Stinky Grooves 27.01.15

indo oz drivein walk through blu

Nothing Is Impossible (12″ Mix) – Inturns (Pressure Sounds)
Jah Ho Ja – Inturns (Pressure Sounds)
Detour (12″ Mix) – Inturns (Pressure Sounds)
Media- Khari Kill (Black Roots Music)
On the Loose Again – Chezidek (Black Roots Music)
Waking Up – Amenehet (Black Roots Music)
Overloaded Truck – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Blue Wax – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Rock With You Baby (Dub) – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Love Addis Ababa – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Make A Joyful Noise – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)
Dub Foundation – DJ Madd (Roots & Future)
Every Little Thing – DJ Madd (Roots & Future)
Butter [Yelram Selectah Remix] – Lafawndah (soundcloud)
Revolucion Caliente – Dr Paniko (soundcloud)
Polleriat Colorada Remix Lesglobe-iss – Mercede Sosa (soundcloud)
dead albatross – Psymun feat Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Bad Place For A Good Time – Kate Tempest (Big Dada)
Banani – Psymun (bandcamp)
Fuck Bush – Psymun (bandcamp)
diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 – Aphex Twin (Warp)
Out West – Secret Circuit (Emotional Response)
Body Lotion – HTRK (Sleeperhold Publications)
Wide Awake – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Western Vinyl)
Glass – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
Vortex – John Carpenter (Sacred Bones)
Ride – Gaussian Curve (Rush Hour)
Stunts – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Western Vinyl)
I Like Disco (The Emperor Machine Remix) – Lonely Boy (Futureboogie)
Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix) Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Aromobates NDB – Ninos Du Brasil (DFA)
Psychedelic Revolution – Julian Cope (Lord Yatesbury)
Green Eyes (Music Blues) – Amen Dunes (Sacred Bones)
Song To The Siren – Amen Dunes (Sacred Bones)
In The Desert – Dreems (Multi Culti)
Night – John Carpenter (Sacred Bones)
Impossible Island – Gaussian Curve (Rush Hour)
Take Your Time – Lonely Boy (Futureboogie)

Well last weeks record selling at Southbound’s spanking hot new store opening was a lot of fun, a veritable gas in fact. That new shop is a corker and I can see quite a few of my hard earned shekels going on some of the luxuriously waxy and wonderful items they have on display.
Like a weekly confessional or seven day visit to the sweet shop the Magic Roundabout with Dubhead and yours truly will be flavourizing Friday at Verona from 5. Get some in you ‘orrible lot…..

Selling Stinking Collection at Southbound’s Grand Opening Tomorrow!!


A few less items than this shot of the Record Fair bunch but you get the picture

Yes indeed to celebrate the opening of Southbound’s monstrous new retail palace on Symonds Street tomorrow I will be parking up at shady table at the back, and flicking on some of the records I don’t need anymore but you might. After a very successful and enjoyable stint at the Record Fair at the end of last year these are priced to sell which means the bulk is $2 Jamaican 7″s & $5 12″s and LPs. There are some $15 and $20 albums and even a very few $30 items but they are the exceptional exceptions and most is just aimed at getting it into a good home. Sales will be going through Southbound’s merrily ringing tills so unlike the Record Fair this won’t be cash only, eftpos, and kredit kard are all cool.
Shop opens at 10, Delaney Davidson is going to be serenading the sweaty palmed punters at some point and you know Southbound always do things right so there’ll be good scores and sumptuous friendly vibes like nowhere else.. Door opens at 10, see you then.


Stinky Grooves 20.01.15

Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread) – Chronixx ft Jacob Miller (Dubshot)
Life Is Easy – Kabaka Pyramid (Notis)
Where Were You – Bugle (Notis)
Mama Rosie – Iba Mahr (Notis)
Sleep on It – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Tempest – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Warehouse – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Holy Rastafari (Instrumental) – Amp Outernational & Jstar (Jstar)
Dub Is All I Got – Dub Syndicate featuring U Roy (Echo Beach)
Police in Helicopter (dub) – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Jah Wise – Dub Syndicate featuring Lee Scratch Perry & Sangie (Echo Beach)
Firehouse Special – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Money Barrier – Leroy Brown (Rhythm Gits)
How We Living (Sleepy Time Ghost Remix Instrumental) – Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
How We Living (Sleepy Time Ghost Remix) – Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
El Camino – Dr Paniko (Caballito)
Still Kumbia – Dr Paniko (Caballito)
Cumbia De Piedra (Tribilin Sound RMX) – Jhon William Castaño Montoya (soundcloud)
Gallows – Iskeletor (Boomarm Nation)
Speng – Future Brownfeat. Riko Dan (Warp)
Asbestos – Future Brown feat. Roachee, Prince Rapid & Dirty Danger (Warp)
Eastwind DUB – ALTER ECHO & E3 (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Hater Hymn – Druguse (All City)
Elevate – Druguse (All City)
Mammoth ft. Breeze Pachino – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Yetti – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Zoned Reminder – Joe Howe (Sound Pellegrino)
Dreems Theme (You Are My) – Dreems (Multi Culti)
Out West – Secret Circuit (Emotional Response)
Nova Laser – Secret Circuit (Emotional Response)
Floor Elevator – Forever Sound (Cocktail D’Amore)
Glass – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
Body Lotion – HTRK (Sleeperhold Publications)
Hook For An Eye – – Lumerians (Cardinal Fuzz)
Flying Navajo – Young Marco (Cocktail D’Amore)
Arrogant American Pig – Kim Fowley & Bot’Ox (I’m A Cliche)
Bodacious – Kim Fowley (Norton)
Man Kiam? (I’m A Believer) – Zia
Free The Skull – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
I’ve Gotta Be – Mamuthones
February 2014 – Percussions (Text)
Will The Cat Cross Our Path Tonight – Black Deer (Cocktail D’Amore)

Not so many of thee stinkslinks below but a few you can follow up above…Verona on Friday with Dub…as we do &&&& on Saturday I’ll be selling off some more of me records at Southbound;s HOT new store on Symonds St. Will post something up about that tomorrow, right now I’m knackered…..

Stinky Grooves 13.01.15

Oz Drive In tiled redyellow THE four transparent

D.J. Choice – Winston Williams (Kingston Sounds)
Ten Thousand Tons Of Dollar Bills – Bunny Lee All Stars (Kingston Sounds)
Moon Hop – Derrick Morgan (Kingston Sounds)
The Avengers – Tommy McCook (Kingston Sounds)
Joe Razor – Roy Shirley (Kingston Sounds)
How We Living – Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
How We Living (Instrumental) – Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz (Tru Thoughts)
Peepin Tom (Evian Christ UN Edit) – I-Octane (Lucky Numbers Advent Calendar)
Eastwind Dub – ALTER ECHO & E3 (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Parallel – Teleseen (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Otali – Stinky Jim
Kumbia Turkomano – ☼♢Sitlaly♢☼ (soundcloud)
Chino del un monte – Martin Bruhn (soundcloud)
Cuban Mambo (Burundanga Remix) – Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra (soundcloud)
Mi Negra Pena (Arturo Herrera Remix) – Sonia Lopez (soundcloud)
Corazon De Acero (Arturo Herrera Remix) – Sonia Lopez (soundcloud)
Lamanai – Chancha Via Circuito (free from Cassette blog)
Cumbia De Piedra (Tribilin Sound RMX) – Jhon William Castaño Montoya (soundcloud)
Trip Cumbia (Tribilin Sound “Lo-Fi” Remix) – DJ Neber (soundcloud)
Film Noir – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Mammoth – Chester Watson ft. Breeze Pachino (bandcamp)
Camesl and Cranes – Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Bog Me Čuva – Chester Watson ft. Gün Yaprak (bandcamp)
No Safety On A Body – Lorn (soundcloud)
Powertrip – Lorn (soundcloud)
Yellow Haze – Rabit (Soundman Chronicles)
Punch – HTRK (Sleeperhold Publications)
Impossible Windows / Caballero Futuro – Lumerians (Cardinal Fuzz)
Ufotube – Odd Numbers (Rush Hour)
Mouth – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
Tunnel – Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s (Correspondant)
Match 187 Remix – James Murphy (IBM)
Flying Navajo – Young Marco (Cocktail D’Amore)
Surrender (Dub) – Portable (Live At Robert Johnson)
Free The Skull – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
J’aurais Voulu – Stella (RPM)
A B C D – Shakayik (Raks-Discos)
Ashk-e Roya E Bashkahe – Moha Jamin (Raks-Discos)
Ladder Motion – Gulls (Free from Boomarm Nation)
Fela – Mongo Skato (1080p)
Insight – Javi Redondo (Correspondant)
Take Your Time – Lonely Boy (Futureboogie)

As mentioned on the show this weeks Magic Roundabout will be a special session with Josh from Lion Rockers and his co-pilot in organising the Ruapuke Roots Garden Festival joining us from 8-10…don’t miss.

Bunch of good stuff from the Cassette blog’s final 4th Year Anniversary comp, look for this hirsute fellow and check it here


Stinky Grooves 30.12.14

tile 3

No Capitalists – Kabaka Pyramid x Equiknoxx x Channel One (Equiknoxx)
Avocado – Jah9 (RoryStoneLove)
Boy Baby – Prezident Brown (Tads)
Mi Gi Dem – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Money Flow / Greetings (Ribbidibbi) – Busy Signal (Turf Music)
Who Knows – Protoje ft Chronixx (Overstand Entertainment)
Capture Land – Chronixx (Overstand Entertainment)
Capture Land (Dub) – Chronixx (Overstand Entertainment)
Pool Party (Naram Remix) – Tour De Force ft Jahdan Blakkamoore (Dub-Stuy)
Dangerous – Face & Sheeniboo (Colonel Mustard)
Things Like Those – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Dats How We Do It (Believe Me Freestyle) – Busy Signal (Walshy Fire)
Dem A Twerk – Cutty Ranks (Dennis Blaze)
Everybody Move – Busy Signal (Turf/Stainless)
Hustlers Anthem (Lighters Up) – Busy Signal (Stainless)
El Abuelo Is Dead – Prepare To Meet Thy Broom (soundcloud)
Blue Monday (Colombian Version) – Pernett, Quantic & Lido Pimienta (soundcloud)
Blue Monday (Instrumental Version) – Pernett & Quantic (soundcloud)
Vestido – El Remolon ft Lido Pimienta (ZZK)
Nawell – Inti Che (Cassette Blog)
Little Yellow Pills – Deejay Quality (bandcamp)
Yolanda (El Búho Remix) – Emir Buscon (soundcloud)
Cumbia De Ladrillo – Bigote (soundcloud)
Hueso de Kanibal – Zona Norte, El Hijo de la Cumbia & Punto Rojo (bandcamp)
Crop Circles – Frikstailers (ZZK bandcamp)
Juanecho y su planta magica – Diego Bodego (bandcamp)
Peanut Butter Sandwiches – Milo (bandcamp)
Hot Night Cold Spaceship – Kate Tempest (Big Dada)
Golden Age Raps – Open Mike Eagle (Mello Music Group)
Tree Of Life – Ab-Soul (T.D.E.)
Toast – Azizi Gibson (Brainfeeder soundcloud)
Playboy – Chico Sonido (soundcloud)
:) Smile now… :( Cry later… – Chico Sonido (soundcloud)
:'( Sad Girl – Chico Sonido (soundcloud)
The Queen – Jae R (bandcamp)
Sixty-Forty – After Hours (Not Not Fun)
kim gordon – Hype Williams
LUSH – Dean Blunt (Rough Trade)
Blindsided – Torn Hawk (Not Not Fun)
Nairobi / Koln – Ellis Island Sound (Village Green)
Rollerblades (Tom Vek’s 8-On-The-Floor Remix) – Kwes (Warp)
Rise – Glass Candy (soundcloud)
Auto Music 2 – Brian Reitzell (Smalltown Supersound)
When You Walk Through Them All – Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Weird World)
La fille de la ligne 15 – The Liminanas (Trouble In Mind)
Rollerskates – Wildest Dreams (Smalltown Supersound)
Super Strength (Power Plants) – Al Lover ft Morgan Delt (bandcamp)
Goodbye Johnny (Andrew Weatherall’s Nyabinghi Noir Mix) – Primal Scream (Glitterhouse)
Play It Loud (In Your Car) – Mo Kolours (One Handed Music)
Luk Thung – Limousine (Ekleroshock)

Some of the best of 2014, many missing but that’s the way the proverbial cookie proverbially crumbles.. if the opportunity arises we’ll have a Part 2 as there were some right pearlers that didn’t fit into tonight’s wibblings.
I’ll be spinning a few at Verona (or more accurately on a bus parked outside) tomorrow night (NYE) from 6-9. Poster for that is in post below. Will try and hoik up another Stinkmix or 2 for Mixcloud soon. In the meantime peace be with you …apart from belligerent types who can cop one in the chops..

Stinky Grooves 23.12.14

temple blue out radial

Sleep On It – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Man Next Door – Horace Andy (Not Bad)
My Guiding Star – Horace Andy (Not Bad)
Freedom Fighters – Delroy Washington (Virgin Front Line)
Looks Is Deceiving – The Gladiators (Virgin Front Line)
Cairo – Joyella Blade (Virgin Front Line)
A Who Say (Extended Version) – Sly Dunbar (Virgin Front Line)
I Need a Roof / Roof Top Dub – The Mighty Diamonds (Virgin Front Line)
Throw Away Your Gun (12″ Mix) – Prince Far I (Virgin Front Line)
Satan Fall – Sly & Robbie (Taxi Tabou)
To the Rescue – Sly & Robbie (Taxi Tabou)
Divinidades Andinas (Tribilin Sound Interpretation) – Miki González (soundcloud)
Multifactorial – Orihuela M.S.S. (soundcloud)
Vuelo Cruzado – Orihuela M.S.S. Ft Dany F (soundcloud)
Al Caribe Volvere (Galambo Remix) – Pernett (Cassette Blog)
B1 – Chicago Jim (Lobster Theremin)
Mandy (Mudd’s Extended Dub Mix) – Bison (Claremont 56)
J One M One (Andrew Weatherall remix) – Atari Teenage Riot (Digital Hardcore)
GUTS – Gazelle Twin (Last Gang)
Exorcise – Gazelle Twin (Last Gang)
Freaks (Ivan Smagghe version) – Richard Norris (Throne Of Blood)
Shelter Song (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Tea – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Black ChristMass – The Eccentronic Research Council (soundcloud)
Christmas – The Liminanas (Trouble In Mind)
Christmas Sucks/This Holiday Season – Tom Waits & Pete Murphy/ Porn Orchard (DB Records)
Last White Christmas – Basement 5 (Island)
Black Christmas – Poly Styrene
Christmas Card – Skweekamouse (soundcloud)
Christmas A Come – Eek A Mouse (Greensleeves)
Locomotion (DLR reMMix by Mordant Music) – Donald Fraser (Mordant Music)
Das Bild – X² (Finders Keepers)
Grosse Cilindrate – Daniela Casa (Finders Keepers Records)
Super Strength (Power Plants) – Al Lover ft Morgan Delt (bandcamp)
A Process Of Growth Towards Light – Al Lover ft Morgan Delt (bandcamp)
Helensville – SJD (Round Trip Mars)

A merry very Christmarse to all and one. No Magic Roundabout for the next 2 weeks, that will be reviving on 09.01.2015. However I will be spinning the old year out from 6-9 on New Years Eve at the V, or more precisely on a bus outside Verona on K Road. After that Fever Collective (featuring Bennie Staples and Timmy Big Stuff) will be making their live debut and more….(I’m the lucky late addition so  no name on the poster for me…)


Stinky Grooves 16.12.14

Jah Show Them The Way (Extended Version) – Dillinger (UMC)
Plantation heights – Dillinger (UMC)
Words – Sangie Davis & Lee Perry (Trojan)
Kilburn Road – Ranking Dread (Hot Milk)
Bond Street Express – Yossi Fine & Jonathan Korty & Eric Levy & Inx Herman (Avila Street Records)
Zim Zim – The Bug ft Burro Banton (Ninja Tune)
Swarm – The Bug (Ninja Tune)
Cold – The Bug vs Earth (Ninja Tune)
Sueño Mejor – Federico Estévez (Regional soundcloud)
Huerta Grande – Federico Estévez (Regional soundcloud)
Yolanda (El Búho Remix) – Emir Buscon (soundcloud)
Cumbiaruss (Kinky Electric Noise Remix) – Dialect Trio (soundcloud)
Stalka – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Lacking Give A Damn… – Ras G (Leaving Records)
I dont wanna b judged – Hot Sugar (free)
Trapper Keeper – Hot Sugar feat. Baghdaddy (free)
Prismatic (Etch Revision) – Etch (Space + Time Records)
Dusty – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Requiem to Saving a girl’s life – Hot Sugar (free)
Chemotaxis – (Space + Time Records)
Stabs Of Regret (FaltyDL Remix) – Luke Vibert (Hypercolour)
DBC – Afrikan Sciences (PAN)
Tanned Skin Dress – Xander Harris (Not Not Fun)
Rise – Glass Candy (soundcloud)
Statues PF – Hashman Deejay (Future Times)
Pina Colada Jellybean – Hot Sugar (free)
Party Legs – Cave (Drag City)
Dollar Dar – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Songs Of Pressure (The Asphodells Remix) – Richard Sen (Emotional)
Anatomy of a Synthesizer – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Social Music – QV (Phonica White)
Chord Invasions – Plastiktanz (Finders Keepers)
Insekten – Eisenhaeur (Finders Keepers)
Sense Of Purpose – The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
Colour Blind – The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
Das Bild – X² (Finders Keepers)
Perfume Headache – Rangers (Not Not Fun)
Emerge From Smoke – Shlohmo (True Panther)
HMP Shaun William Ryder – Mogwai (Rock City)
Fly Soup – Mr Mitch (Planet Mu)

Ahoy there … Couple of bits of biz before you move onto the digitally liberated tracks below you greedy scamps you… Up above at the top of the post is the new SJD video for I Wanna Be Foolish, it’s made by Greg Page and he’s hit it out of the blooming park, please do take a gander and feel free to repost, share, embed, tell a friend or whatever..Trevor.
Also below this post is the first of ye olde Stinkmixes to be posted to Mixcloud in an awfully long time. It’s a bit of a pearler if I say so myself and dates from around 10 years ago. Please do give it a little lughole love, it won’t let you down and if you’re feeling particularly festive and giving follow me on Mixcloud and who knows what might happen.
Penultimately my gregarious good amigo Geezer Guy and myself will be playing tunes at Golden Dawn tomorrow night from 7pm – 12. Always a giggle when when these two ex-pat bad hats mingle it up on the digital decks, don’t be a stranger.
As ever Magic Roundabout on Friday, I’m not sure if we’ll be doing one on Boxing Day, I suspect not. Will keep you all posted on the haps with that but probably best to assume last for the year, miss out and cry lakes of tears like a snivelling shit….
Stinky Grooves will be on next week, and the following but will be taking a break on the 6th of January for just 1 week….aaaa-ite or aaaa-something.


Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets


It’s been a while, and it’s definitely long overdue, but I figured heading into ye olde yuletide season with the possibility of a bit of spare time it might be pertinent to get sticking some Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs up on Mixcloud again. So to kick things off here is #20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets. There’s a little blah below and for a limited time (like a week from today) a link to a download of the whole thing at 320, please do check it out at Mixcloud and maybe even follow me for updates on the next mixes, as I may not post them all up here and it would be choice to get that Mixcloud account rumbling along.

Link to the mix on wetransfer here

Another one of the faves this here one from around 2003/2004. Basically it’s an off beat, off kilter and off early down to the pub meander through the beaty bison and groovy gazelle that like to sup upon the reggaematical oasis (no status quo-asis). Some big DJing out staples on here like Pablo’s dubwise dalliance with the Meter’s Cissy Strut, an overcovered cut that actually benefits from this re-rub and the Digital B lick of Queen Majesty graced by Sizzla before he started squeeking and swearing. There’s a few under-appreciated gems (Sporto Kantes, Revolvo and Fletch I’m looking at you), a little Studio One for the heart and soul and even one of my favouritest Unitone HiFi cuts that we ever made. Hope you enjoy it and don’t be afraid to hail up or share a comment, it really does make it all worthwhile and is much appreciaterated.
Title shout out to Mark & Decima, from a Xmas kard , an intensive and possibly unhealthy interest in Belfast slang may be required to work that one out.

Stinkmix 20 – Spikes, Quiffs & Rockets by Stinky Jim on Mixcloud