 04.10.16

Jealous Dub – DJ Sotofett (Acido)
Doodad Version – Digital Human (bandcamp)
Give Praises –  Digital Human feat. Tippa Irie (bandcamp)
Golden Rule – Naram feat. Tenor Youthman (Scotch Bonnet)
Smouche – Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Want No War – Yung J.R feat. Cali P (bandcamp)
Roots & Chalice – Chronixx (Federation Sound)
Skylarking – Red Fox & Screechy Dan (Ranch Entertainment)
What a Ting – Viktorious feat. Parly B (Scotch Bonnet)
Idiot Sound (We Call That Lo Fi) – Robot Riddims (bandcamp)
Esta madre no tiene nombre pero se baila bien – Orihuela M.S.S. (soundcloud)
Dummy Track (Lao Ha) – Elysia Crampton ft Chino Amobi (soundcloud)
Medianoche En Las Wak’as – Kuto Quilla (soundcloud)
Donkey Rattle – Kill The Boer – Felix Laband (Compost)
China Air Line – Mori-Ra (Correspondant)
Ithela Na Rhto To Vradi – Cigdem Aslan (Asphalt Tango)
Fuga – Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs (Asphalt Tango)
Time of Machines – Sergio Ferraresi (BBE)
Spectrum Sequence – Machinedrum (Ninja Tune)
School’s Out (Manfredas remix) – Mugwump feat. Von Spar (Subfield)
Ubi Sunt – Sutja Gutiérrez (Rotten City Files)
Post Rave Wrestle – Bruce (Timedance)
Apolo – El Remolon (Fértil Discos)
I’ll Be Loving You (love dub) – Crooked Man (DFA)
All Wet – Mr Oizo ft Siriusmo (Ed Banger)
Caminho De Dreyfus (Instrumental) – Red Axes (Correspondant)
Jhoom Le – Cyntia (Kindred Spirits)
The Model – Prince Fatty (Scotch Bonnet)
Yume No Hana – Kiki Hitomi (Jahtari)
Its Up To You – Bogus Order (Ahead Of Our Time)
E.S.P. – Zomby (Hyperdub)
Sunset Drive – DJ Python (Proibito Recs)
The Governor – Nicolas Jaar (Other People)
Sapien Sapiens – Grumbling Fur (Thrill Jockey)
The Sun Ship – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Fröhlichkeit – Camera (Bureau B)
Residual Tingles – The Gaslamp Killer (Cuss)
Sticky – Dixlexsix (I’m A Cliche)
Tuck – Katie Gately (Tri Angle)

This week I won’t be playing at Verona, Dubhead will be filling in as I am playing at the Balcony no less, down at The Box Bar/Restaurant in Auckland’s ‘mostest loins girded for future development apparently according to the Maily Dail /Herald’ district of Aotea Square & ting. 5.20 to 6.20 I’m told, nice and precise we like that. I have one hour and I intend to fill it with carefully curated wonderfulness….

Stinky Grooves 27.09.16


Black Noise Interlude – Adrian Younge (Linear Labs)
Control – Ossia (Berceuse Heroique)
The Concept of Love – Adrian Younge (Linear Labs)
Smouche – Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Sweet Home – Willi Williams (Dug Out)
House of Sin (Remix) – Lee “Scratch” Perry (Megawave)
Escape Goat Dub – Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Amagideon Dub – Solomonic All Stars (Dub Store)
#EPN in cumbia – Agustinsoundsystem (soundcloud)
La Pelota – El Remolon (Fértil Discos)
Boumpam – Aris San (Fortuna)
The Last Ride – JP Moregun (free)
Winner Seat – JP Moregun (free)
English Channel – JP Moregun (free)
Fronto Kings Freestyle (db, escrow) vip – Babyfather (soundcloud)
Brian – RüF Dug (Rüf Kutz)
Glade Runner (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Wolf Müller & Cass. (International Feel)
Cobra Kush (Peter Power Remix) – Von Party Naduve (Multi Culti)
Ubi Sunt – Sutja Gutiérrez (Rotten City Files)
La Grua – Sano feat. DJH (Cómeme)
Chugglers in Crime – Bedford Falls Players (Night Noise)
Nothing Matters – Silver Apples (Chicken Coop Recordings)
Into each others eyes – The Caretaker (bandcamp)
No – Nicolas Jaar (Other People)
La cumbia lucha – Sonido Mamalón ft. Bacatos 0.0 (soundcloud)
Information – Ossia (Berceuse Heroique)
Kariwa – Lamont (81)
Reverence (Drum Meditation) – Auntie Flo (Mule Musiq)
Three Sides Of Nazareth – Nicolas Jaar (Other People)

This Friday at Verona it’s the old firm, Dubhead and myself, I’ll be doing the early burlys as ever……. Right old bundle tonight eh, near took the top of my head off!

Stinky Grooves 20.09.16

Way back Home – Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari (Dub Store)
Haleva – The Gaslamp Killer feat. Amir Yaghmai (Gaslamp Killer)
La Grua (Tolouse Low Trax -The Interview Remix) – Sano (Cómeme)
TpushA – Acapulco Zombie (soundcloud)
Oaxaca – DJ Caution (soundcloud)
sensoll – .zigo (bandcamp)
Mano Arriba – Hnry (soundcloud)
Trenzas – Intiche (soundcloud)
Oropéndula – Shushupe (folcore)
Cobra Kush – Von Party Naduve (Multi Culti)
The Joy Of Lina (Farha) – Ihsan Al Munzer (Fortuna)
Focus on the Middle East – Ishfahan Farid (Sonorama)
Knock On Wood – Sidney Dale (Sonorama)
Another Form of Fatigue – Bot’ox (I’m A Cliche)
Dope Rider – SPR! (Hoga Knord)
Redacted 1 – Not Waving (Ecstatic)
New Humans (Fragmented) – DARKPYRAMID (bandcamp)
Fuglekongen (Gammal Mungolian mix) – Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
Subaru Pesha (Roman Flügel Dub) – Red Axes, Moscoman, Krikor (soundcloud)
Jamileh – Ihsan Al Munzer (Fortuna)
Sunset Drive – DJ Python (Proibito)
Gammalaser Kill – The Gaslamp Killer feat. Malcolm Catto & MRR (Gaslamp Killer)
Missin You – Silver Apples (Chicken Coop Recordings)
SensoI – .zigo (bandcamp)
Its Up To You – Bogus Order (Ahead Of Our Time)
SF-SF – Uncle O (I’m A Cliche)
Pour Nadia – Etienne Jaumet (I’m A Cliche)
Groundhog – Flowdan feat. Animai (Tru Thoughts)
Bow They Will ! ! ! – Odd Nosdam (bandcamp)
Subaru Pesha (Roman Flügel Dub) – Red Axes, Moscoman, Krikor (soundcloud)
Bullnose Step – Bogus Order (Ahead Of Our Time)
Residual Tingles – – The Gaslamp Killer (Gaslamp Killer)
Killing My Heart (Instrumental) – Harleighblu X Starkiller (Tru Thoughts)
Ever U Want – Surly (soundcloud)
Brian – RüF Dug 9 (Rüf Kutz)
18 18 – Dean Blunt (soundcloud)
La Grua – Sano feat. DJH (Cómeme)
Boumpam – Aris San (Fortuna)
Cobra Kush (Peter Power Remix) – – Von Party Naduve (Multi Culti)

We have lift off..Verona friday etc etc

Stinky Grooves 13.09.16


Judge Dread – Prince Buster (Blue Beat)
One Step Beyond – Prince Buster (Blue Beat)
Madness – Prince Buster (Blue Beat)
Enjoy Yourself – Prince Buster (Blue Beat)
Take It Easy – Prince Buster (Blue Beat)
And I Love Her- Prince Buster (Blue Beat)
Uganda – Prince Buster (Melodisc)
Gotta Find A Way – The Frightners (Daptone)
All My Tears – The Frightners (Daptone)
Avocado *9 Grams Per Serving – Jah9 (soundcloud)
Everyday – J.O.E Jahfrica Gavsborg & Tremma (Equiknoxx Music)
Panda – (G Duppy reggae remix) – Desiigner (soundcloud)
Sintonizando La Frecuencia – HydroSelekter (soundcloud)
El chavo banda se siente relajado (Hnry X Sonidero Sabotaje edit) – El Cifickzer X El Kombo Kolombia (soundcloud)
Manana Tepotzlan – El Buho (soundcloud)
Mano Arriba – Hnry (soundcloud)
El Sonido V.T. – Wich & The Carta Blanca Beatbox (soundcloud)
Boa – Animal Chuki (soundcloud)
Oaxaca – DJ Caution (soundcloud)
Trenzas – Intiche (soundcloud)
nightstreet – BALAMACAB (bandcamp)
Reverberasia – Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards (Blackest Ever Black)
Like I Already Do – Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon (O Genesis)
When I Get It Right – The Pussy Mother (Optimo)
Amazonia – DJ Python (Lovers Rock)
Don’t Stop (Pearson Sound Remix) – Klyne (Because Music)
Atom Brain (Instrumental Version) – Sterling Roswell (Blang)
Elle S Echappe – Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Records)
Gimme Something – Exploded View (Sacred Bones)
Bow They Will ! ! ! – Odd Nosdam (bandcamp)
Burrow – Odd Nosdam (bandcamp)
Tosmogs – Uffe (Blueberry)
Oh Men – Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon (O Genesis)
Ghost From The Coast- Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards (Blackest Ever Black)
De l’ivresse à tes maux – XM (Zimbalam)
Faust (Tolouse Low Trax remix) – Colorist (Baumusik)
The uncertain contents of the BUCHLA box – I Monster (bandcamp)
Mexican Cola Bottle Baby – Moscoman (ESP Institute)
Make A Change (Dub) – Phil Kieran (Hot Creations)
Third Mynd (BTU Rework) – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve (Phantasy)

Verona on Friday and then on Saturday spinning with me old mate Dubhead at the Hallertau Brewery/Restaurant & ting up in Riverhead for the Saturday Suite. Details here. We’ll be holding it down from 12.30 till late arvo, should be good.

Stinky Grooves 06.09.16



You Are The One – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)
Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood Mix) – Suns Of Arqa (Emotional Rescue)
Aggro Dub Version – New Age Steppers (On-U Sound)
Violin Step (Alpha Steppa Dub Mix) – Ashanti Selah ft. Ras Divarius (Steppas)
Geordi La Forge – Robot Riddims (bandcamp)
El Sonido V.T. – Wich & The Carta Blanca Beatbox (soundcloud)
Trenzas – Intiche (soundcloud)
A tribe called red meets Jin Yerei & Psilosamples (Barda Mashup) – A Tribe Called Red etc (soundcloud)
London 1969—The Wizards of Putney deny accusations of unholy enchantment at the Electronic Music Studios (EMS) – I Monster (bandcamp)
One Night (Wrongtom Dub) – WTS ft Gia (Global Groove)
De Pire, Empire – Nikita Quasim (Other People)
E.S.P. – Zomby (Hyperdub)
Amazonia – DJ Python (Lovers Rock)
Sunset Drive – DJ Python (Probito)
Gabula – Black Spuma (International Feel)
Ausar Auset and Heru (The Trinity) – Ras G (Street Corner Tapes)
Amern….Ra!- Ras G (Street Corner Tapes)
too much of life is mood (excerpt) – scallops hotel (bandcamp)
nightstreet – BALAMACAB (bandcamp)
Vorsicht – Pye Corner Audio (Ghost Box)
Mana – Saafron (Leaving)
Space Race Pt 1 & 2 – Djrum (2nd Drop)
The ballad of Harry CHAMBERLIN and the surreptitious window cleaner – I Monster (bandcamp)
Call On The Gods – Exploded View (Sacred Bones)
Bini Ou Bink – Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (bandcamp)
Chukwu Fulum Nanya – E.C. Arinze (Soul Jazz)
Cut Your Coat According To Your Size – Apolos Empire Rhythm Orchestra (Soul Jazz)
Independent Jamaica – Lord Creator (Trojan)
Soul Man – Lee Perry (Trojan)
I Want More – LSK (RamRock)
Row, Row, Row / River Dub – Dennis Bovell (bandcamp)
halo – BALAMACAB (bandcamp)
Quandary – Zombie & darkstar (Hyperdub)
XLB – Pearson Sound (Pearson Sound)
Sea Sick – Uffe (Blueberry)
Kut – Dub Dynasty (Zam Zam)
Idiot Sound (We Call That Lo Fi) – Robot Riddims (bandcamp)
Aadu – Awalom Gebremariam (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Minilbelsh – Hailu Mergia (bandcamp)

What an egg, I forgot to mention on the show that I’ll be selling at the Bombathon/Southbound Record Fair on Saturday morning from 9-12 – guess I was too light-headed at broadcasting from St Kevins Arcade and all the general Bombathon goodness. Hanways am assembling a top ranking fresh pile from my slow sell off of the record collection, there’s a bunch of On-U Sound and Ninja Tune stuff pulled out already (some goodies and rarities in there) and I intend to have some real gems to flog. There’s good times to be had, Pennie Black and Tina Turntables broadcasting from the shop, sumptuous hospitality from the wonderful Southbound folk and arguably Auckland’s most musically well versed and powerfully cynical staff and I think around 10 music fanatics with crates to ping on…. Holy heck! Apologies for the late podcasting and playlisting and all that, sometimes life can get in the way. Also Verona on Friday in the tradition of….