Stinky Grooves 16.12.14

Jah Show Them The Way (Extended Version) – Dillinger (UMC)
Plantation heights – Dillinger (UMC)
Words – Sangie Davis & Lee Perry (Trojan)
Kilburn Road – Ranking Dread (Hot Milk)
Bond Street Express – Yossi Fine & Jonathan Korty & Eric Levy & Inx Herman (Avila Street Records)
Zim Zim – The Bug ft Burro Banton (Ninja Tune)
Swarm – The Bug (Ninja Tune)
Cold – The Bug vs Earth (Ninja Tune)
Sueño Mejor – Federico Estévez (Regional soundcloud)
Huerta Grande – Federico Estévez (Regional soundcloud)
Yolanda (El Búho Remix) – Emir Buscon (soundcloud)
Cumbiaruss (Kinky Electric Noise Remix) – Dialect Trio (soundcloud)
Stalka – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Lacking Give A Damn… – Ras G (Leaving Records)
I dont wanna b judged – Hot Sugar (free)
Trapper Keeper – Hot Sugar feat. Baghdaddy (free)
Prismatic (Etch Revision) – Etch (Space + Time Records)
Dusty – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Requiem to Saving a girl’s life – Hot Sugar (free)
Chemotaxis – (Space + Time Records)
Stabs Of Regret (FaltyDL Remix) – Luke Vibert (Hypercolour)
DBC – Afrikan Sciences (PAN)
Tanned Skin Dress – Xander Harris (Not Not Fun)
Rise – Glass Candy (soundcloud)
Statues PF – Hashman Deejay (Future Times)
Pina Colada Jellybean – Hot Sugar (free)
Party Legs – Cave (Drag City)
Dollar Dar – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Songs Of Pressure (The Asphodells Remix) – Richard Sen (Emotional)
Anatomy of a Synthesizer – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Social Music – QV (Phonica White)
Chord Invasions – Plastiktanz (Finders Keepers)
Insekten – Eisenhaeur (Finders Keepers)
Sense Of Purpose – The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
Colour Blind – The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
Das Bild – X² (Finders Keepers)
Perfume Headache – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Emerge From Smoke – Shlohmo (True Panther)
HMP Shaun William Ryder – Mogwai (Rock City)
Fly Soup – Mr Mitch (Planet Mu)

Ahoy there … Couple of bits of biz before you move onto the digitally liberated tracks below you greedy scamps you… Up above at the top of the post is the new SJD video for I Wanna Be Foolish, it’s made by Greg Page and he’s hit it out of the blooming park, please do take a gander and feel free to repost, share, embed, tell a friend or whatever..Trevor.
Also below this post is the first of ye olde Stinkmixes to be posted to Mixcloud in an awfully long time. It’s a bit of a pearler if I say so myself and dates from around 10 years ago. Please do give it a little lughole love, it won’t let you down and if you’re feeling particularly festive and giving follow me on Mixcloud and who knows what might happen.
Penultimately my gregarious good amigo Geezer Guy and myself will be playing tunes at Golden Dawn tomorrow night from 7pm – 12. Always a giggle when when these two ex-pat bad hats mingle it up on the digital decks, don’t be a stranger.
As ever Magic Roundabout on Friday, I’m not sure if we’ll be doing one on Boxing Day, I suspect not. Will keep you all posted on the haps with that but probably best to assume last for the year, miss out and cry lakes of tears like a snivelling shit….
Stinky Grooves will be on next week, and the following but will be taking a break on the 6th of January for just 1 week….aaaa-ite or aaaa-something.


Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets


It’s been a while, and it’s definitely long overdue, but I figured heading into ye olde yuletide season with the possibility of a bit of spare time it might be pertinent to get sticking some Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs up on Mixcloud again. So to kick things off here is #20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets. There’s a little blah below and for a limited time (like a week from today) a link to a download of the whole thing at 320, please do check it out at Mixcloud and maybe even follow me for updates on the next mixes, as I may not post them all up here and it would be choice to get that Mixcloud account rumbling along.

Link to the mix on wetransfer here

Another one of the faves this here one from around 2003/2004. Basically it’s an off beat, off kilter and off early down to the pub meander through the beaty bison and groovy gazelle that like to sup upon the reggaematical oasis (no status quo-asis). Some big DJing out staples on here like Pablo’s dubwise dalliance with the Meter’s Cissy Strut, an overcovered cut that actually benefits from this re-rub and the Digital B lick of Queen Majesty graced by Sizzla before he started squeeking and swearing. There’s a few under-appreciated gems (Sporto Kantes, Revolvo and Fletch I’m looking at you), a little Studio One for the heart and soul and even one of my favouritest Unitone HiFi cuts that we ever made. Hope you enjoy it and don’t be afraid to hail up or share a comment, it really does make it all worthwhile and is much appreciaterated.
Title shout out to Mark & Decima, from a Xmas kard , an intensive and possibly unhealthy interest in Belfast slang may be required to work that one out.

Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud

Stinky Grooves 09.12.14


Odd Ras – Chronixx (Digital Vibez)
Life Over Death – Chronixx (Green Lion)
Selassie Souljahz – Chronixx ft Sizzla Kalonji, Protoje & Kabaka Pyramid (Royal Order)
Capture Land – Chronixx (Overstand)
Capture Land (Dub) – Chronixx (Overstand)
Mi Gi Dem – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Today 4U Tomorrow 4Me – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Very Dangerous – Capitol D (Stainless)
Treat The People Right – Kananga (Stainless)
Special Occaision – Tarrus Riley ft Whippa Demus (Jukeboxx)
Yolanda (El Búho Remix) – Emir Buscon (soundcloud)
Guachaca Dub – Frente Cumbiero (Cassette Blog)
Hueso de Kanibal – Zona Norte, El Hijo de la Cumbia & Punto Rojo (bandcamp)
Tepito Green Two – Zona Norte, El Hijo de la Cumbia & Punto Rojo (bandcamp)
Lacking Give A Damn… Ras G (Leaving Records)
Slow-mo Helicopters – Hot Sugar (free)
Fuck Up Wallstreet – Hot Sugar (free)
50. Cent Phillies – Ras G (Leaving Records)
Already Did That – Hot Sugar (free)
Pusherman – Romare (Ninja Tune)
Rise – Glass Candy (soundcloud)
Helensville – SJD (Round Trip Mars)
Golden Throne (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Teenage Exorcists – Mogwai (Rock Action)
Grosse Cilindrate – Daniela Casa (Finders Keepers Records)
A Process Of Growth Toward Light – Al Lover (bandcamp)
Fly Soup – Mr Mitch (Planet Mu)
Anatomy of a Synthesizer – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Champion Dancehall – Etch (Keysound)
Mass Doom – Mr Oizo (Brainfeeder)
Circo Del Bimbi – Daniela Casa (Finders Keepers Records)
Anatomy of a Synthesizer – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Aerospace – Epoch (Keysound)
The Night – Mr Mitch (Planet Mu)
I Love You For All Seasons – The Revelations (Tommy Boy)
How Great Thou Art – Sensational Saints (Numero Group)
The Queen – Jae R (bandcamp)
Mr. Ghost Goes to Town – The 5 Jones Boys (Document)
Fabbrica – Daniela Casa (Finders Keepers Records)
Medicine Ball – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Midnight Man – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Candy (8 Track Version) – Chromatics (soundcloud)
No Medicine For Regret (Pye Corner Audio Remix) – Mogwai (Rock City)

Majikka Rounabouting this Friday with Dub – all the ushe –

Stinky Grooves 02.12.14

Mi Gi Dem – Busy Signal(Stainless Music)
Today 4U Tomorrow 4Me – Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
Very Dangerous – Capitol D (Stainless Music)
Treat The People Right – Kananga (Stainless Music)
Guilty As Charged – Jah Thunda (Stainless Music)
Pool Party (Naram Remix) – Tour De Force ft Jahdan Blakkamoore (Dub-Stuy)
Me Alright – Gappy Ranks(Larger Than Life)
Rolling Stone – Bobby Hustle (Larger Than Life)
Never Gonna Stop – Chino (Larger Than Life)
Travellers Riddim Instrumental – Larger Than Life Records (Larger Than Life)
Negra, la Negra la la – Zona Norte, El Hijo de la Cumbia & Punto Rojo (bandcamp)
Mañanero Mty – Zona Norte, El Hijo de la Cumbia & Punto Rojo (bandcamp)
Nawell – Inti Che (Cassette Blog)
Cumbia Sampuesana( Bumb – Ay Remix) – Cumbia Cosmonauts (soundcloud)
Cumbia Sampuesana (Malacopa Bros Remix) – Cumbia Cosmonauts (soundcloud)
Crushed Egos – Wu-Tang Clan (Warner Bros)
Preacher’s Daughter – Wu-Tang Clan (Warner Bros)
Gravy – Jae R (bandcamp)
The Queen – Jae R (bandcamp)
The Bishop – Jae R (bandcamp)
Hush – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Lush – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Groove It Out (LoneLady Michigan Dub) – LoneLady (Warp)
No Medicine For Regret (Pye Corner Audio Remix) – Mogwai (Rock Action)
Front End (Remixed By Pye Corner Audio) – Application (Dust Science)
Entity (Presence) – Mark Mcguire (Dead Oceans)
Electricity (Carl Craig C2 Blowed Out Remix) – Pleasure State (Hot Creations)
Window Peeper – AFX (soundcloud but disappeared)
Ham – Mr. Oizo (Brainfeeder)
Do Me (Bruk Mix) – FaltyDL (Ninja Tune)
Champion Dancehall – Etch (Keysound)
Aerospace – Epoch (Keysound)
Shelter Song (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Green Machine – BEAK> (Invada)
We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together [2014 mix] – Velvet Underground (Mercury)
7 Senses Of Cosmic Understanding – Al Lover (bandcamp)
White Week – Les Big Byrd (A Records)
Brand New Faces – Brand New Faces (Numero Group)
This Heart Of Mine – Royal Imperials (Numero Group)

No internet doing the show tonight so only basic playlist for now – will make an image and add details of Friday’s double banger gig-stravaganza tomorrow…

Bit of Busy, bit of straight talking

Coupla things… I think yesterday was the first time I’ve made a submission on a Bill, I suspect there will be a bit more of that happening with the way our fragile facade of democracy is being pissed on by the big dogs and hogs of the ruling party. My submission was rushed and short, which was inevitable and no doubt a deliberate effect of the ludicrous amount of time allowed for this bizarre, draconian, downright scary, sped through legislation – but Green MP Catherine Delahunty said it far better than I could – Points and prizes to her, next up I’ll be getting my writing on to my local Labour MPs, enough is enough

By way of contrast this is one of my top 3 Busy Signal tunes of the year and this vid just makes me smile. We need some of that right now….

Stinky Grooves 25.11.14

Oz Drive In tiled redyellow THE ONE

Bond Street Express – Yossi Fine & Jonathan Korty & Eric Levy & Inx Herman (Avila Street Records)
Ketch Vampire (Extended Jamaican Mix) – Devon Irons And Doctor Alimentado (Trojan)
Natty Dread Is a Struggler – Ranking Dread (Hot Milk)
Ranking Ting – Ranking Dread (Hot Milk)
Armagideon Man – Willi Williams (Shanachie Entertainment)
Unification – Willi Williams (Shanachie Entertainment)
Free Dem – Willi Williams (Shanachie Entertainment)
Peace Treaty Ting – DJ Dawn & the Ranking Queens (Soul Jazz)
Peace Treaty Style – Sugar Minott (Soul Jazz)
I Don’t Know Why – Doreen Schaffer (Soul Jazz)
Double Attack – Delroy Wilson & Lizzi (Pressure Sounds)
Stealing In The Name Of The Lord – Jimmy Wonder (Pressure Sounds)
Going West – Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook (Pressure Sounds)
Flip Top Riddim – Big Flite & Velkro (Duppy Gun)
Smoking Bowl (Redemption Remix) – Mark Stewart (Glitterbeat)
Nawell – Inti Che (Cassette Blog)
Cumbiaruss (Kinky Electric Noise Remix) – Dialect Trio (soundcloud)
Guachaca DUB – Frente Cumbiero (Cassette Blog)
El Bario – A Toda Madre (Cassette Blog)
Beach Blanket Blood Bath – Blockhead (bandcamp)
Punk – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
100 – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Heavy – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Destop – Mr Oizo (Brainfeeder)
Window Peeper – AFX (soundcloud but disappeared)
Groove It Out (LoneLady Michigan Dub) – LoneLady (Warp)
In Argo Teurano – Gunnar Haslam (L.I.E.S)
Golden Throne (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Sand Dance (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Entity (Presence) – Mark Mcguire (Dead Oceans)
White Week – Les Big Byrd (A Records)
They Worshipped Cats – Les Big Byrd (A Records)
T13 quadraverb – AFX (soundcloud but disappeared)
Locomotion (DLR reMMix by Mordant Music) – Donald Fraser (Mordant Music)
Ajapajapam (Version) – Gunnar Haslam (L.I.E.S)
Rolling (μ-Ziq Remix) – FaltyDL (Ninja Tune)

Mojik RunedAboot – Vellona – Frogday – as per abnormal……
Once again check the Cassette Blog links above for the cumbia goodness, puhlease…… and the hoohaa below-age

Stinky Grooves 18.11.14

thaitree mound plastic pointilized

Here Comes Trouble – Chronixx (Overstand)
Captured Land – Chronixx (Overstand)
Captured Land (Dub) – Chronixx (Overstand)
Death Row – Bugle (Daseca)
Woman We Seh – Assassin (Daseca)
Stone Wall Riddim – Daseca (Daseca)
Mi Gi Dem – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Dangerous – Face & Sheeniboo (Colonel Mustard)
Ex – Cham (Fire Linkz)
Weak Heart – Bugle (Fire Linkz)
Can Do – Beenie Man (Fire Linkz)
Gonna Do – I Octane (Fire Linkz)
Man Straight – Vybz Kartel (Fire Linkz)
Dem Nuh Man – Mavado (Fire Linkz)
Control Riddim – Firelonkz Prodcutions (Fire Linkz)
Cumbia Del Sultan (El Barba Dub Rmx) – Tulio Enrique Leon (Cassette Blog)
El Otro (El Remolon Rmx) – Las Solteritas (Cassette Blog)
Cumbia De Lux Edition – Loko Bona (Cassette Blog)
MaryWanna – Andres Digital (Cassette Blog)
Boriqua Cumbianero – Digi G’Alessio (Cassette Blog)
Blue Monday (Colombian Version) – Pernett, Quantic & Lido Pimienta (soundcloud)
Blue Monday (Instrumental Version) – Pernett & Quantic (soundcloud)
MaMa – eMMplekz (Mordant Music)
Gargle Tronslate – eMMplekz (Mordant Music)
iSoap – Mr Oizo (Brainfeeder)
Mas Doom – Mr Oizo (Brainfeeder)
Smokin Bowl (Redemption Remix) – Mark Stewart (Glitterbeat)
Hush – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Sun Ritual (My Dry Wet Mess Remix) – Auntie Flo (soundcloud)
Golden Thrones (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Shelter Song (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Songket Hitam – Salim I (Sanity Muffin)
Modjang Priangan – The Steps (Sanity Muffin)
I Can’t Stand It (2014 Mix) – Velvet Underground (Polydor/UMe)
100 – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Sahara – Paul White (R&S)
Venter (HTRK Remix) – Ben Frost (Mute)
Locomotion (DLR reMMix by Mordant Music) – Donald Fraser (Mordant Music)
Earth – Early One (Duppy Gun)
Flip Top Riddim – Big Flite & Velkro (Duppy Gun)
Dub Street – Jahdubtahz (45Seven)
Peyton Place – Don Lee & Lester Stirling (Pressure Sounds)

Friday @ zee V avec le Dubtête…yup. Tragic Moundaflout……
I very rarely, in fact hardly ever, leave the bFM studio feeling the show was sub-par, and there’s a whole lot of time and effort and endless listening & ting that goes on every single week to make sure of that. If that does happen it’s usually because I’m crook/ridonkulously busy or am about to be or just have been. However… sometimes the music just sits together exquisitely, and the vibes just run right, as in perfect right, from the moment Tidball and myself stop putting the world to rights and cursing those fukkkers in Guvinemnt, or even before that. Tonight was one such show for my money – the #44th of the year, and worthy of the double number, and then some. I hope it was a fraction as enjoyable, and testing, and revelatory out there on the other side for you, as it was for me up here – if so …points and prizes all round. Leaving the car I thought to myself I hope I can finish off with a vintage Bunny Lee scorchulator from the Full Up comp on Pressure Sounds that I was just getting my head round on the way to the show…and so it came to pass…raaaaass!
Cheers for the ears, and in this case the eyes…on ya!


Not clever enough to know how to link this imagio below to the site but for all that cumbia goodness check Cassette Blog and their insanely generous ongoing 4th Anniversary gifty gify bizzyness ……………………………………….

Stinky Grooves 11.11.14


Mi Gi Dem – Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
Today 4U Tomorrow 4Me- Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
Long Way – Daddy Freddy (Colonel Mustard)
Long Way Version – Naram (Colonel Mustard)
Dangerous – Face & Sheeniboo (Colonel Mustard)
Dangerous Version – Naram (Colonel Mustard)
Shotta – Nomads (Sly & Robbie)
Tall Hair – Shaka Zulu (Peckings)
Hustlers Story – Dolomite (Peckings)
Blaze Up De Fire – Delly Ranks (Peckings)
Chocolate Refix – Tarrus Riley & Baby Boom (Peckings)
Marijuana Card – Macka B (Peckings)
Riddim – Peckings (Peckings)
La Pulga – Boogat (Cassette Blog)
Top Cat (Copia Doble Systema Rmx) – The Clerk (Cassette Blog)
Sacúdete – Dr. Almeja (Cassette Blog)
P.A.T.R.A.O – OMULU (Cassette Blog)
Nigeria What (Borchi Rmx) – Debruit (Cassette Blog)
Feel Dis – Loko Bonó (Cassette Blog)
Go To Z (Sonidos Profundos Remix) – Dash Slktr (soundcloud)
Cuelgue Que Cuelgue – El Remolon (free from ZZK)
No Beginner – Serengeti (Joyful Noise)
Buddy Guy – Serengeti (Joyful Noise)
Perfecto – Serengeti (Joyful Noise)
On The Road – Serengeti (Joyful Noise)
@ The Mall – Serengeti (Joyful Noise)
The City – Anderson .Paak (Steel Wool)
Sun Down (Actress Tes Remix) – Tricky (K7!)
Heavens Gate – Coco Solid (BUY IT from Beatport!!!)
Window Peeper – AFX (soundcloud)
More Games (MMKM More Names Mix) – Kowton (Livity Sound)
Sahara Deserts – Paul White (R&S)
Computerstimme – KZA (Endless Flight)
Padded – Mr Mitch (Planet Mu)
Sun Ritual (My Dry Wet Mess Remix) – Auntie Flo (soundcloud)
I Call You – Paul White (R&S)
Punk – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
I Wanna Know – Beat Spacek (Ninja Tune)
Give Myself To You – Brogan Bentley (Leaving Records)
Vous Dansez – KZA (Endless Flight)
Let It Be – Dream Police (Sacred Bones)
Shandi Qingge – Apollo Band (Sanity Muffin)
Modjang Priangan – The Steps (Sanity Muffin)
Benteng De Junma – The Red Stars (Sanity Muffin)
Lush – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
And Here – Rodi Kirk (bandcamp)
Live In Chicago Subway – Sirr TMO (Hyperdub)
Harvey Ratchet – DJ Manny (Hyperdub)

Thoughts and love going out to Soane’s family & friends tonight, bad business.
All the usuals- Verona Friday, lots of gear to check out above (Cassette Blog’s 4th Birthday comp, AFXclusives etc).
Oh and check out this dope vid Rodi’s done for Ableton Push….